Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Winter Wear Shopping~

after work today, met up with Rain Da jie and we head to Centerpoint to shop for her winter wear. headed straight to the shop and we spend quite awhile in it. she bought her jacket, gloves, hat, and etc. and she was so sweet as she decided to buy me a winter jacket too! =) THANKS so much Da Jie! love it and love you to bits! hehe! cant wait to use it on my next trip to a winter country! hehe! =)

pls just focus on the jacket and not my face, i know i look horribly haggard! =(

after which we walked to Heeren in search for food. But nothing looks appetizing to us. and so we head to KFC at 313 for dinner instead. chatted for awhile before i walk her back to Centerpoint where she park her car. took photos there with her before i left. (sadly i dont hv the photos yet, and anyway i look awful in them! dont look photogenic these days due to dark circles and huge eye bags!! lack of sleep as i've been watching my dramas til late at night again. 3am sleep. 7.45am wake up for work. yawns!)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September Babies In Office!

I shall just let the photos do the talking! =)

The Yummy Cake from Awfuly Chocolate!

The September Babies! Jacintha, Essie, Stephanie and Me!

Opening our pressies~ =)

My Pressie and Card!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lazy weekend~

had a very very lazy weekend. i didnt even wanna move my lazy bones! and my body was giving lotsa wierd 'old people' problems~ back aches, feet aches, stomach cramps. -.-"

friday night after work went to to AMK hub to meet him before we head to Parkway to have dinner and window shopping. After which we head home to start 'nua-ing'. we watched our dramas, after which he watch his soccer while i watch my korean dramas~

saturday, yesterday woke up and laze at home the whole day~ ordered Pasta Mania home delivery! we were so lazy to even go out at all! had our dinner at home and watch tv the whole day til night.

sunday, today woke up in the morning and we head to Tampines Mall with his family to watch the movie, 'Love Cuts'. Its basically a movie that promotes awareness of breast cancer, and to share about what happens and goes on in these patient's personal and family life. And it is to encourage these people on how to handle such situations and such. Quite a touching movie i would say. I would give it 3/5 popcorns. reason being im not a big fan of local actors / actress nor their productions.

after the movie, we head home and rested at home the whole day. at night we went to the airport to have dinner at Crystal Jade Shanghai Kitchen, before he send me home. =)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Special Special Thanks!!

YES, you didnt see wrongly. NO, i didnt have any typo errors~

i had intentionally typed SPECIAL twice!

although i know i had already thank my COT and friends for my belated birthday dinner at Watami Restaurant, but here aside from just thanking the 6 of them, which i already did, i wanna extend my special special Thanks to my very lovely Da Jie, Jerrain!

Its only after i read her blog that i learnt of how much effort and time was put in to plan for my surprise dinner! Indeed it hadnt been easy~ Thanks for not throwing in the towel in the end, and making it so wonderful and memorable for me! =)

we didnt tk much photos together tt day. thus this is the ONLY pict i found in my camera tt is taken of only the both of us! haha! i love it still cuz we both look so happy! =)

Thus THANKS THANKS THANKS! =) 好感动!!真的哦!! =)

BIG HUGS to you! Loves~ ♥

Thursday, September 23, 2010

[Lee Min Ho] Binggrae Banana Milk CF

Haha this is so cute! Lee Min Ho is sooooo charming and cute! Gosh! lOL! wonder how much they paid him to dance like that! hehe! =p

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lee Min Ho - My Everything ♥

이 세상 말로는 표현할수가 없어
ee sesang malroneun pyo hyeon harsu ga obseo
갈수록 벅차오르는 너를 향한 내마음
kalsu reok beok cha eo reu neun neo reul hyang han nae ma eum
이 세상 샘으로 헤아릴 수가 없어
ee sesang saem eu reo he ah rir seu ga obseo
더 해도 더해만 가는 끝없는 내사랑
deo hae do deo hae man ga neun kkeutt obsneun nae sarang
그 누구도
keu nu gu deo
너 만큼 날 웃게 나를 울게한 사람 없었어
neo mankeum nal uttkae nareul ulkkae han saram obsseosseo
나 답진 않지만
na dabjin anhjiman

