Monday, May 31, 2010

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Monday, May 24, 2010

BRTC Jasmine Water Review

As promise, here is a short review for the BRTC Jasmine Water BB cream!!

Firstly its good cause it has SPF30 PA++!! Secondly i love it cause it has a nice purple packaging! Thirdly the smell is good!! Coverage is quite alright as well! It is quite sheer and has a little illuminating effect! BUT the oil control is not that fantastic, as my face gets oily after only a few hours. But its not oily on application though. Thus overall i would say its still pretty good! Really like the smell and packaging!

I may buy it in future, but as of now, i shall stick to my Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream until i find something bad about it! Haha! =)

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Triple Date Supper!!

Having a bad bad headache now as im typing this post and updating my blog!

But for my lovely readers, i'll finish this before i pop some panadols and head to bed for the night!

Yesterday was a sleeping day for me! Woke up in the morning and went to Century Square with Dear. He was the in charge for the day, and so had to go down to make sure everything was in order. And so, off he went to check on stuff while i shopped around alone~ Soon he was done and came over to look for me. And my shopping craving came again! Was at Watsons and i bought lotsa loots back again!! =p

My Loots from Watson!! Loving Maybelline products these days! they're getting better! I'm already a user of their mascara, gel eyeliners, and lip gloss! And now they have really nice pink casing for their Angel Fit series of foundations! So Pretty i just couldnt resist from buying them! And the lil compact yet pretty casing for their blusher attracted me too! and it comes in a really pretty colors! I personally chose the Strawberry! =D Also, i gotten new eye shadows! Dear chose this color for me! Hehe! =) And i gotten the Hydra Boost as well! Gonna be trying it and writing a review about it and also about the foundation soon! =)

After which his parents came over and we head off for brunch. After brunch, we continued shopping and i bought some Japanese nuts and goodies back for my parents! After which gotten ourselves a Icy Peach Soya Milk before head home. Upon reaching home i knocked off while watching tv at the sofa and napped til evening. Woke up and washed up and we head out to Roxy Square for Steamboat dinner with his family. Ate so much i almost exploded! And i ended up getting tired again!! And so upon reaching home, i took another short nap!! Woke up later at night, at about 11+pm, and Dear brought me along to The Cage for his usual football session with his friends. Valenz and YanZi were also there, and so we chatted awhile waiting for our BFs. After their game, we head off for supper at Changi Airport T2!

As Valenz and Bei had to go get some stuff before joining, us, YanZi, Jonathan, Dear and Me, settled ourselves at CoffeeBeans and chatted til Valenz and Bei came, and we head to Swensons for supper!

Our Large Mocha Ice Blended!

By the time we finished our food and done chatting, and decide to leave for home, it was about 5+am or 6am! Came back home and washed up and we soon head to bed at about 6.45am!

As for today, woke up in the afternoon, watched TV and lazed around before Dear send me back to my place and packetted some food for me and himself before he send me back home.

Upon reaching home, ate my Fish N Chips, bathed Muffin and watched TV. and now here i am, updating my blog and having a bad bad headache!

Gonne head to bed now! Need to wake up for work again tomorrow~ *sulks* Weekends are always over so soon! Cant wait for this coming long weekend! =)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Iron Man 2!

After work today, took a train down to Bedok, and from there, Dear picked me up and we head down to Katong, Magic Wok for our dinner.

It serves Thai food at really affordable prices! Plus the food taste good too! Here are some of the dishes we ordered! I forgotten to snap the bowl of Thai Ruby for our dessert though. Well i never really like red ruby, so i cant comment much on the dessert, but the other food we ordered taste quite good =)


After which Dear brought me for a Movie Date! Its been awhile since the both of us watched a movie together. As in just the both of us ONLY. So yea quite a surprise, as he had done all the online booking and all before he told me that he's gonna bring me to watch it! =)

As we reached Kallang Leisure Park pretty early, we shopped around and went to the arcade. And he caught me a lil piglet! we had almost wanted to complete the collection with a pooh and a tigger, but we simply didnt have enough time. Soon we head in to the theaters for our movie, Iron Man 2!

The little piglet! and our movie tix!


I would give this 3.5/5popcorns! Overall the movie was good! Except for the ending! I feel the producer seem to be rushing to finish it! The villain died too easily and quickly!

Anyway after the show, we headed home to rest for the night~

A random photo of my office desk, my daily essential - Lipton Milk Tea, and some Japanese snacks from my colleague who came back from Japan!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Its a Happy morning yet again.

Woke up this morning with my love by my side. How I wish this can be an everyday thing. =)

Ok that aside, ytd night was splendid too! But before i talk about my night i want to rant about my morning! Ytd morning this is what i encountered while waiting for train to get to work!


