Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I've been a very happy girl these days!

I've been a very happy girl these days! For many reasons of cause!

Firstly, Im happy cause i've been shopping alot these days, and shopping is my form of retail therapy which never fails to keep me happy!
Secondly, Im happy cause i just received my registered mail package a while ago, which contains items from one of my latest online shopping grabs!
Thirdly, Im happy cause my dearest gave me one of his HP number to use as my spare line to make phone calls and sms, so that my personal HP number wont exceed the monthly usage and have excess cost!
Fourthly, Im happy cause my dearest brought me to satisfy my alcohol deficit days!
Fifthly, Im happy cause my dearest brought me to have Charcoal Grilled and Shabu Shabu last night with his friends!
Lastly, Im happy cause my dearest never fails to make me feel loved and pampered like a baby!

*hops around happily*

anyway heres some updates!!

Saturday, 24April2010
- Went for facial agony session with Mum
- Came home to waste my day away and had dinner with family at home
- Had a terrible headache and thus wasnt able to wait for Dear to finish soccer and go home.
- Slept at 1+ or 2am

Sunday, 25April2010
- Woke up and bathed Muffin
- Had brunch, bathed and got changed
- Dear came over to pick me up
- We head down to Shaw Centre to meet his friend to hand something over
- We went home to rot the rest of the day til dinner was ready
- His mum cooked very yummy Curry Fishhead with a few other dishes for dinner
- He went over to his uncle's place with his parents, while i stayed home to watch HK drama and waited for him to come home
- We soon head to bed for the night

Yesterday, Monday, 26April2010
- We woke up and prep and head out to Bedok for his hair cut
- After his hair cut, we went over to Parkway Parade to meet XiaoQiang for brunch
- After brunch, we stopped by Koi cafe to buy our bubble tea!
- Shopped around Parkway til 5.30pm
- Head over to Bedok again, as this time round, XiaoQiang wants to have a haircut
- Head home to bath and got changed
- Instead of driving out, XiaoQiang came over to pick us up and we went to run some errands
- Once his errands were done, we headed over to Punggol Marina to meet Bei and Valenz
- Had dinner at Sakura Charcoal Grilled and Shabu Shabu! its the largest charcoal grilled and shabu shabu restaurant in SG!
- After the sumptuous dinner, we commenced our chillout session! KTV and Booze at a pub located on the 3rd level of Punggol Marina.
- After we're done with the drinks, we left and head over to meet Ah Huat to pass some things to him before XiaoQiang send us home
- Upon reaching home, i went to shower and headed to rest while he went to run some errands before ending the night as well

Before and After his haircut!

on the way to Parkway! i love the bottom left Pict of him! he looks so shy and cute! and i've always like his side view alot! hehe! =D

My Koi Honey Milk Tea! *yummy*

Our Foodie at Sakura Charcoal Grilled and Shabu Shabu!

Dear and Me

Valenz and Bei

XiaoQiang looks so bored and lonely without his YY with him! emofied!

Our Booze at the Pub!

Dear and Me again!

Valenz and Me!

Valenz and Bei! Bei looks so engrossed in singing his song! Andy Lau wanna be!

Today, 27April2010
- Woke up and wash up and he went to work, while i came back to my own home
- The mail man dropped by to deliver my registered mail package to ME!!
- As for now, am rotting at home and decided to update my blog!!
- Gonna do some chores later
- In the evening gonna go pick Dear up from work at TPY! =)

My package and the items i purchased! =) Yay!!

Thats all folks~ Stay tuned for my next update~

Hope my next post will still be a very happy post! hehe! Meanwhile, Counting down, 5 and a 1/2 days more to official commencement of work next monday! Im only left with a few more days of carefree wasted days!! haha!!

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