Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wisdom Tooth Extraction - 1st Session

After procrastinating for 5years, I finally gathered enough courage and went to the dentist for my wisdom tooth extraction. Partly it is due to 1 of my molar that chipped and I kinda had no choice but to go. Plus my toothache has been bothering me for quite some time now.

My Dentist:
Vincent's Dental
245 Tanjong Katong Road 437033

First visit to the dentist to check on my broken tooth and was told that my molar is in very bad shape and I had only 2 options.

1) Get a root canal and crowning done on the tooth
2) Extract the whole tooth and do a dentistry implant

But even if I wanted to do any of the above options, I was told that I will first have to remove my wisdom tooth before they are able to do anything my wisdom tooth is the main cause for my molar tooth breaking up in the first place.

And so I quickly made the earliest possible appointment and on Friday 17th Oct, I went to the dentist in the morning for my wisdom tooth extraction.

Signed the indemnity form and medisave form and went in for an xray. After the xray, my dentist told me that my broken molar is actually worse than he thought, and definitely worse than I can imagine. Apparently my nerves have all been exposed and he is surprise that I can tolerate the pain for 2 to 3 weeks before visiting him.

And so, his advice was for me to do the implants as even if I had done the root canal and crowning, chances are, a few years down the road or if i ever chewed on something hard, it may just break again. Therefore for a safer choice and more effective solution, the implant is recommended so that the tooth will last my lifetime and I should not have to worry about it anymore.

And so of cuz, the logical choice was to do the implants and I chose that option.

With that choice made, my dentist proceeded with the extractions.

But first, the nurses wrapped me up in the surgical cloth and covered my eyes as they could tell I was really scare. I was literally trembling soooo bad that the whole seat was trembling with me. I trembled from the moment I sat down til the whole event was over. (SERIOUSLY) Now I totally understand how scare Muffin must have been when he's at the vet or when its raining heavily with thunder and lightning. Cause he was trembling as bad as I was.

To all those out there who says that the dentist is not scary, and the wisdom tooth extraction is not painful. You are all liars!! (Well at least to me you lied!! Cause I have almost ZERO tolerance to pain!!!)

1) The anesthetic injection to numb my gums was ULTIMATE painful!! And I had to suffer through 2 jabs, 1 on the top and 1 on bottom of my gums. Subsequent jabs was alright as by then my gums area is already numb. - By the first jab, I was already in tears and whining like a child. And without a doubt the same goes for the 2nd jab.

2) He first proceeded to remove my top right molar. Honestly I felt no pain for this one. I initially thought he was just "testing" when I felt him tugging at the tooth. But I didnt realize it was already out.

3) Then he started tugging real hard on my molar, which is the biggest tooth that we all have! And....Its Sooooooo Freaking PAINFUL!! I had to stop him and told him it hurts real bad, and so he decided to give me 1 more jab to numb he further. I started whining even more, and crying even more, and even kicked around in pain!

4) After the jab, he tried again on the molar. Tugging and twisting, and again I was in pain and crying and whining real bad trying to get him to stop again. He started talking to me, trying to get my attention off the pain, and joked around like I was a kid. And then he started teasing me and the next moment he said " Haha tricked you! Its out!! "

5) Before I could react, he started working on my bottom right molar, and again it was painful. He used quite a bit of strength and I could tell as the pressure on my tooth was real hard and I was sooooo worried he will hurt my cheek or something. And again he was trying hard to get my attention elsewhere and talking to me throughout. I shut my eyes real tight, and soon enough, he FINALLY said " Its out!! Its all done!! "

6) And silly me asked him "Oh?! What about the top wisdom tooth??" And he laughed and said, "It was long gone, the first to be out! No pain right?? Haha! " and I went "Oh........hahaha ok..."

7) Then he proceed to stitch me up as after removing 2 tooth side by side on the bottom, it meant that the whole is pretty big and bleeding alot, and it will take a much longer time to heal if its not stitched up.

And finally DONE for the first session.

Here is my swollen face, and a snapshot of my 3 extracted tooth with the scary needle!
I shall not upload the clearer photo of my tooth as I think it looks kinda gross and I dont think I will wanna scare you guys with it.
(My Hubby was totally grossed out by the photo and ended up having to skip his meal as I showed it to him just before lunch. *oops* Haha!!)

Yea first session, because I still have another 2 more wisdom tooth to be extracted on my left side!! *sulks* Super not looking forward but I know I have no choice as I do not want the same problem to repeat itself and I certainly do not want another broken molar on my left~!

After everything was done, placed some gauze to stop the bleeding, before I head out to get my painkillers, antibiotics, anti-swelling pills, mouth gargle, and medical certificate. And also to fix another appointment for my dentistry implants to be done!!

My next appointment would be 3 months later after my current wounds are all healed before they can do the xray to check again as well as do the necessary for the implants before the actual implants are placed in, in 6months time! Super scare as well, as I will need to go through the jabs again and can you imagine implanting a screw into our gums?! So not fun!~

Not looking forward either, but again, NO CHOICE! If not I will not be able to chew and eat properly without my molar!!!

And so for the last 3 days I had been on mostly LIQUID diets!!

For 3 reasons:

1) It hurts when I move my mouth too much or chew, and I worry if I accidentally chew on the wounds it will be SUPER PAINFUL
2) If food gets stuck in the wound, I do not think it will be a very good experience or situation
3) I do not want to aggravate the wound and hoping for speedy recovery!!

And so here is my diet for the last 3 days, and probably for the next few days til I feel better and safer to eat proper food~

1) Water
2) Milk
3) Soyamilk
4) Soya Beancurd
5) Soft boiled eggs prepared by my hubby
6) Mashed potatoes prepared by my hubby
6) Chocolate milk
7) Yoghurt
8) Mushy Baby-like Porridge with mashed carrots (Baby food prepared by my mother and father in law)
9) Soup

And do avoid taking soup or drinks that are too hot!!

And I must say, this is a GREAT time to lose weight if you are trying hard to lose those extra weight~ My tummy is now flat and I probably lost at least 3kgs within this 3 days! Super awesome!

Hereby want to Thank my Hubby, Mother and Father in law for taking great care of me, specially cooking for me so that I can have more varieties of food to eat rather than just drinking soya milk and milk~ =)

And thanks to my dentist Dr Vincent Tan for trying his best to let me feel less pain and making the effort to try distract me and joking with me to make me feel better. :)

Last but not least, THANK GOD for the courage, and that everything went smoothly during the extraction, and I guess my wounds are healing well so far~ =)


Bernadette Blair said...

I could only imagine how much pain you were dealing with even before the actual extraction. It's too bad that they did not catch that any sooner, so they could've scheduled you for extraction at an earlier date. Anyway, it seems that everything went smoothly for that session, aside from that initial problem with the anesthesia. I do hope you were able to recovery completely from the extractions soon after, so that they could start working on your implants. Good luck, and take care!

Bernadette Blair @ Cheung, DDS

Yuriko Jasmine said...

Thank you so much Bernadette! Thanks for the concern! :) Thank Goodness it healed well!

Yea if only I had extracted it sooner! But well, better late than never~ :)

Danyell Aleman said...

It seems your dentist tried his best to take away your uneasiness, but you were too nervous. I hope you were not traumatized with the experience. And at least you’re done with it now. Thanks for the update, Yuriko!

Danyell Aleman @ Woolwich Dental Group

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