Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No Music No Life!

No Music No Life!

feeling very random today. woke up very early as i spend my night over at my bf's place. thus he went to work this morning while i came home with Muffin. couldnt get back to sleep and ended up coming online and listening to my whole folder of Techno, Trance, House and Eurodance music the whole morning to pass my time. Some of which are pretty o'skool as u may call it. Brings back some old memories of my younger days when i just started clubbing while i was still pretty much underage. the good old days where there aint much to worry about. Carefree and Dancing my nights away.

But all those old clubs i used to hang out at are all gone~ clubs at Boatquay and Mohammed Sultan such as Lighthouse, Pier69, Club3, Wannabe, Madam Wong II, Rush, etc. and also the very famous Sparks, Musicunderground, DevilsBar, ClubMomo, etc. Now the only one that i use to hang out at which is still alive is non other then Zouk and Double O. Lately new clubs such as Movida, St James Powerhouse, Dragonfly, New Asia Bar, Helipad, Zirca, etc. are the ones that are keeping party goers alive! As for me, i aint so much into these loud places anymore, unless there are occasions, friend's birthday, or if my bf and his friends decides to have a nightout together! These days i prefer chillout places such as Villa Bali, 1 Twenty Six, Dempsey, PS cafe, JewelBox, TheLoof, Acid Bar, J Bar, SunsetBay, Indochine, Beach Cabena, Cafe Del Mar, etc. , ktvs and also pubs around Boatquay areas. =) But if you're in luck, you may probably spot me around somewhere! =p

Used to be pretty agile, wild, crazy and hyperactive those days where i just dance all night with my it seems im longer have the sort of energy that i use to as i grow older it seems i dont like being in crowds anymore...and i cant stand the loud thumping music, squeezing in crowds and getting pushed around.

Of cuz i still love Techno, Trance, Eurodance and House music, but i guess i only blast them in the car, at home and probably only listen to them while im sitted in clubs and chillout places which does plays them. But its pretty rare now to hear techno music in clubs or generally anywhere. There are still trance and house music playing in certain places though. At one time most clubs are only places R&B and Rap music which im ok with and do like a few, but they do get boring after some time and not all sounds gd and catchy. I guess im pretty into upbeat music thats catchy and have the kinda vibes tt keeps me going and alive...but there are also days when i prefer to listen to slow sentimental and classical songs...well i guess i could say that im pretty versatile when it comes to Genre of music and i listen to each according to my mood, ranging from Pop, Rock, Techno, Trance, House, Eurodance, Hymms, R&B, Rap, Classical, Jazz, Retro, Instrumental, Sentimental, Bossa Nova, etc. On top of that im versatile to different Languages of music as well! from English, Mandarin, Latin, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Spanish, Cantonese, Hokkien, etc.

all in all i would conclude that Music is my life! i cant live a day without listening to music, and i listen to them as and when i can, be it at home with my radio or laptop, in the car, and even when im out with my mp3 or handphone. No Music No Life!

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Caelyn said...

Never ask me to join you~
Bad.. Bad..

Now you know~ I'm free to join you always~ hahahaha~

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