Monday, August 13, 2007

its a gd start to my monday..LOVE is indeed a very SWEET thing...

its a gd start to my monday..

now blogging from my office...not tt im too fact im pretty bz now..therefore im kinda multi-tasking...after each sentence im doing my work...

im just feeling happy and wish to blog it out..hees`..

so glad baby trust me.. thanks dear..=)

LOVE is indeed a very SWEET thing...

though it may dampen ur day at times, most of the'll brighten ur day and put a smile on ur face..

Regrets are risk we nv take.. A person who risk nothing, gains nothing, gets nothing, is nothing!... and for me..i've chose to take this i dont wish to regret losing him.. and thru this risk i've took... i've gain something far more then just precious ; my love! =)

aishiteru baby!~ =)

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