Sunday, September 19, 2010

im a very happy and blessed girl this year!

just when i tot each year of my life is getting from bad to worse, this year has been totally amazing!

aside from all the lovely birthday wishes i received, the pressie from MingYueh sis, the surprises from my BF, the effort and time from Caelyn, the wonderful meals with my colleagues, BF's family and my family, and the lil gift from my bro, YESTERDAY came another surprise from my lovely university classmates and friends (namely, Jerrain, Fion, Mike, Jenny, Glenn, and Cheryl)!!

Well, yesterday cabbed down to The Central @ Clarkquay to meet up with Jerrain and Fion as planned a couple of days back. As i wasnt able to meet them up the week before on my birthday, thus they had planned a dinner with me.

Was pretty annoyed initally as they were late, and i dread having to wait around alone for people, considering i had waited and waited for people over the weeks and even the day before for almost 2 hours! Was ranting about it non-stop but was soon over with it when Fion arrived to meet me first and we head up to Watami Restaurant as Jerrain had already made reservations there for us. I was kinda shocked when i learnt that she had booked us the VIP room which could hold up to 6-7 pax. But didnt think much about it as i thought she just like to have a personal room for ourselves to bitch around! Soon she came and we happily bitch around, took photos and started ordering some food. I didnt even suspect anything was amissed! Then suddenly the waitress knocked on our door and asked if this was Jerrain's room, after she said Yes, the door opened wider and Mike, Glenn and Cheryl popped in! *jawdrop* i was so shock til i was totally speechless! my only response was " Oh My God! "

at that very moment i was really really very touched!! they had all planned it really well and made lotsa effort to not even let me feel anything was wrong! how sweet and thoughtful!! we then started ordering more food til our whole table was full~ Jenny popped in awhile late due to the bad traffic and full parking! And poor girl even had to park her car VERY far away and walked all the way to find us! gosh~ so very very touched!!

That alone wasnt all! they even surprised me with a very pretty and yummylicious Strawberry Icecream Birthday cake from Marble Slab Creamery! How SWEET!! *melts* And i totally LOVE how they sang me the birthday song and kept snapping photos of me, making me feel like some sort of a superstar at that very moment!! =p hehe!

THANKS all!! really appreciate it! Love you all!!! =)

Im a very very HAPPY girl yesterday! REALLY! so thankful for friends like you guys around me!

i had thought my birthday this year is already pretty awesome, but now its even better, even more perfect! I didnt expect or need expensive or thoughtless presents. For me, its simple, I LOVE surprises, i love little efforts and thoughts, i love having my love ones and good friends being with me during my special days, and ALL my wishes last year really came true this year! Sunflowers, Cakes, Family, Good Friends, and BF. All of them bring present this year with me, is already in itself a very memorable present for me to last me this lifetime ! =)

No spectacular party or celebration. Just simple dinners and meals with all my close ones!

AGAIN, before i end this post and put a final close to my 23rd birthday this year, here's Special THANKS to my BF for the pretty sunflowers and yummy birthday cake, to BF's family for the bday dinner treat, to Caelyn for accompanying me and co...ming down all the way from the north to the east to have dinner and a nice stroll by the park, to my lovely colleagues namely Michelle, Essie and Yiwei for the bday lunch treat at Swenson, to MingYueh for the birthday pressie that nv fails to arrive when its my bday every year, to my wonderful university classmates and friends namely Jerrain, Fion, Mike, Jenny, Glenn and Cheryl for the well planned surprise, yummy dinner at Watami Restaurant, and surprise strawberry icecream birthday cake, to my Family whom i love so dearly for everything and also for my fave dinner at Sushi Tei!

Feeling blessed and loved!! ♥♥♥

(Post incomplete! Will upload the photos soon after i gotten the rest from them! My camera dont have all the photos!)



Just a short review about Watami Restaurant!
The place is awesome! But reservations MUST be made early, espcially on Weekends! Else it is FULLY booked! i personally went to the outlet at ION for lunch with Valenz a few months back, and already thought the food is pretty good. This time round i get to have a proper dinner with lotsa varieties! And i must say the food is AWESOME! tasty and the sashimis are fresh! As we were in the VIP rooms, i not too sure about the open dining area and layout. The VIP room is quite nice, rather sound proof, and can seat up to 6-7pax on a round table. Only thing about the place is probably the service. As they are tooo busy, their service aint exactly fantastic, which made a few of us pretty upset! Good thing they have a wireless bell to press in the room, else we would really go crazy! haha! They let a new trainee staff serve the VIP room which i felt was kind of a bad move since they dont know the menu and stuff well. But a few of the older staff are quite alright. So i guess they probably just need to improve on that abit and be careful not to allow new staff to serve the VIP rooms!!

Overall i would say its a good place which serves nice food at reasonable prices! Recommended!!! =)

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