Thursday, August 26, 2010

3 consecutive days of 4 different cakes!

Monday had a birthday celebration for the August birthday baby, Shelly, in office, had Fruit Cake from Sun Moulin!
Tuesday had a belated birthday celebration for our bis boss cum MD in office, had Chocolate Cake from Sun Moulin!
Wednesday, yesterday had a farewell session for 1 of our colleague, Tomoko, who would be moving over to Australia, had Cheesecake baked by 1 of my colleague, Nathan!
Wednesday, yesterday, went to Moses’s (bf’s lil bro) birthday BBQ party, had Tiramisu Cake from Bakerzin!

These 3 cakes are taken in office! i dont have any pict of the tiramisu cake at moses bday though. =p

Gosh! Im so fat now! Seriously!! I cant even fit into my skirt! Sigh! I have to cut down on supper and cakes!

Talking about supper, I had very late dinner the last few days, and supper! ARGH~

Tuesday after work, went for my waxing appointment at Blush. After which went to Bugis to meet Bf. Shopped for his bro’s birthday present and also for a card for my colleague. After which we head to Sim Lim to meet his friend to pass something before we walk over to The Verge to buy some stuff and took a long bus ride home. Upon reaching home we laze around and watch TV before he fetch me back to my place. Before which we stopped by Raimah Eating House near my place for dinner cum supper. Had Pratas, Mee goreng, and Maggi goreng! Fattening!! At that time its already 11+pm! After dinner head home, wash up and I went to sleep with a very full stomach!

Yesterday as mentioned, was Moses’s birthday BBQ over at my bf’s place. We ate til about 11+ before we went home to wash up. By the time I blow dry my hair is was already 12+ and I believe I slept at about 1 or 1+! =(


As for today, again I dragged myself outta bed. And as I was tired I decided to just take the bus to work from his place instead of changing from bus to train. End up the stupid bus came late and I was late for work again even though I left home very much earlier than always! *sulks* And I didn’t get to go buy breakfast! Hungry Hungry! But glad my morning bus ride bump into his cousin’s cousin, Cyndi! Chatted throughout the bus ride again, just like Monday, and thus the journey wasn’t so boring and seemed faster! =p And thankfully I’ll be meeting her for lunch later at The Soup Spoon! Yay! *yummy! =)

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