Friday, September 24, 2010

Special Special Thanks!!

YES, you didnt see wrongly. NO, i didnt have any typo errors~

i had intentionally typed SPECIAL twice!

although i know i had already thank my COT and friends for my belated birthday dinner at Watami Restaurant, but here aside from just thanking the 6 of them, which i already did, i wanna extend my special special Thanks to my very lovely Da Jie, Jerrain!

Its only after i read her blog that i learnt of how much effort and time was put in to plan for my surprise dinner! Indeed it hadnt been easy~ Thanks for not throwing in the towel in the end, and making it so wonderful and memorable for me! =)

we didnt tk much photos together tt day. thus this is the ONLY pict i found in my camera tt is taken of only the both of us! haha! i love it still cuz we both look so happy! =)

Thus THANKS THANKS THANKS! =) 好感动!!真的哦!! =)

BIG HUGS to you! Loves~ ♥

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