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Yours Truly ♥
Yuriko Jasmine . 재스민 . ゆりこ . 玲
14September. Virgo.

BSc 2nd class HONs Degree in Business Management (University Of Bradford UK)
Currently studying Korean Language at Daehan Korean Language Centre 
지금 한국어를 배워요
Languages known. English. Mandarin(华语). Korean(한국어). Hokkien. Malay(Melayu).

An imperfect perfectionist who seeks to attain perfection in all aspects of life and living life to its very fullest! known to be fun-loving, optimistic, outgoing, adventurous, ambitious and jovial!

Loves ♥

my loving family. my 2 little darlings muffin and cocoa.
warm bear hugs and sweet kisses. spending time with my loved ones.
being loved and pampered.
puppies. dogs. animals.

chocolate. milkshake. ice cream. cereal. thai milk tea. bubble tea. soya milk and beancurd with pearl. redbull. sushi. sashimi. 김치. 비빔밥. 불고기. 부대찌개. 떡볶이. korean and japanese cuisines. birds nest. gummy bear. jellybean. hoegaarden. riesling. moscato. dessert wine. ice wine. soju bomb.

swimming. (my greatest pride and joy!)
photography. photoshoots. photoshop. arts. designing. blogging.
shopping. fine dining. cooking. baking.
ktv. pool. movies. mahjong. stargaze. travelling. water sports. scuba diving. night cycling. roadtrips. houseparty.
dance. salsa. kpop. zumba.
chill out. partying. drinking. driving. speeding. automobile.

plushies. hellokitty. tigger. carebear. elmo. rilakkuma
anything pink and adorable.
rainbow. balloons. sunflowers. baby breath
korean dramas and variety shows.
music. kpop. trance. techno. house. acoustic. slow rock. rnb. classical. sentimental.
tiesto - in search of sunrise 1.
lee minho 이민호. ji changwook 지창욱. park hyungsik 박형식.  jeong yonghwa 정용화.
ZE:A. F.T.Island. C.N.Blue. 2PM. matsumoto jun 松本潤
Yang Yang 杨洋. LuHan 鹿晗 루한

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