Gosh! It was extremely packed! And even the train station is packed! Which is not very common as my train station don’t usually have so many people! Totally impossible to even squeeze in at all!

Anyway work went well for me in the day, and at night took a train down to Eunos to meet my boy. He drove to work today and so after work he decided to pick me up from there since its on the way and we wanted to head down to Parkway Parade.

Upon reaching parkway, we shopped around and ended up at Leather Ark trying sandals! And after trying a few pairs, he bought us new couple sandals! LOL! Yay! Thanks Dear! =) The design isn’t the same, but the material and obviously the colour is the same! *happy*


After which I treated Dearie to Ichiban Boshi for dinner! *yummy* been wanting to eat it again ever since the last time i ate at the outlet over at Great World City with my COT. Food is good as always, sashimi is fresh and all the food are really yummylicious! Anyway we were so hungry and started looking through the menu and once again we ended up ordering too much! Our whole table was filled up and we had to stack plates again! Haha! Was so full after dinner, i didn’t even feel like walking anymore~ But we soon left and head over to my place to pick up my clothes and stuff, and went back to his place for the night.


Helped him to reformat his lappy again, and did some backing up of stuff to my mini lappy that i put at his place. Right after i’m done, which it about 12.30am, we decided to head to sleep for the night~ =)

My 2nd Fr3b FREE Sample is here!

Recently been wanting to TRY a BRTC Jasmine Water BB cream which i heard smells good and is not bad! But didnt dare to buy it yet as i just bought a new Skin79 BB cream which i quite like. Thus decided to grab the FREE samples from Fr3b to TRY it first!

And it just pop by my mail a few days ago! Weeeeeeee~


Gonna try it and write a review about it soon!! Give me some time! Been too busy these days to even write a proper blog entry! so please pardon me! =p


Its Totally FREE if you sign up through me! No harm trying! Plus you get to read on product reviews for free too!! =)


Monday, May 17, 2010

Turning into a Panda!

feeling lethargic!

Weekends were alright. But i sleep pretty late everyday!

Saturday, 15may2010
Spend my day at home doing chores and bathing muffin, in the evening, Dear came over to pick me up with XiaoQiang, and we head down to ECP. Meet up with Jonathan and his gf. After which we went to Changi Airport T3 for supper. Gosh their supper looked more like dinner! They ordered alot of food! After which, we went home and head to sleep at about 4+ or 5am

guess what? we won this with ONLY $3! and its really from Sanrio! hahah! i LOVE it! its so cute! and i guess im starting to slowly appreciate Hello Kity more these days! =P
dont bear to use it though~ guess I'll just keep it for now til i have my own house, I'll display it somewhere nice or take it out to use~ =p

My new uber cute Scrump that was caught with ONLY $1! hehe! All credits to my dearest! =D and a few My Melody!!

Our Supper! and thats my sour and spicy ban mian~ of cuz i didnt finish it! its sucha huge bowl! ended up dear finished it for me~ =p

Sunday, 16may2010
We woke up and head for Brunch with his family. After which came home to rot and took a afternoon nap since it started raining. Was suppose to go for Kite-flying session. But we ended up having to cancel it due to the heavy rain, thunder and lightning! At night at about 8+, we head out to Suntec to meet XiaoQiang and YY for dinner. We had Korean food. But i can’t remember or probably just didn’t take note of the name of the restaurant. Anyway food was alright, and once again, the guys ordered a table full of food! We ended up having to combine 2 plates of food into 1, to fit all the plates and bowls onto our table. Haha! Anyway, after dinner, we decided to walk around and ended up at the arcade again. Once again we wasted money~ -.-“

Our Korean Foodie for Dinner~ Look at our filled up table! =p

We then left and went over to meet Jonathan and his Gf again at Subway and waited for them to finish their dinner. After which we head over to Carrefour and do some grocery shopping~ bought a couple of snacks and stuff. Once we’re done with everything, we left Suntec at about 11pm and head over to ECP again! Meet up with Bei and Valenz there. Finally the four good friends/bros and their gf were all present and out together! Instead of the usual Triple Dates, now its a Fourple Date! LOL! (is there even such a word as Fourple? well who cares! you know what i mean =P) Haha! All of us decided to conquer the Big Sweet Land machine! Played til about 1+ before we left for home, as all the girls had to wake up early for work Today! While all the guys can sleep til late~ So unfair~ what is the world coming to~ LOL!

