Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spring-Cleaning 2011!

Its time for Spring Cleaning AGAIN!

Gosh im soooooooooooo exhausted and beat. Spend my weekends cleaning my room, packing up, throwing stuff away, cleaning the windows and grills, cleaning the kitchen cabinets, cleaning the doors, vacuuming the floor, ceiling and walls, washing the bedsheets, washing my new clothes, etc.

*faints* i just wanna collapse on bed now! and my hands are all wrinkled from all the washing! *yawns*

gonna turn in early tonight! still gotta head to work tomorrow~

ciao for now peeps! hope you girls and guys enjoyed your spring cleaning weekends too! Haa! =p

Random Pressie for him! Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey!

since he's been sweet these days, i decided to get him a random pressie~ =)


With Love~ ♥ Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey! =)

Smells Yummy~ hehe! =P Seriously, although this perfume for Men has been on the shelf for a long time, its still 1 one of few nicer and more popular ones that both guys and ladies fancy~

So, if you're thinking of getting perfume for your other half (Bf or Hubby), you may wanna consider the following few Brands! I gathered comments and feedbacks over these few years, and these are the Top 5 more widely used ones! Of cuz, it smells really good! And these are also the few that i personally like alot! =)
(these are only those i gathered from the people around me. it may varies with individual preference. please note these are not ranked in order!)

1. Hugo Boss In Motion
2. Davidoff Cool Water
3. CK Eternity for Men
4. Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey
5. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Year of the Rabbit is approaching~

Its gonna be my year again! Yeap im born in the year of the Rabbit~ *hop hop hop*

Anyway that means that Chinese New Year is approaching! Time for shopping and splurging! New clothes, new shoes, new lingeries, new bags, new wallet, new toothbrush, new everything~ Without a doubt, i did my share of shopping and splurging as well! Only this year i didnt have to do alot of last minute shopping as most of my shopping had been done over the past few months! I still have quite a number of dresses and clothes and even shoes that are new! Only a few more items i needed before im done!

And over the last few days and a week before, thats just what i did. I went to shop for 1 more new bandage dress from Topshop (sponsored by Mr Bf), a new pair of pumps (sponsored by Mr Bf), 1 blazer from G2000 (short version of a trench coat, i totally LOVE this. Pretty!), 2 simple yet really sweet t-shirts that i totally love (from some random pushcart), and a new wallet from LV!

Yay~ And i did the Hotstamping of my initial~ =)

Finally gotten myself a new wallet! been wanting to get 1 for the longest time! more than a year i suppose! yea i didnt get a new wallet last year~

last few months i've already gotten 3 maxi dresses, 1 pullover, 1 skirt (pressie from adel), 2 dress, 1 shorts, 1 top, and a couple more stuff i dont even remember~

now i just need a new bag, a new pair of sandals, probably 1 proper black blazer, and probably a couple more items would do! =)

Anyway apologize for the long wait for my updates! Last few weeks i had been pretty busy! here's a brief list of stuff i did over the last weeks.

1. Mahjong session at my place with my lovely colleagues (Jen, Peggs, TLC)
2. Mahjong session with Bf and his friends
3. Shopping with Bro at Orchard ION
4. Shopping with Bf and his family at Tampines mall, PS and TampinesOne
5. Salsa lessons (sadly my Intermediate 1 last lesson was on Monday~)
6. Rain jie birthday surprise dinner at Sushi Tei (will blog a seperate post with photos about this soon!)
7. Spring-cleaning my messy room
8. Reading a really good old book (Memoirs of a Geisha)
9. Spending time with Muffin dearest
10. Attended Vivian (Bf's cousin) BBQ birthday party
11. Dinner Treat from Me to Bf @ Irodori Japanese Restaurant (Riverview Hotel)

Oh! and on top of just buying clothes and all, Bf bought me a new Hello Kitty Laptop Cooler, and i bought my favourite Reese Peanut Buttercup Chocs! Yum!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy and Satisfied ME!

Been craving for Gelare Waffles with Ice Cream again, but as BF was sick and wasnt feeling too well the last few days, we couldnt eat it and thus i had to 'Tahan' til he was better! Finally today, we decided to head to Downtown East! First we head for dinner at BBQ Chicken. Its a Korean No.1 chicken restuarant! Haha! And so being a Korean fan, we decided to give it a try~ Yum! the food is pretty good, but the service not very fantastic. Oh well. all the young student, what can we expect~ I was hoping the waiter and waitress would all be Korean! Hehe! =p But nonetheless, we ate til we were soooo full i almost wanted to puke!

(Click on Picture to Link to website for a peek at thier menu! =))

But since our main purpose for heading to Downtown East was to satisfy my craving, we were determined to eat it no matter how full we are! And off to Gelare we went! Thank GOD we were just on time! In fact we're the 2nd last customer before they closed for the day and stop all orders! Phew~ Ordered the regular Waffles with 2 scoops of Ice cream, Chocolate Overload and Mocha Chips, with my favourite Maple Syrup and Whipped Cream!! YUM! Gelare has always been my favourite dessert place, and has NEVER ever go wrong for me! =) Definitely the Best place for Waffles with Ice cream ever on earth! (or at least to me~! hehe!) That explains why i ALWAYS have cravings for it! Hehe!

(Click on Picture to Link to their website for more info IF you've not heard of them, which i hope NOT! =p)


After eating i was so full i really felt like puking and definitely want to sleep right away! Bf send me back home, i washed up and head to bed to rest awhile, played some games on my iPhone before i finally knocked out for the night~ =)

Nights World!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Countdown Dinner Party @ Hilton Hotel Ballroom

On the last day of the year 2010, attended a countdown dinner party at Hilton hotel ballroom with BF and his family. It was a party organized by the Chao Yang Association. There were food of course, performance, some talk, games, and of cuz the countdown party! Everyone, the young and even the old were all dancing, fooling around and teasing everyone. It was pretty rowdy with everyone screaming, shouting, singing, blowing of whistles and als the sound of party poppers and loud music played!

Pretty fun i would say, and of cuz everyone was excited to win the lucky draw dip! I personally didnt win anything, but his family won themselves shopping vouchers and a digital camera! How lucky is that! Hehe!

After the party it was already 12plus nearing to 1am, i was of cuz sleepy but yet excited that its already the year 2011 at that very point of time! But alas upon reaching home, i washed up and was the first to head to bed and knocked out! Toooo tired to do anything else~ =p Thats how i spend my last day and last moments of year 2010, and the first day and first moments of year 2011~ =)

Below are some of the photos taken! I'll just let the photos do the talking! =)

Camwhoring at home before heading out~

Bf and Me. Camwhoring before event start as we were too bored! =p

In the ballroom~ Party~

Us and his family~ =)
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