*) 오직 너하나만 보고 듣고 싶은 걸
eo jik neo ha na man bogo deutkeo shippeun geol
내 안에 너를 살게 하고 싶은 걸
nae anae neoreul salkkae hageo shippeun geol
날 바라봐
nal barabwa
나의 품으로 와 you’re my every
naui peum euro wa you’re my every
my everything
you’re my everything
love for you

언제나 너에게 이겨본 적이 없어
eonjaena noege ikyo beon jeoki obseo
사랑에 지면 질 수록 내 가슴은 행복해
saranghae jimyeon jil seureok nae kaseumeun haengbokhae
널 향한 사랑에 유효기간이 없어
Neol hyanghan saranghae yoo hyeogi kani obseo
만약에 있다고 해도 만년일 테니까
Manyagae ittageo haedo mannyeonil ttenikka
힘겨워도 내곁에 있어줘
Himgyeowodo naegyeottae isseojwo
나의 전부를 다
Naui jeonbureul da
잃는다 해도 널 지켜줄꺼야
Irhneun da haedo neol jikkyo jeul kkoya

*)오직 너하나만 보고 듣고 싶은 걸
eo jik neo ha na man bogo deutkeo shipeun geol
내 안에 너를 살게 하고 싶은 걸
nae anae neoreul salkkae hageo shippeun geol
날 바라봐
nal barabwa
나의 품으로 와 you’re my every
my everything
you’re my everything
love for you

I wanna be everything

오직 내 가슴속 주인은 너뿐인걸
eo jik nae kaseumseok juineun neoppeun ingeol
나에겐 처음이자 마지막인걸
naegaen choeum ija majimak in geol
널 불러봐 숨쉴때마다 널
neol bulreobwa seumsuirttaemada neol
you’re my every
my everything
you’re my everything
love for you

i love you
you’re my everything..

[Translated English Meaning as below]

I can’t express with words on earth
My heart toward you overflowering more and more
I can’t estimate with worldly counting
My endless love grows deeper and deeper
has made me laugh and cry as you have done
It’s not like me

I wanna see only you and hear you only
I wanna let you live within me
Look at me
Come to my arms you’re my every
my everything
You’re my everything
love for you

I haven’t won you always
My heart is happy the more I lost in your love
There’s no expiration date for my love for you
If there’s any, it would be 10,000 years
Stay by my side if you feel hard
If I ever lose my everything
I will protect you

I wanna see only you and hear you only
I wanna let you live within me
Look at me
Come to my arms you’re my every
my everything
You’re my everything
love for you

**Only you are the owner of my heart
You are my first, my last thing
I call out your name whenever I breathe
you’re my every
my everything
You’re my everything
love for you
I love you
You’re my everything

Sunday, September 19, 2010

im a very happy and blessed girl this year!

just when i tot each year of my life is getting from bad to worse, this year has been totally amazing!

aside from all the lovely birthday wishes i received, the pressie from MingYueh sis, the surprises from my BF, the effort and time from Caelyn, the wonderful meals with my colleagues, BF's family and my family, and the lil gift from my bro, YESTERDAY came another surprise from my lovely university classmates and friends (namely, Jerrain, Fion, Mike, Jenny, Glenn, and Cheryl)!!

Well, yesterday cabbed down to The Central @ Clarkquay to meet up with Jerrain and Fion as planned a couple of days back. As i wasnt able to meet them up the week before on my birthday, thus they had planned a dinner with me.

Was pretty annoyed initally as they were late, and i dread having to wait around alone for people, considering i had waited and waited for people over the weeks and even the day before for almost 2 hours! Was ranting about it non-stop but was soon over with it when Fion arrived to meet me first and we head up to Watami Restaurant as Jerrain had already made reservations there for us. I was kinda shocked when i learnt that she had booked us the VIP room which could hold up to 6-7 pax. But didnt think much about it as i thought she just like to have a personal room for ourselves to bitch around! Soon she came and we happily bitch around, took photos and started ordering some food. I didnt even suspect anything was amissed! Then suddenly the waitress knocked on our door and asked if this was Jerrain's room, after she said Yes, the door opened wider and Mike, Glenn and Cheryl popped in! *jawdrop* i was so shock til i was totally speechless! my only response was " Oh My God! "

at that very moment i was really really very touched!! they had all planned it really well and made lotsa effort to not even let me feel anything was wrong! how sweet and thoughtful!! we then started ordering more food til our whole table was full~ Jenny popped in awhile late due to the bad traffic and full parking! And poor girl even had to park her car VERY far away and walked all the way to find us! gosh~ so very very touched!!

