Tuesday, November 4, 2014

OH! September Store!!!

Something EXCITING has just been Launched!!!

After thinking about it and procrastinating for such a long time, with many failed attempts due to friends who back out on me last minute, I decided this time I will officially start something on my own!!

To prevent further procrastination, I decided to register my business this time round! No more excuses~

Previously I had started up at least 4 blogshops. 2 of it was done up but never launched due to friends backing out. Subsequently I had 2 other blogshops + a personal account on Carousell selling my 2nd hand stuff. Decided that its way too tedious to manage so many shops at a time on my own, and I wanted a platform where I can sell everything and manage everything on just 1 site. With 2 shops previously, I had to print seperate set of labels, design 2 different logos, advertising materials, and keep my accounts separately. And its worse when I had to check and log in to 2 different accounts everyday and check 2 emails everyday as well. I ended up forgetting to check sometimes or check one and neglect the other and missing many sales inquiries and orders. Apologies to all my customers about it! 

So this time round, to make things easier for both myself and my customers, its going to be just 1 site. Everyone just have to remember OH! SEPTEMBER, An ALL-in-ONE Online Store to cater to everyone! And I promise to provide faster replies and better service since I can now better manage with just 1 site to check and look after!

OH! September is an all-in-one online store officially registered with ACRA on 29 September with Business Registration No.: 53276990. Website is fully functional and launched on 30th September 2014. To find out more, CHECK OUT OH! SEPTEMBER NOW!

For all my lovely readers, simply quote Promo Code: ILLUSIVEDREAMSS to enjoy an additional 5% discount on top of the current ongoing Sales & Discounts Promotions!!

START SHOPPING NOW at www.ohseptember.com
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