i LOVE Hello Panda! this bottle is now sitting on my office desk! and i already started munching on them this afternoon! And thats the Ham Cheese Pretz that Jon's gf recommended i try~ Hope its really as nice as she said! Hehe! Gonna try them tomorrow~ =D
Some of Our Hauls from Big Sweet Land!! I didnt snap the bag of sweets and snacks, and some other bears that are in Dear's car boot though~
Yay for me~ Many Scrumps!! *happy*! and also my favourite Cinnamoroll and a naked Pooh! and a couple of Stitch Hp chains =p

Dear send me home, and helped me carry my stuff back to my place, as i had too many bags of bears and other stuff~ And he decided to accompany me awhile more and played with Muffin at my place while i washed up and prepare to head to bed before he left and head home. =)

As for today, I’m so very tired! Cuz i slept at almost 3am and i have to be up by 7+am. End up i keep snoozing my alarm this morning and was almost late for work! Haha! Thank god manage to rush in time and made it to work! =) yawns yawns~

and a stupid incident happened during my lunch time! well, a STUPID woman took a step back and stepped on my toes with her heels! *Ouch!* And instead of apologizing, she turn around and GLARED at me! *WTH* i wasnt even at fault la~ i felt so innocent as i was just queuing behind her and i didnt even moved an inch! -.-" What logic is that right? Really Stupid Woman! I better not bump into her again~ -.-"

Anyway I need to sleep early tonight! Seriously! My eye bags and dark circles are getting from bad to worse! I think i need to do my eye mask before i sleep~ and i need to buy my eye cream soon~ still can’t decide between SKII and Estee Lauder~ anyone with other cheaper but yet good alternatives? =)

Panda! This is how I'm gonna look like soon!! =(

Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm so very tired!

i almost over slept this morning! was so tired i didnt hear my alarm!

the funny thing is, i didnt sleep extremely late last night. I slept at 12.15am? I cant rmbr exact timing. But tts not important.

anyway sorry peeps for the slow updates~ im unable to blog everyday as i need to sleep early, and im always out after work! By the time i reach home, i would either go to sleep after bathing, or only log online for awhile to check on my mails and stuff. Thus nowadays my updates tend to be pretty slow~ but i'll still back date my post to the exact days~ so you may only see updates a few days after the events happened.

was home last night and thus decided to spend my time uploading, collating, sorting and watermarking my photos~ those alone took a fair amount of time and i couldnt do much nor blog everything~ i have too many photos~

In fact i still have some photos and stuff that i've yet to blog about, but i guess i do those when i have time~ =)

Was so tired in office today that i thought i was gonna doze off anytime~ I badly wanted a soft pillow, a bed and a blanky when i was in office! Thus i had to keep myself occupied all the time, so i would not think about slping~

After work, came home and rested~ took Muffin down for a walk, had yummy macaroni for dinner and here i am blogging again~ and i guess i'll sleep pretty early today~ want to have more energy for tomorrow, so i can enjoy my weekends better! =)

Muffin! taken just now! he's waiting for the lift door to open! and while on the road! he's so excited to go for his walk/run! =)

Anyway here are some RANDOM photo updates! and when i say Random. i Really mean Random! haha!!~

a Cute Coffeebear Van i spotted in the carpark while waiting for Bf to come pick me up from work~

My Desk in office! It's slowly piling up with my stuff~ =p Will snap another photo again when my desk has more stuff! hahaha~ Gonna beautify my desk! So i'll feel happier at work! =p and thats my MUST have at work! my latest addiction! Eclipse Blackcurrent mints! =P

A Shag band from Rubi! Its a donation thingy~ And i chose the one with the wording "Dont Look Back!" One of the more meaningful ones~ the others were really nonsensical~ haha!

Mos Burger is LOVE! Had lunch alone on one of the days as my lunch khaki had something on~ 

Domo-kun!! and Winnie~ Well, NOPE they are NOT mine! haha! i spotted them on Bf's Dining table and found them cute~ haha!


OH YEA~, and since today is the 14th!, HAPPY 9th Monthsary my beloved! =)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hugs and Tugs!

Sounds like the name of the 2 baby Carebears? Hehe! Well, nope I aint referring to them~

I love being tug to bed at night and greeted with a warm hug early in the morning!


Feeling so blissful this very morning~

Woke up this morning and was greeted by a warm big hug from my dearest! =) In fact he’s always so sweet to tug me nicely into bed whenever I go to bed earlier than him! And thats exactly what he did last night! Feeling Oh So Blissful today! =D Hehe!

Anyway woke up kinda too early, went to bath and prep, and I was half an hour earlier than the expected time. Thus I just lay in bed watching him sleep til it was time for me to leave for work~ (Oh, if u’re wondering, didn’t he give me a hug when i woke up? He did! But he went back to sleep again when i went to bath! Haha!) Anyway he walked me to his condo Lobby area to board the condo shuttle bus. After which I head to work happily~ =)


How I wish EVERY morning and night would be like that! =)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Steamboat AGAIN!