That alone wasnt all! they even surprised me with a very pretty and yummylicious Strawberry Icecream Birthday cake from Marble Slab Creamery! How SWEET!! *melts* And i totally LOVE how they sang me the birthday song and kept snapping photos of me, making me feel like some sort of a superstar at that very moment!! =p hehe!

THANKS all!! really appreciate it! Love you all!!! =)

Im a very very HAPPY girl yesterday! REALLY! so thankful for friends like you guys around me!

i had thought my birthday this year is already pretty awesome, but now its even better, even more perfect! I didnt expect or need expensive or thoughtless presents. For me, its simple, I LOVE surprises, i love little efforts and thoughts, i love having my love ones and good friends being with me during my special days, and ALL my wishes last year really came true this year! Sunflowers, Cakes, Family, Good Friends, and BF. All of them bring present this year with me, is already in itself a very memorable present for me to last me this lifetime ! =)

No spectacular party or celebration. Just simple dinners and meals with all my close ones!

AGAIN, before i end this post and put a final close to my 23rd birthday this year, here's Special THANKS to my BF for the pretty sunflowers and yummy birthday cake, to BF's family for the bday dinner treat, to Caelyn for accompanying me and co...ming down all the way from the north to the east to have dinner and a nice stroll by the park, to my lovely colleagues namely Michelle, Essie and Yiwei for the bday lunch treat at Swenson, to MingYueh for the birthday pressie that nv fails to arrive when its my bday every year, to my wonderful university classmates and friends namely Jerrain, Fion, Mike, Jenny, Glenn and Cheryl for the well planned surprise, yummy dinner at Watami Restaurant, and surprise strawberry icecream birthday cake, to my Family whom i love so dearly for everything and also for my fave dinner at Sushi Tei!

Feeling blessed and loved!! ♥♥♥

(Post incomplete! Will upload the photos soon after i gotten the rest from them! My camera dont have all the photos!)



Just a short review about Watami Restaurant!
The place is awesome! But reservations MUST be made early, espcially on Weekends! Else it is FULLY booked! i personally went to the outlet at ION for lunch with Valenz a few months back, and already thought the food is pretty good. This time round i get to have a proper dinner with lotsa varieties! And i must say the food is AWESOME! tasty and the sashimis are fresh! As we were in the VIP rooms, i not too sure about the open dining area and layout. The VIP room is quite nice, rather sound proof, and can seat up to 6-7pax on a round table. Only thing about the place is probably the service. As they are tooo busy, their service aint exactly fantastic, which made a few of us pretty upset! Good thing they have a wireless bell to press in the room, else we would really go crazy! haha! They let a new trainee staff serve the VIP room which i felt was kind of a bad move since they dont know the menu and stuff well. But a few of the older staff are quite alright. So i guess they probably just need to improve on that abit and be careful not to allow new staff to serve the VIP rooms!!

Overall i would say its a good place which serves nice food at reasonable prices! Recommended!!! =)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Advertorial: Miracle Magic Slimming Belt

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Why use Miracle Magic Slimming Belt?

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Product Description

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This effectively produces relaxation for the vulscular muscles, expanding capillary microcirculation, and strengthening blood vessels active substances within the release of biological molecules to activate the human body and hence improve metabolism rate and reduces excess body fats.

Product Capabilities

To promote healthy metabolism rate, improves blood circulation, regulate the nervous system, endocrine activation, relieving and smoothening body and back aches, eliminate fatigue, burning of excess fats to acheive healthier body weight and shapely curves.

Who should use this Belt?

Suitable for post pregnency mothers to lose excess fats, old aged people with cold-chilly body, backaches, cold feet, individuals who would like to remove excess fats and increase flow of metabolic rate and improved blood circulation.

How to use Miracle Magic Slimming Belt?

