Friday, September 19, 2014

Skin Care Review: Hada Labo Sha Hydrating Lotion

Had wanted to buy it at the retail store to try as it seems good and there very many reviews about how good it is! Also it is sold in most places and I see it all the time, making me more tempted to buy it to try. But Thank God for SampleStore that I manage to try the sample and realize its not suitable for me. Thus I would not be wasting money to buy it. 

 Its suppose to leave a non-sticky feeling, but somehow my skin felt sticky after application and I didnt like the after-feel. On top of that my face didnt feel really moisturize either. I have combination skin, and my skin surface is really dry so I can tell it did not make much of a difference, plus beneathe my skin is oily, so after applying I felt like my pores are clogged and sticky and couldnt really breathe. I tried it for a week, and had some outbreaks as well. Probably suitable for others, but I guess its not suitable for me. :(

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