Monday, May 5, 2008

updates, just for memorial sake..

updates, just for memorial sake..

im pretty lazy to blog actually...but being the very forgetful me..i tink i better just blog something brief bout wat i did over the wk..

last tueday, after work, went to meet Yvonne at Taka, Gucci to get Linda's bday present, bought her a Gucci wallet and a Hp Chain. after which we went down to Linda's Shop in Bugis to look for Linda..chatted and catched up..and accompanied her to finish work before leaving for home.

last wednesday, went down to Safra Chalet and Country Club at Tanah Merah for Linda's 21st Bday celebration...many pple were there...was a pretty fun night i would say..played game, cut cake, dance ard, sing song...lots of drinking as well! haha..and at about 3+am, my boy came to pick me up.. (photos update soon)

last thursday, Labour Day
, therefore its a public holiday..spend my day with my boy, went to Courts's Box Bistro for fish and chip with his mum, followed by grocery shopping at Giant before going home to rest and watch some show.

last friday, its back to work again, and later at night my boy came to pick me up from my place.

last sat,
woke up and went to beach rd for Bak Kut Teh with his mum, after which send his mum to office, practically rotted the whole some movies, and later at night went to his bro's place to meet his sis-in-law n mum for dinner at a Vietnam Restaurant ard Siglap...after dinner went back and continue rotting.

ytd, sunday
, woke up and went to Bedok for brkfast..after which went home to rest. Evening went to his grandpa's place to meet his grandpa and some other for dinner..

as for today, went to work..crappy day..after work went for dinner at Eunos before going for javanese massage session with Cynthia before coming home..

been having nightmares lately..thus causing me to be very lethargic everyday...either that i'm either running, swimming or flying ard in my dreams..duh...

anyway im only blogging now cuz i cant get to slp..and obviously i aint in a very gd mood. so pls forgive my boring monotonous post.

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