Spray or sprinkle some clean water on the belt's heating magnetic area. Wrap the belt closely around the waist/arms/legs area, and ensure that there is no gaps. There must be direct contact with the belt heating area to the surface of the skin. After 5-15mins, a burning sensation would be felt, that is when the fats molecules in our body is shrinking and vibrating. Remove belt once you experience burning sensation. It is normal to feel the burning sensation even after you remove the belt, as the burning of fats is still valid even after removal. Recommendate to use twice a day to achieve optimum results.

Product Maintainence

Only use water to clean product with cloth. Soap or washing powder is strictly not allowed.


There is NO side effects and NO damage to the skin. Slight reddness of skin due to the burning of fats is a normal phenomenon which will go away in a few hours. Avoid direct contact to the eyes.

Online Promotion Price: $288. Retail Price: $388. Simply drop a comment here or email me at to Order now!! Just quote the item name and quantity with your contact details and we shall proceed to deal from there. Thanks!!


Dear all lovely readers, please NOTE that i've added a new page Sales , which can be found on the above tabs! Do check it out for cool and awesome deals which i may post up and add on anytime!! Thanks!!

Do support yea! =)

loves, Yuriko

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

23rd Birthday Dinner with Love Ones!

As mentioned in previous post, after work met up with BF and he brought me to get my birthday cake for me! After which we went over to ECP Sushi Tei for meet my family. Had our dinner and had a lil cutting of cake celebration!

Simple dinner.Simple cutting of cake. but the warmth of just having them with me on this special day is enough. =)

Thanks BF for the cake, Thanks to my family for the dinner filled with warmth, Thanks to my Lil Bro for the lil gift he made! =D

My 23rd Birthday Cake from BF. Choc Truffle from Prima Deli!

Yours Truly happily cutting my cake!

With BF

With my Family

Happy AWESOME 23rd Birthday to ME!

another year "younger"!! oh great~ haha!

Anyway im so thankful and glad that i aint as disappointed nor upset as i thought i would be!! =)

In fact i'm feeling really happy and hippity-hoppy right now! =)

received more than 300+ (and still counting! hehe!) birthday wishes on my facebook wall, topped with a couple of birthday wishes via SMS, msn, skype and any other ways possible! I feel so blessed suddenly! Many old friends actually remembered my birthday throughout these years of friendship. Even those that aint close rmbrs! It could be due to the help of FB birthday reminder, but nonetheless i appreciate them all for making the effort to send me lovely wishes! =)

On top of that, i received my first ever bouquet of lovely Sunflowers from my BF yesterday! (not the first in my life, but the first from a BF) he really caught me by surprise! As i totally didnt expect it! =) Totally perk me up!! Sunflowers are my favorite! And nothing could be sweeter then having the best of both S! Surprise Sunflowers! hehe!

BF and Me with the lovely bouquet of sunflowers he surprised me with!

arent they gorgeous! =D

And after work yesterday, went to meet up with BF and his family and they brought me to have dinner at Red House Seafood Restaurant~ Dinner was great! Thanks to them for the birthday treat! hee~ after dinner, went back to his place to watch tv for awhile and at 12plus midnight, he brought me out to ECP for my favourite Taiwanese Snowflake Ice~ had the mango plus mango this time! *yummy* =) after which he send me home to rest for the night~

dinner we had at Red House Seafood Restaurant! Drunken Prawns, Bamboo Clam, Kangkong, Stirfried Venison, Black pepper crab, Chilli crab and my fave Fried Buns

Now back at work, and greeted with many lovely wishes from my awesome colleagues! lunch time, my lunch khakis treated me to lunch at Swensons! how sweet of them! Hehe thanks all! =)

Our foodie! 3 of us had the Crayfish Spagetti, 1 Salmon fish, and our ice creams!!
With Michelle, Essie and Yiwei!

My lovely lunch khakis at GMS! =)

Looking forward to having a simple dinner at Sushi Tei tonight with my family~ =)

Gosh feeling so fat, eat eat eat and eat! LOL! =p no wonder they always say 吃是福! which means eat or rather fat tummy is or equates to wealth and happiness! haha!!

Feeling really blessed and loved!!

