Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Muffin Darling has a new bumblebee backpack!!

Saw this selling online and I immediately know I must get one for Muffin! It is just sooooooo cute!! Been wanting to get one for him since a long time ago, but the pet shops in Singapore selling it are all either sooo costly or the quality is really lousy and I dont think it is worth the money. Also I have some friends who bought it for their dogs but complaint that it is lousy and spoiled after only 2 or 3 use.

And so when I found these selling online, I need I had to get one for Muffin!

The quality is really good, it is sooooo cute, the item I ordered was exactly as per shown in the photo and the price is really reasonable!! Totally worth it!

Now Muffin can carry his own backpack with his little box of treats, his tissue paper as well as a plastic bag to pick up his poop! And its great as it has a round hoop to hook up with your leash, so it can be used as a harness as well!

Keen to get it? Check out OH! September at !! There are many other designs as per this above photo as well as 2 different sizes to choose from too! Although they do not have in stock for it right now, but you can PRE-ORDER! Just need to give it approx 1-2 weeks of lead time! If the response for it is good, they will be stocking it up too!! =)

2 size option: S & M

Many designs to choose from:
#1 - Panda
#2 - Bumble bee
#3 - Pig
#4 - Brown Bear
#5 - Yellow Chick with Heart
#6 - Brown Horse
#7 - Blue Owl
#8 - Tiger
#9 - Monkey
#10 - Cow
#11 - Blue Penguin
#12 - Strawberry
#13 - Orange
#14 - Blue Bus
#15 - Red Bus
#16 - Red Navy with Blue Anchor
#17 - Sailor Red Bag

Price: $18

S size:Chest 36-45cm Length:14Width12Thickness6cm
M size: Chest 45-53cm Length:17width15Thickness7cm

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