Wednesday, November 30, 2016


There is an exciting event going on at the Singapore Zoo & River Safari right now! Zoo-Rassic Park!! The dinosaurs looks pretty real and will rwar and move! So cool and cute~ Here are some photos that I took to share with all of you! =)

Had some fun snapping photos with my friends and colleagues! =)

Many different dinos! My favourite would be the Triceratop! There is also the T-Rex, Brachiosaurus, etc.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Keys Collected!

Finally after a 3 years long wait!! Keys collected on 5th November 2016!

CPF and Bank Account gonna start bleeding like no tomorrow~ Slaves to our new home~ Gotta work harder le~ Gambatte!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Happy Blessed Birthday Melmel!

Happy Blessed Birthday My Dear Melmel!! ♡ Hope you are having an awesome time with your love in HongKong!! May all your wishes come true and happiness be with you always!~ *Hugs!*

On Monday, our Team Valor headed out for dinner after work to celebrate Mel's Birthday in advanced! Went to Goro Goro Steamboat & Korean Buffet located at Orchard Gateway @ Emerald.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Crazy Fun KTV Night!

Its been a super duper hectic week at work! Back to back meetings and interviews, tight datelines to meet, and adhoc stuff to handle~ 天啊~ Tired die me~ Headache max~ Shagged out! Cant wait for this 2 weeks of forecast and budgetting to end~

Thank goodness I have very supportive and awesome colleagues at work and really glad I can call them my friends and buddies! Really blessed that this group of us share a close and strong bond and are there for each other in good times and bad times making sure neither of us collapses as there is always someone to reach out to help and support each other!

Such colleagues turn friends are not very common and thus I'm cherishing this friendship alot!

Anyway we have had a couple of other gatherings and dinner outings prior to this KTV session~ Will back-post them real soon!

As I had to attend to some family matters, I took leave yesterday and met them at night after their work at Marina Square! Went for a yummy and fulfiling dinner at Emporium Shokuhin. Had a nice hot bowl of Ramen since the weather is cold and we needed to calm our nerves after the hectic week! Dinner was filled with laughters as always and the whole restaurant was probably filled with out voices and laughters which I do apologize to the other patrons there for disturbing their supposedly peaceful dinner. But we simply couldnt contain ourselves! Haha~

Saturday, October 22, 2016

薛之谦 - 你还要我怎样

Just sharing a song and its lyrics that has been stuck in my head for awhile thanks to my colleagues now buddies who had introduced it to me during our last KTV session~ Love the song as it brings out alot of emotions, and its a sad song that most of us can relate to. =)

薛之谦 Jacky Xue - 你还要我怎样 nǐ hái yào wǒ zěn

The Original Singer

The female version sang at Sing! China Episode 12 which I personally like alot! :)

Friday, October 21, 2016

Halloween Horror Night 6 at Universal Studio Singapore (USS)

Scare Die Me!

Told myself 4 years ago after I went for the Halloween Horror Night 2 event that I am never gonna attend such events ever again, but somehow this year I decided to go for it again when my neighbours asked me along. Thought I may be braver now, but right after the 1st haunted house and scare zone, I immediately regret going! Plus this year, I even paid more to get the express passes to scare myself faster. -.-"

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rainbow After The Rain ♥

Its been a really Stressful, Busy, Emotions-filled Week!

Havent got time or the mood to blog since last week. Work has been really busy! Work is piling up, many datelines to meet, and my memory is literally like a Goldfish these days! Just way tooo much going on in my head!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert? Or Simply an Extroverted Introvert better known as Social Introverts

Happen to chance upon this article while browsing through facebook and thought it will be really interesting to share it. Especially since I felt it almost entirely describes me. I've always struggled between being an introvert at times and at extrovert at times, and thought I probably had like a split personality. But after reading this article, suddenly everything makes sense now!

Hope this article would enlighten you as much as it enlightened me! =)

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Belated Farewell Dinner and Birthday KTV

Not exactly a farewell but rather an appreciation dinner for 1 of our temp staff that has become our friend and team member =)

Thanks for the help with our work as well as making life at work more fun! Thanks for accompanying me to run around the parks during the crazy pokemon craze period and for all the other fun and enjoyable time to make my life at work less stressful! Appreciate the listening ear to hear my ranting when I am stressed out, and for all the support rendered in one way or another.

Anyway yesterday after work we had dinner at Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant located at Orchard Central. My second time to this place, I must say I really love the snow crab and without fail I ate alot of Sashimi as I always do for every other international buffets. Didnt really eat alot, nor tried many stuff since my appetite wasnt fantastic that day. But overall I would say food is good. :)

Thursday, October 6, 2016

I really wish...

