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Pulau Dayang Trip! 8 - 10 May 2009

Pulau Dayang Trip! 8 - 10 May 2009

8th May 09 (Friday)
Bf came to pick me up and we head to his bro, James place to get the diving gears and took a cab down to Newton Circles to have dinner and to meet the other divers. After dinner, we split into 2 groups and boarded our minivan that brought us into Malaysia and drove right to Mersing Jetty. As it was the low tide season, we had to take a speedboat which brought us to our actual boat and made our way to Pulau Dayang.

in the minivan on the way to Mersing Jetty

in the speedboat and on the boat on the way towards Pulau Dayang

9th May 09 (Saturday)
Upon reaching, we went to our rooms/bunks, and was suppose to nap for awhile before our morning dive. But due to lotsa noises around, and lotsa snores that echoed through the room, i ended up not slping at all! faints~
it was then our morning dive, we got prepared and headed down to shore to have a shore dive. the water was cold and the cold wind was blowing...i was almost freezing!~ adding on that it rained heavily during the 1 hr of nap time! After the morning dive, we came up for breakfast before going for the next dive with the other divers. we were the only first batch of super 'ON' divers tt went before the sun even rise! haa! spend the whole day diving, eating and diving and eating again. we skipped one of the dive to rest as bf wasnt feeling too well and thus we took a short nap before exploring the island and snapping photos! anyway the day ended with our course almost done, and we were close to be advanced divers! we did the Deep Dive and went to 32.9m deep!, Underwater Navigation where we had to estimate distance with the amt of fin kicks, using the compass, and also via natural reference. Also we did the Peak Performance Buoyancy test and the most scary one for me would be the Night dive! quite a scary experience for me since im quite a timid person, but i was quite surprised i wasnt exactly scare at all, but rather curious bout what im gonna see and encounter! =)

in the morning before out first dive! =)

shots taken of our bunks/rooms, the toilets, volleyballers, napping divers and the surrounding during the rest time we had when we skipped 1 dive! =)

during one of the surface interval

camwhoring while bf is napping

taken after bf woke up from nap, and we went to explore the island! =) our footprints, the blue sky, the sandy beach, the mudskippers, the mouse/rabbit like stone structure on Pulau Aur, the huge shell and the love we share! =)

the cute kitty of Pulau Dayang!

10th May 09 (Sunday)
i finally had a gd and peaceful slp the night before, probably cuz i was simply too tired and drained from the whole day of diving, to the point i didnt hear any snoring or noises and i slept all the way through til the morning call. woke up and went for our morning dive where we did our Drift Dive! after which im officially an Advanced diver!! followed by breakfast and the final dive for the trip was a leisure dive for us! after which washed up and packed up before we left Pulau Dayang. took the boat back to Mersing Jetty and boarded the minivan again which brought us to have dinner at Kota Tinggi before heading back to Singapore. Upon reaching Singapore, some of us headed to have Frog porridge for supper at Geylang before finally going home. =)

taken before leaving Pulau Dayang

while in the boat on the way back to Mersing Jetty! Tts our new diving friend, YiLi, Me and Bf! (We're the 3 tall ones of the group! and i must say, she is really tall for a girl! almost same height as my bf!)

Groupshot onboard the boat!

the cool clock tower at Mersing Jetty

the plantation, trees, sky, scenery, view and road. taken while on the way to Kota Tinggi

Having dinner at Kota Tinggi!

Groupshot at Kota Tinggi! (there were many cameras, thus everyone didnt know which to look at. will try get the better ones taken by the other cameras soon! =))

anyway didnt really take a lot of pictures this time round, didnt tk the Mersing Jetty as well, as i've taken that during my Pulau Aur Trip from 6-8March09, adding on that there were no divers with us tt brought cameras tt could go underwater, thus there aint any underwater photos for me this time round. *sad* but i was still happy at least i have some really nice shore and jetty photos, and on top of that im now an official Advanced diver who have lotsa beautiful memories of her dive trip to Pulau Dayang. =)

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