Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Journey of Our Wedding Preparation Part 4

Wedding Bands are a MUST HAVE for every marriage or wedding, even if it is just a simple ring, or something extravagant with a huge 3 carat diamond.

Popular belief is that the wedding ring is in a circle shape as it symbolizes a hope that their marriage and love will be everlasting and never ending.

Some people spend a bomb on their wedding band either due to vanity issues, to simply show-off, to feel good, have high expectations or are perfectionist, status issues or just because they simply want to pamper themselves. While some simply get a simple couple ring either due to budget constraints, work safety issues which doesnt allow workers to wear any accessories, nature of work which may quickly damage their rings or housewives who always have to do housework and fear damaging their rings. Whatever the reasons, whatever the design or type of ring couples buy, there will definitely be a wedding band even if they do without a proposal ring.

Some couples spend a LONG time looking for the perfect ring. Some couples custom design their rings. While some couples simply walk into any jewelry store, look into the display counter, points to the one that catches their attention and buy it immediately.

For me and my now husband, we went to a few different brand of jewelry store, narrow down to the few we both like and agree on, made comparisons of price at different outlets, and finally settled for a pair from Lee Hwa Jewelry.

It was slightly above our initial budget, but after getting discounts we manage to get it at a price we both are comfortable with and so we bought it!

Some couples who have different ring designs as usually the ladies would prefer more diamonds, but the man either only have 1 centerpiece diamond or not diamonds at all. Unlike them, me and my husband prefer to have both totally identical rings as to us its more meaningful and symbolizes our love for each other and the bond and unity we share. So we took awhile before we manage to finally finalize on a ring that we both agreed on. Thank Goodness he is unlike other man as he likes the idea of having diamonds on his ring too! Haha~

And so we finally decided on this~

Nice right? Nice right? Haha! Well at least to us we LOVE IT! LOL~ =p

So yeap, here is my Journey of Our Wedding Preparation Part 4!! Stay tuned for Part 5! Will likely be posting more about the preparation of the Actual Day Wedding Banquet or Pre-wedding photo selection!

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- Confirmation of Guest
- Looking for a Actual Day Videographer
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- Hiring / DIY Instant Phoot Booth/Roving (Optional)

Wedding Banquet & Solemnization Venue Finalized

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Anne Fraser said...

Love reading your blog!!!! In wedding planning color scheme is also important thing, many people are confused to choose the color. I am also looking for perfect color matching for my close relative wedding and found your site on the Internet and my confusion changed into smile to see such beautiful color scheme. Thanks for sharing such beautiful information!!!

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