Like most people, I really wish I can turn back time too. I would really like to go back to when I was younger? These past few years, I honestly have no idea what I have been doing, messing with my own life and all. (But of cause there are also moments that are really precious which I would never forget as well.)

Looking back, I felt like I did many things wrong in the past. The way I led my life, the people I hang out with, the things I did, the path I took. If I could I probably would have done many things differently which may result in a different me today. A better me (or at least I think).

But life is such. We wont know the outcome til we've gone through it. We wont know if the path we took is wrong til we have walk down the path. And sadly there is no such thing as a time machine that could bring us back to the past.

Despite have many regrets in life. We have to accept reality, learn from our mistakes, and move on from there hoping that life ahead from the moment of realization would result in a better us in the present or future.

Just random rants from a random thought that struck me every now and then when I have some alone time to ponder, think and reflect.

P.s  No worries not really in a emotional state now. And even if I was, that would be before I wrote this post. I should be feeling better now after blogging though! =)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Cocoa the Chihuahua!

I have a new addition to my family! Its been almost a year since I first brought her home. Yes its a little late to be blogging about this only now. But well as the saying always goes, better late than never!

I have never really ever fancied the Chihuahua breed as I always have the impression that they are very barkish, proud, bad tempered and spoilt. But my impression of them changed ever since Cocoa came into my life.

I was studying for an examination for my CEI certification at Starbucks alone one day in October on the 19th, last year. Then came a distress message with a video from my primary school bestie. Photos and videos of the poor little thing shivering and curled up into a ball lying on a blanket was what greeted me. She had found her loitering her corridor and scratching at random neighbour's door. Not knowing what to do since she is a Muslim, not able to keep her or bring her into the house since she has 2 really cute but fierce cats at home which might hurt the timid little one we now name Cocoa.

I immediately kept my books and notes, grab my drink and went back home to grab Muffin's collar, leash, some treats and bag, and rush off to my friend's place.

Upon reaching I spotted this dark colored fur ball lying on a towel and shivering nonstop. She was really scared. I was scared as well since I didnt know if she would bite or snap at me. Well other than Muffin, or rather before I gotten Muffin, I was honestly VERY scare of every other dogs. I almost fell out a window from my friend's place on the 13 floor trying to run and escape from her dog, a Chihuahua several years back. So you can imagine how scare I am. But yet on the other hand, thankfully after I gotten Muffin, I am not as scare as I was, and I can better understand and able to handle them much better as well. But since I did not know her temperament, I started out just talking to her, testing out if she will snap when I push a water bowl to her, and putting some treats in front of her. She was just sniffing away and then back into her curled position and looking at us really scare. She did not snap at all nor attempt to snap. We then tried using the leash to touch her and she was just shivering away but did not show any signs of aggression. Slowly we tried to touch her, and sayang her. Took us a while before we finally put on the collar for her and thankfully she happily followed us as we pulled the leash to bring her to walk. Walked her to my car and manage to carry her into the bag and brought her home safely.

Upon reaching home, introduced her to Muffin. I am so very glad, Muffin was just curious and sniff her. She was scare but did not snap at him. just simply running around to escape from the curious Muffin. I then immediately bathed her as she looks a little dirty. Bathing her was a breeze, she was really calm. After bathing decided to let the 2 mingle around to get to know each other since they would have to live together for at least a few days before we find its owner.

Days when by, I checked everywhere online, in Facebook or the pet forum, But did not see any signs of any owner looking for her. My friend helped to locate the owner at her neighbourhood as well. But no signs of anyone looking for her. After a few days, over the weekend after my exams were over, I decided to bring her to the vet for a check to see if she is healthy and fine. Vet checked and says she is probably about 4 to 5 years old, likely sterilized and other than some rashes on her body, which the vet prescribes some medication for, she is very much healthy. Also for safety sake since we have Muffin at home as well, we decided to have her vaccinated and dewormed just to be sure she does not spread any unwanted virus to Muffin.

Days went by, she felt more safe around us. Became really sweet and would cuddle up with me, and slowly she started responding to her new name, Cocoa.

About 2-3 weeks after, my friend manage to locate the owner. Sadly as we suspected, the owner did not look for her despite saying that she ran away from home. The owner was an old man, who had 2 dogs, 1 of which was Cocoa whom we found. My friend then went on to share that he would be violent to the dogs and hit them hard, which is probably why Cocoa is so timid and very scare initially whenever I raise my hands to comb my hair to to take anything at all.

I'm so glad I found her and am able to give her a loving, safe and warm place she can now call home, with a new brother Muffin and us as her new family. :)

She is now very much a pampered little princess at home. Starting to bark whenever someone comes home, but really very excited and jumpy and would wag her tail nonstop to show her happiness and excitement. Very happy to have this new addition to the family =)

2 weeks from now we will be celebrating her 1 year with us which we decided is her birthday. A birth of a new life with a new family! =)

I shall not bore this blogpost with more words, below are some photos of her to share with you guys, taken over this 1 year! :)

P.s We recently realize she looks very much like Eevee from Pokemon! Haha!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I am coming back!

