Wednesday, September 17, 2014

♥ First Birthday As Mrs Peh!


Honestly, there is no major difference before and after marriage. Life still goes on, we still are sweet and loving as before, we still eat and live together. Only minor difference is that my family have extended as I now have parents and sister in-laws, and I'm now known as Mrs Peh rather than just Miss Chan.

First birthday as Mrs Peh...... Hmm....Well..... I would say...... NOTHING fantastic. haha!! Thats because we are both soooooo BROKE after our solemnization so he says his gift to me is the proposal ring he gave me as well as HIMSELF as my Husband! Haha!

No major celebration this year!! (just like almost every other year except my 21st birthday which I organized for myself which is pretty saddening and pathetic. yea thats my sad life. No friends No celebration. I guess I'm somewhat use to it though I still hope that some day someone is going to be sucha good friend to SURPRISE ME. Haaa~)

Ok period. Enough about my pathetic life.

Back to topic.

Been sick the entire weekend and staying home since Friday night. Really hate being sick especially on my birthday! Slept late the night before as I was busy replying 'Thank You' to my sweet friends who bother to drop me messages in facebook and private chats. Went to sleep and woke up just like any other day, and went to my cousin's place for their new born baby shower~ Sucha cute boy! Hope my future kid would be just like him. Obedient and cute and doesnt wake up and cry at night!! Wonderful isnt it? :)

And a sweeeeet cousin-inlaw, Martha (to be more accurate it should be my cousins's wife's sister), gave me my first present for the year! Thanks sweety!! :)

Spend the rest of the afternoon just chilling at my cousin's place catching up a little with my cousins and relatives and in the evening, we left his place to head to Bugis. Walked around abit while waiting for my parents and brother before we have dinner at Ma Maison. Before which while we were chilling at BOOST, my silly hubby sneak out to get a cute Hello Kitty Tiramisu Cake to surprise me!! Its really super yummy and cute!! (You can find it at BreadTalk!!) Really thanks much for the effort! I know its not easy to surprise me since you are by my side almost all the time!! Thanks Hubby!! ♥ LOVE YOU! :)

At Ma Maison, Food is good as always! Totally love thier Escargot which to me is a MUST HAVE everytime I eat there. Simple birthday dinner with my hubby, parents and lil bro! Thanks Mummy and Daddy for bringing me into this world on this day 27 years ago, raising me up to be who I am today, providing for me, and supporting me!! No need for gifts or presents from you both (Mummy and Daddy) cause you both have already done so much for me that no other presents can replace what you have given me!! Thanks and I Love You Both So much!! ♡♡♡

After dinner, decided to head home since I wasnt feeling well.

Went home and I was greeted by a sweet and super cute present sitting on our bed from my in-laws!! Its a Limited Edition Hello Kitty Thermal Lunch Box!! Super LOVE it!! Thanks Mum, Dad and Meimei!~ LOVE ALL OF YOU!! 

And when I went back to work, my sweeeet colleague aka Hello Kitty Buddy, May, surprise me with a gift as well!! Thanks lovely!~ All my fave snacks and a super cute hello kitty non-slip mat for my car!! Yay~ More hello kitty added to collection~

Really appreciate those who remembers my birthday and bother to drop me messages, wishes, greetings, ecards, and cute birthday photo greetings. Thanks everyone for your well wishes and blessings.

So there you have it, my boring Birthday this year! Haha!

Sorry for such a boring post, but its mandatory I post about my birthday in blog for memory sake despite how boring it is!

Nonetheless if you manage to read til this line, THANKS SO MUCH for reading my blog, and following up on my life! Appreciate all your care, concern and interest about me! LOVE ALL OF YOU!!

I will continue to blog more and include more interesting and useful post for you!! (*^.^*)

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