Sunday, August 19, 2007

its been a rainy rainy wkend..

its been a rainy rainy wkend..

[tuning : til the end]

im here to blog using baby's lappy while he is taking his napp...haa`..tts cuz i've alrdy woke up from mine...and i finally finished reading my book...gonna start on another interesting book recommended by baby later~ =)

anyway..wkend was pretty slack this wk...didnt do much or really go out...on friday, went to work as usual...lots of things to do...and was caught up in a meeting til 6+..den went back to complete my pile of workload bfore rushing home..upon reaching the mrt station at my place..recieved a call from baby saying he's near the mrt station..therefore met up with him there and he send me home...he went to get some fruit from the store below my place..while i went home and took my stuff bfore we head back to his place... watched Heroes and makan dinner...and as i was pretty tired..we decided not to meet Adrian and the others ler..

as for saturday, woke up had breakfast...den slacked ard and had our story sharing session again..hees`...after tt we went to Marine Parade to have lunch and bought food back for his parents.. upon reaching home...rot ard further..watched Heroes..and he suddenly had craving for we head out again...went to the grocery store at bedok get the jelly powder to make the jelly..some tidbits and helped his mum get some groceries..after which we head to bedok central looking for a watch shop but ended up buying lots of food home to we continued on Heroes..and make the jelly...den we both took a light dinner bfore heading to tk a nap and waited for time to pass..and later at night at about 10..came a call from Dilwyn..he had reached the carpark at baby's we hurriedly prep and went out to meet him before we head down to Tiong Bahru area to meet Adrian, Phyliz, Jiabao, WenJing, Jenson, Jaspal and a few others to celebrate JiaBao's birthday...had a nice dinner bfore the others head to ktv while we headed home to eat the jelly!...

anyway.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bro, Jiabao!

as for today...woke up..had breakfast..laze ard..wanted to go roller blading...but the weather is so unpredictable..wanted to go sun tanning..but the sun was scary! as we were afriad of being we dropped the my book while baby did his work stuff..had lunch and continued wat we were doing til i doze off while started raining..and yea..its really nice to slp!~ haha..upon waking was watching T.M.N.T...joined him to watch and munched on some tidbits...and after the show..i continued my book while baby took his nap ler..and after finishing my i am.. haha`..

anyway.i shall stop here for now.. updates again soon..and sad to pictures this wk..haa`.. ciao.. =)

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