Its been awhile since I last blogged a proper blogpost. Not about any advertorials, or reviews, or food recipes. Just plain blogging about my personal life.

I started out blogging many years back, probably 10 years ago or more, just blogging about my life, my thoughts and random other rantings. It was a platform that I would always go to, to jot down bits and pieces of my life so that when I grow older I can read them up and reminisce about my silly younger days and probably have a good laugh or a good cry. It was a place filled with alot of my memories that my brain can no longer contain as there is just so much going on everyday, and we will all tend to forget certain important milestones or precious memories that will make us feel like we have led a fulfilling life. It was also a platform I used to rant when I'm feeling really upset, angry or depress, and it never fails to make me feel better after blogging.

I have been so busy recently to document anything in here. Feels like my 1 to 2 years worth of memories that I didnt have the time to blog about have been erased or locked up somewhere in my head. Thank God at least there is still Facebook which I use to document photos as my only other source of memories. But I do hope moving forward I will at least make some time to continue blogging not just for advertorials or reviews or food recipes, but to share with all of your about some of my life events as well. =)

Truly appreciate all my loyal readers who still tend to ask me why I havent been blogging recently, and also some of you who are still visiting my blog now and tend despite my lack of post and updates. Thank You All Very Much for the Unwavering Support! -xoxo-

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

YUNOMORI Onsen and Spa

I recently went to the YUNOMORI Onsen and Spa located at Kallang Wave Mall, and thought it would be nice to share my experience with all of you since alot of my friends are also asking me about it ever since I posted up photos of the place in my facebook!

Reception Area 

Shoe Locker Area  

 Sitting Area at the Reception

Main Door

Cute Signages

I must say that I really like the place! The whole atmosphere is relaxing and the place is well maintained and clean! (I could only take photos of the reception and cafe area as photography, phones and camera are not allowed in the Onsen area). The staff are all very friendly and nice, and very welcoming which makes the whole experience even more pleasant!

I've been there twice so far and will definitely be visiting again real soon! My girlfriend and I love the Onsen as well as the massage! She tried the Aromatic Oil Massage while I tried the Thai  Massage. The experience is awesome and the masseur are pretty good as well! Only 1 down side was there here room was near the cafe thus making it a little noisy and not exactly very relaxing, Thankfully I gotten a room further in thus my experience was much better and more relaxing.

The Onsen has 5 different pool for the ladies, and according to my husband, there are 6 different pools for the men, Each onsen has its different minerals and benefits, from muscle relaxation in the cold pool, to smooth silk bath and jacuzzi.

I must say that the Onsen alot was really beneficial for me as after my 2 hours dip in all the various pools, my skin does feel smoother, more moisturize and my muscle aches were gone! Its really amazing! Best part is that I get to really concentrate on relaxing and having a good quality chat with my girlfriends with no handphones on hand or any other distractions.

Now, the next question most people have asked me. "Everyone must be naked in the onsen?" My answer, By right YES! Its more shiok la! But being in Singapore, a more conservative country, YUNOMORI is nice enough to provide black disposable panties and tube tops for the shy ladies to wear into the Onsen. Therefore is it optional for you whether you want to wear it or not. As for the guys according to my hubby, there are no disposable underwear for you, so all the guys are totally naked in the Onsen. Not like there is much to see anyway since the onsen is already separated by gender and therefore the ladies would have the same organs as each other and the guys would see the same thing on themselves too! (Probably only size difference which may make some people uncomfortable or envious but that is about it la!)

Walk way to the cafe, resting area, and massage area!

Cafe Counter

Cafe Area

 My first visit with my dear Da Jie~

 2nd Visit with Hubs and my 2 dear sisters~

Aside from the massage and onsen, they have a cafe inside which serves pretty good food, and a resting area for people to relax and take a nap!

Its a truly nice place, and I'm so glad YUNOMORI brought the Onsen here to Singapore since most of us dont travel overseas every other week or month to get to enjoy the Onsen in other countries such as Japan, Korea, etc.

I dont get paid to write this post, and this is not sponsored. Im a paying customer myself! Just like to share and recommend this place to all of you, whether its for relaxations, self-pampering, muscle ache relieve or even a nice quality time with your good friends! =)

To find out more about their packages, prices and the benefits of the onsen, check out their website! If you want to go for massages, I would recommend you book an appointment early in advance as they are always fully booked! As for Onsen, no appointment required, and you may walk in anytime! =)

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