Saturday, January 7, 2017

Amazing Skin in 6 Weeks with BRAND’S ® InnerShine ® RubyCollagen Essence Drink!


With all the stress piling up from work and life, as well as age catching up (I really hate to accept this fact though), I have to admit that my skin is no longer as radiant and supple as it was. To help restore my skin in hope to look youthful, I've tried several collagen drinks and must say that I've finally found 1 that I fell in love with!

And its none other than the BRAND’S ® InnerShine ® RubyCollagen Essence Drink!!

Super love the taste of this as its kinda similar to the BRAND’S ® InnerShine ® Berry Essence that I've always loved!

NO Fishy taste which I really detest in some other Collagen Drink I've had previously. Finished 12 bottles and I can feel my skin looking more radiant than before! Also the bottle is sleek and has a  pretty packaging and could fit easily into my bag to bring along with me to work to drink in the morning to start of my day!


BRAND’S ®  InnerShine ®  RubyCollagen Essence Drink contains a combination of micro-collagen peptides & Astaxanthin which is laso its key ingredient in contributing to RubyCollagen's efficacy!

Astaxanthin if you have not heard of it before is actually one of Mother Nature's most powerful anti-oxidant!! It is scientifically proven to be 800 times more powerful than CoQ10, 6000 times more than Vitamin C, 500 times more than Vitamin E.

How splendid to have it all packed deliciously into this nice and sleek bottle of essence drink that taste soooooo good too! I really cant find another reason not to fall in love with it!

I'm so gonna continue with this and stock up on my supplies to regain my youthful looking skin!! =)

On top of that, the price of it is really reasonable too! 1 bottle cost only $5.24!! That's cheaper than drinking a cup of Starbucks!! Considering this has so much goodness packed in it!!

BRAND’S ® InnerShine ® RubyCollagen Essence (50ml x 12): SGD $62.90
BRAND’S ® InnerShine ® RubyCollagen Essence Strip (15g x 10): SGD $36.00

So What Are You Waiting For?!!

(Polar Bear not included =p)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


There is an exciting event going on at the Singapore Zoo & River Safari right now! Zoo-Rassic Park!! The dinosaurs looks pretty real and will rwar and move! So cool and cute~ Here are some photos that I took to share with all of you! =)

Had some fun snapping photos with my friends and colleagues! =)

Many different dinos! My favourite would be the Triceratop! There is also the T-Rex, Brachiosaurus, etc.

* Not a sponsored post! Not an advertisement.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Keys Collected!

Finally after a 3 years long wait!! Keys collected on 5th November 2016!

CPF and Bank Account gonna start bleeding like no tomorrow~ Slaves to our new home~ Gotta work harder le~ Gambatte!

Seems so surreal when I stepped into my new place! Cant believe its really happening and this is a place I am gonna live in real soon!~ Happy and very excited to fill this place with beautiful memories, happiness, laughters and lots of warmth! Looking forward to the renovation process and cant wait to move in here soon!

Did a simply Door Opening Ritual went we first went to open the door.

Here's what we did:
1) Mix up a bowl of Rice, Salt, Tie Guan Yin Tea Leaves and Green Beans.
2) Scatter Item (1) at the entrance of the door
3) Knock on door 3 times, and say some auspicious words and open the Door (Dont step in yet)(At least Shout HUAT AH if you dont know what to say or like me I forgotten cause I was to excited to know what to say)
4) Scatter Item (1) into the house.
5) Roll the pineapple into the house from the entrance of the door (Bowling style) while continuously say auspicious words or simply shout HUAT AH! Preferably for it to land in the middle of your living room / house.
6) Step in and continue rolling the pineapple around the round and also scatter Item (1) at all corners of the house (Walk around in clockwise around the house)
7) Pour some water into a container layed with cotton wool / pads, scatter green beans and let it grow!
8) Done with ritual! Now to commence Defect Checks!

* Advice - Try to only do the door opening ritual with your immediate family. Dont invite outsider for this.
* Items can be cleared after 3 days. Pineapple to throw or eaten by self. Do not give to others.
* Greenbeans grows very quickly, within a day it should sprout. If your green beans dont sprout move it to somewhere with more sunglight and put more water. After 1 week, it can be removed.

Examples of auspicious words to say

Stuff to prepare to bring along for door opening!
- Pineapple
- Rice, Salt, Tie Guan Yin Tea Leaves, Greenbean (Premix and bring along for convenience)
- Greenbeans
- Tray or Container for growing greenbeans
- Cotton Pads / Wool
- Water to Drink
- Tissue & Wet Tissue
- Fan
- Measuring Tape
- Picnic Mat or stool (To rest on)
- Some snacks
- Door stopper (For the main door so it is more windy)
- Pen (For defect check to write on the defect list for submission)
- Marker (For defect check)
- Masking Tape / Post-its (For defect check)

We had submitted a long list of defects for rectification. Hopefully the rectification works would be completed soon so my contractor can start commencing our renovation works soon!

These few weeks been really busy shopping around for furnitures and other essentials such as basin, sink, taps, kitchen hood & hob, air-conditioning, etc. Shall post more updates soon!

HUAT AH!! Hopefully our place would be filled with wealth, peace, and happiness!
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