Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fruitful Happy day!

Been having a rough and bad week. Nothing seem to be going right.

Traffic jams in the morning. Sick and headache and a bad flu through the week. Disappointments at work. Quarrels. Etc etc.

I was soooo down and emofied that I really wish I can vanish into thin air.

But Im really glad that my week ended pretty well. =)

Just an update!

Friday 5August2011
Met up with dearest Jen and Liangching for dinner after a long stressful angst day at work. Was suppose to drop by my ex-office to say Hello to my ex-colleagues and pick them both up before we head out. But alas I was caught up in a super impromptu meeting at work that started at 5.10pm (20mins before Knockoff time on a FRIDAY evening). and ended at 6.40pm! =( *sulks* And so I was late and ended up meeting them directly at Takashimaya instead! Headed to Pepes Restaurant (Indonesian food) for our dinner. Catching up with them over our yummylicious dinner totally made me forget my whole day of stress and unhappiness! After dinner, we decided to head over to Dempsey Road. Wanted to find a place to chill, but everywhere was packed and we decided on Dome instead. =) The night was fun with phototaking, chit-chatting and gossiping. After which send them back home and headed over to Bf's place. At night head out for supper at Changi Airport as Bf was feeling hungry.

Saturday 6August2011
Woke up and head out for brunch before going back home to rest and prep to go for dinner at Swissotel Merchant Court to celebrate his aunt and dad's birthday with this family and relatives. After dinner head home to change we head to ECP to relax with Yiu. Later on decided to head to Cineleisure to catch a midnight movie, Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Super duper awesome and meaningful show! Personally i feel that it is a very recommended show! It shows that even animals have a conscience, compassion and faithfulness. :)

Sunday 7August2011 (Today!~)
Woke up pretty late since we only reach home after the movie at about 5am! Washed up and headed back to my house to pick Muffin up before we head to ECP for our brunch at Old Town White Coffee! After brunch walked my dearest Muffin with my baby dearest! =) After the stroll, send bf home before coming home to bath Muffin. After which decided to wash the toilet and take a shower myself. Then it was back to kdrama relax time! =)

I truly hope tomorrow and my week ahead would be much better than last week. *prays* Anyway stay tuned for more updates! I'll be playing around with my new toy! Hopefully able to snap some nice photos! =)

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