Just realize I’ve been having steamboat very often! Today I had steamboat AGAIN! Haa!

After work, Dear came to pick me up again. Traffic was bad. Jam everywhere. End up we reached my place even later than I would have if I had taken the MRT! Anyway he send me back to my place to get changed and to pick up some clothes, and we head back to his place. After which, together with his family, we went to Punggol Marina again for Sakura Charcoal Grilled and Shabu Shabu!

Do refer to my previous post on Sakura Charcoal Grilled and Shabu Shabu, if you would like to find out more!! =)

No photos today though. But I can say that we had LOTSA food! I’m pretty sure I ate more this time round, compared to the previous time I was there. Our whole table were filled and we ended up having to put some plates on the other table.

Dinner was not bad, but I was almost exploding by the time we left! Haha! Ate too much! =p

After dinner head back to his place, washed up, and head to sleep right away. Was too tired to do anything else, plus I worry I cant get up for work tomorrow or would be late. It’s the first time I stay over at his place on a working day. Thus I haven’t tried going to work from his place. Not too sure what time I would need to get up, or leave home to be early or on time for work!!

Feeling Full and TIRED!!

Anyway Nights World! =)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

7th Storey Restaurant @ Marina Barrage!

After work, a call came, and the unhappy incident that happened yesterday had been cleared. =)
Beside that, the other happy thing for me was that Dear was gonna come pick me up from work for dinner!  Dear and XiaoQiang came over to pick me up and we waited for Bei and Valenz, at the usual carpark in front of my work place. After which we headed down to Marina Barrage!

Upon Reaching Marina Barrage! There were nice kites flying in the windy sky!~

Had our dinner at 7th Storey Restaurant, which is a Taiwanese Western Bistro. It serves Hainanese Chicken Rice and also Seafood Steamboat. We chose to sit outside as we wanted the Charcoal Steamboat instead of the gas ones that’s used inside the restaurant. Plus it was pretty windy. The food was quite good, with nice sea breeze since we were just beside the sea~

At 7th Storey Restaurant!

The food and charcoal steamboat!

The guys did most of the cooking! Hehe! I'm a pampered girl who just sits there and was served food by sweety Dear! Hehe! =p

After dinner we took a stroll around Marina Barrage! The view and scenery was great, and so without a doubt I started snapping on my camera! I didn’t manage to snap photos during my last visit there as I had forgotten to bring my camera, plus previous the Marina Bay Sands wasn’t fully up! So the view now is definitely much prettier! =)









After the nice long stroll, we headed down to East Coast Park again! =) Bei spend like $200+!! And he caught MANY plushies for Valenz!! Of cuz my Dear didn’t left me empty handed home! Haha! We both caught a couple of plushies home too!

Not sure what’s up with me, I usually don’t like Hello Kitty, but I got excited today just catching them! In fact i have more and more Hello Kitty stuff ever since i got together with Dear! haha! =) And we also gotta my favourite Scrump! 2 of them in fact! =)

My hauls for the night! =)

After everything, we decide it was time to head home! That was already at 12.30am! Cuz we were tired and I needed to sleep early since I have to work tomorrow!

=) Thanks Dear for cheering me up with good food, romantic place, pretty photos and a bag of plushies!! =D

 He definitely brought a smile to my gloomy face! The After and Before! =p
(P.S dont mind my slightly swollen eyes. as mentioned, i cried too much last night! It was worst this morning!)

Caught in the middle.

My mood swing terribly yesterday.

One moment i’m happy and all. The next moment i thought i was gonna kill someone or probably kill myself.

I’m caught in the middle. In many situations. Not just 1. I end up not being able to please everyone. And everyone gets angry with me, scold me, scream at me, no matter what decision I make. FML.

I don't owe anyone anything!

I know I may not make the best decision. Or to you guys it’s a stupid decision. But please respect me. Cause it’s still MY decision. And I’m old enough to judge for myself and decide what I want to do.

End of day, I’m the only one responsible for whatever decision I make and I’m the only one who will have to bear the consequences, be it for good or bad.

Why is it that no one tries to understand me and respect me.

I’m feeling like a piece of shit now. Whatever i do seem to be wrong.

Was suppose to go out for dinner last night. Stupid things happened. I was in a terrible mood. No appetite though I was obviously hungry and having a gastric pain. Well, no one cares anyway. They all ONLY care about themselves. So why should I care as well.

End up, I went to bed with an EMPTY stomach, a TERRIBLE mood, a heart full of HURT, and a pair of eyes FILLED with TEARS.

I HATE my life. FML!
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