Monday, September 1, 2014

Hair Care Review: Tsubaki Hair Oil

Want to know my secret to smooth silky radiant hair?


As most of you already know, I have waist-length hair right now, and that is pretty long as many have told me. I wouldn't say it is easy to maintain. But it does helps that I don't have curls as that would be even more tedious to care for.

I don't really visit the hair salons often either as its not really cheap for my hair length and my finances are really tight to be spending so much on maintaining my hair. My daily hair care would be just normal off the rack Shampoo and Conditioner. But my hair is pretty dry (especially the ends since nutrients probably are not able to flow through to the end since its quite long) due to bleaching and hair dyes and on bad hair days, my hair would be dull and lifeless and I'll be so frustrated I'll just tie it up.

Was introduce to try the Tsubaki Hair Oil and was pretty skeptical about using it at first as I don't really like the idea of putting oil on my hair as I dread the oily greasy feeling and it will usually make my hair super FLAT. And past experience of applying some other Hair Oil product had really turn me off especially the bad smell which I really dread.

BUT...... Tsubaki Hair Oil has totally proved me wrong!!

It DOES NOT have the OILY after feel
It DOES NOT make my hands feel OILY after applying
It DOES NOT make my hair FLAT

Aside from that, it leave my hair feeling SMOOTH and LESS FRIZZY!

Feel really lucky to be one of the first few people in Singapore selected to try it!!

Before Application & After Application
I've used it for 3 days now and I can feel that my hair is really less frizzy now with lesser tangles~
Love My Hair Sooooo Much Now!! =)

Some information about the Tsubaki Hair Oil

• Formulated with high concentration of selected camellia oil to deeply protect , moisturise and repair your hair, resulting in a luxurious shine
• Instantly penetrates hair upon application without feeling greasy or sticky and gives a silky smooth finish .
• Protects your hair from damage by UV rays and heat from hair dryers (or other styling equipment), while preventing split ends and hair breakage
• Elegant and indulgent scent of floral and green fruity notes

How To Apply?

 Step 1: Towel Dry Your Hair after Bathing

Step 2: Drip a few drops of Tsubaki Hair Oil on your palm to form the size of a 20cents coin

 Step 3: Rub your palms together to spread evenly

 Step 4: Apply on hair starting from the very ends and work it through evenly

And you're done! =) Easy, simple and fast!
And say HELLO to my Smooth Silky Hair!~

How to apply evenly
To prevent irregular application, spread half the appropriate amount (about 20 - cent coin size for mid - length hair) onto the palms and work through the hair. Then, spread the second half onto the palms and focus on areas that require extra application

How to prevent flat hair 
(Particularly recommendable to those who have soft and fine hair)
Refrain from applying large amount inappropriately and unevenly. Start application from the damaged tips and gradually work upwards to the roots to avoid flat hair

How to reduce volume or prevent dry hair 
(Particularly recommendable to those who have thick and voluminous hair) 
Apply an appropriate amount to wet hair and dry it with a hair dryer. Then, spread a small amount onto the palms and apply on bottom half of the hair to reduce the volum

Where to Buy?
It will be exclusively available at Watsons from 11th September 2014 onwards!! GRAB YOURS FAST~

$26.90 per 60ml Bottle


There is going to be a FACEBOOK CONTEST scheduled to be live this Friday, 12th September 2014!!!

All you have to do is the following 2 steps to stand a chance to win the new Tsubaki Hair Oil for yourself and 2 of your friends!

1) Like "Tsubaki Singapore" Facebook Page
2) Share the post and tag 2 of your friends

Its That SIMPLE!!

GOOD LUCK Everyone!! =)

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