Friday, May 22, 2009

Maturity truly doesnt come with age!

Maturity truly doesnt come with age!

I cant believe that some people can actually be so childish when they're older than me! gosh~ -.-"

I initially thought AL was bad. Now i've come to realize she aint that bad afterall, cuz JT is far worse! faints~ In fact i've come to learn that AL's personality is much nicer as compared to JT! JT is just horrible. bad personality, bad charater, bad attitude and bad intentions! totally childish, irrational, possesive, crazy and EVIL! i cant imagine and believe tt CT can actually tahan her! CT has changed so much! the CT i once knew has died.

anyway i must clarify. CT WAS just a friend. nothing more to that. BUT those are things of the past now. cuz JT has just made me detest CT as well. the actions, the words and the things done. i will nv forgive or forget.

To the little childish J,
First of all, im truly astonished by your childish acts! Please wake up your idea! For your info, if you're not aware, you're OBVIOUSLY 2 YEARS OLDER than me! But seemingly acting like a lil kid! i thought i would only see such stuff done and happen in my secondary school days!! What century is this now? Please be more open! Cant people have their own freedom of speech and talk to whoever they like and choose their own friends? What a controlling and possesive freak! Dont you have even a little confidence in yourself or your guy? No trust? If thats the case you should jolly well chain him up! Gosh. Thats not even love. Is just your pure childishness trying to keep him in possesion. You obviously dont know what is love! Without trust there cant be love at all! So if u do love him as much as u claim, do give him some space and trust him! Anway..LISTEN UP! your foolish and childish acts will just get u into more trouble and pain. i cant imagine someone can be so stupid. not thinking of the consequences. try anymore stunts and u will seriously get it from me. If you have anything that you're unhappy about, come to ME directly! Dont beat about the bush and always attempt to tear people apart!! (just as u did to AL and CT! and became the third party who snatches pple's bf!)! I always believe theres such a thing as KARMA! Not only did u not succeed this time, you just made a FOOL out of yourself! dumb biatch! anyway FYI my bf does know that i am (but now WAS) in contact with your bf. But he trust me that we are just friends. so i do hope you can trust your bf too. (anyway just in case you dont know. you have something less to worry about now, cause i WONT be contacting your bf anymore. but with you worrying all the time, i'm sure there will be more obstacles ahead cause after chopping this 1 tree, there are many other forest out there! so a lil advice, have trust in him and u shall not have to worry so much!) last but not least, i must emphasize, Please be MATURE enough when handling such stupid situations and come to ME directly if you have anything you are unhappy about.

Wih all that ranting said, i hereby Thank god (Praise the lord!) i have a BF whom trust me and loves me, and is very understanding and rational. And to my Bf, i wanna assure you that you're the only one in my heart now and i love you lots! You're not the only one Happy in this relationship, as i am just as Happy as you are! Being with you has been the greatest joy of my heart!!

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