Thursday, August 23, 2007


been quite a tiring day for me today...lots of stuff to do..and suddenly im flooded with things to do...always the case..either im too bored...or im too busy...morning rush some stuff out..den went for a meeting with the pple from the tour group to dicuss the itinery and make some final arrangements...after which rush my work, had lunch..and back to a pile of work again...after work, went to class as usual...and i really wanna thank Mike for the constant supply of apples and fruits for my dinner during classes!..=) after which came home and chatted on the fone with baby...feeling shagged out...but somehow i just cant slp..*sulks* =(

ytd, 22aug07, wed..went to work as was alrite though...den after work..went to walk ard Raffles hope to get birthday presents for a few of my frens whose bday is coming...but guess wat..turn out i bought a new bag for myself AGAIN...and failed to get anything for my frens...and i had 2 others on mind as well...of which 1 of it i did buy...and i end up buying more stuff from the shop...and i failed to do the other..not gonna mention it here as its suppose to be a surprise..haa`.. anyway..while walking ard...bumped in Ashley! wa so happy to see her...and we had like tons of stuff to update each other...turn out we chatted for bout 1 hrs...and decided to drop our plans of walking ard further..and head home while she head down to meet her students..chatted all the way til we reach somewhere near my place tt we departed...well..its really nice meeting up with old frens...and yeap..we're planning to meet up next sunday together with Connie and Regina~ =) cant wait to see them by then.. miss them lots~ k..and upon reaching home..Dearie called and said tt he had reached! yea...placed my stuff at home and rushed down right away to meet him...accompanied him to his fren's salon to get his haircut...and yeap..she did quite a gd job..and baby seems pretty happy bout his haircut..keke... after which i drove us back to his place as baby was simply too tiredd...had our dinner...showered and watched Evan's Almighty til baby fell aslp! end up i watched him slp while waiting for time to pass..and kinda dozed off myself til mummy called to remind tt its getting late and i still gotta work today~ and yea..though i did propose tt i can make my way back myself..poor lil baby had to drag himself out of bed and send me home...its really sweet of him though..=) *hugs*

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anyway...tmr is FRIDAY le!~ weee!~ TGIF! ahah`...will be meeting up with Darren and gang and his gf to celebrate his 21st Bday~ and im gonna force myself to slp now~ else i dont tink i can make it thru tmr~ haven been having enough slp this whole wk!~ *shagged* but yet cant wait to see baby tmr~ lalala~ =)

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