Wednesday, May 6, 2009

backdated photos from my pulau aur diving trip that i just receieved from the other divers! =)

backdated photos from my Pulau Aur Open Water diving trip (6-8march09) that i just received from the other divers! =)

the open water divers with the awesome sunrise in the early morning!!
(left to right: Danny, Erika, Voon, Me, Baby, Yvonne)

at the dining area during briefing! =)

while doing some of the open water test!

underwater fun!! =D (im with the pink snorkel and red fins! baby is full black!)

the open water divers with our dive master for the trip!
(from left to right, Jerric, Voon, Yvonne, Baby and Me!)

On the surface floating while awaiting for the boat to come pick up us! =)

for more photos and details bout the trip, please click here!

looking at these photos makes me even more excited bout my Advanced Diver trip to Pulau Dayang in 2 days time!! weeeeeee!!

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