Thanks to each and everyone of you, thanks to my BF, thanks to his family, thanks to my awesome family, thanks to my friends and most importantly, i want to thank my dearest mummy and daddy for bringing me into this world! =) *hugs*

Monday, September 13, 2010

1 more day.

1 more freaking day. i cant wait for it to get by.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Advanced Birthday meet up with my BFF!

Thanks to my BFF Caelyn for the effort made for me this year! =)

Yesterday, after work i went home and slack around. Later at night, she came down all the way from the north-west to meet up with me at East Coast Park!! SO sweet of her yea! =) We had dinner at Sizzling Hot Plate followed by the yummy Taiwanese Snowflake Ice that i can never get sick or bored of!

Our Foodie!

After which we had our girls heart to heart talk by the beach! Stargazing and enjoying the seabreeze~ The night was just so nice! =) After which at about 1+ we decided its time to leave for home. I fetched her to Eunos as its way easier to fetch a cab there, before i head home myself. =)

Chilling out by the beach!

As for today, went to Somerset to meet her again! We walked and shopped around 313, and Orchard Central, had dinner, and then head over to Taka and Heeren. After which our BF both came and fetch us up from Cineleisure.

with my BFF

After which, BF and me head to Iluma to look for his friends. Played at the arcade til it closed and then we head to Selegie for Soya Beancurd and Youtiao. Chatted for awhile before we head over to Changi Airport to continue chatting and had late supper at McDonalds before heading home to rest for the night.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

7 more days.


7 more days. is it gonna be yet another disappointing birthday this year? feeling depress just thinking about it.

no plans. no holidays. no surprises. no friend.

suddenly feel so lonely.

all the glorious days. gone were those days. gone were the people. gone were the laughters and fun.

why is this happening to me. :(

long waited updates~

im so so so sorry~ i really neglected my blog this time! been toooo lazy to update as i hade been toooo caught up watching and catching up on many Taiwanese dramas! missed out on many nice ones over these last 2 years! And finally i decide to tk time out to watch them alll~ So far over this 1 week i already completed 3 drama series!! YES, 3!! hahaah! i watch them every single day til late night or even morning! And im definitely looking like a panda or walking zombie these days! lack of sleeep and lotsa tearing from the touching scenes that causes my dark circles, eye bags and swollen eyes!~!

Anyway here are the dramas i watched! really old once from 2008~ But they are all really awesome!! And my favourite actor, Ethan Ruan is the lead actor in 2 of the shows! i LOVE~ gosh really wish i can meet him in person this lifetime. wahahaha!

Fated to Love You (命中注定我爱你)

Defeated Queen (败犬女王)

Autumn's Concerto (下一站幸福)

Amongst these 3, my favourite one would be Fated to Love You (命中注定我爱你)! Its like one of the best Taiwanese drama ever! Awesome storyline, charming Ethan, really funny but yet touching! Would really recommend this to everyone who havent watch it! But i believe most should have alrdy watched it! haha! im slow! but its alright! at least i've watched it! =p And im gonna rewatch it again!! =p

Haha! k that aside, a lil update on what i did last week. My memory is really bad and i cant rmbr what i did on which days.So all these updates are not in order.

* had Pizzahut with bf at Suntec
* bowling session with bf and Yiu at ECP Marine Bowl
* Muffin went for full grooming and is bald again!
* bf went for his car photoshoot and the photos are really well taken!
* i finally bought myself a pretty Digital Photo Frame from Phillips. It has 2 different frames for me to change around. Its a kiddy collection. But i think its really cute and i love the PINK frame! so who cares! haha! =p

(photos would be up as soon as im free to watermark them all~)

Monday, September 6, 2010


梁靜茹 - 沒有如果

敗犬女王 (Defeated Queen) OST

如果我說 愛我沒有如果
錯過就過 你是不是會難過

如果我說 愛我沒有如果
還想什么 還怕什么



如果我說 愛我沒有如果

還想什么 還怕什么

Thursday, September 2, 2010


半情歌 - 元若藍

Album: 命中注定我愛你 (Ming Zhong Zhu Ding Wo Ai Ni - Fated to Love You OST)

花 接受凋零
風 接受追尋



你的祝福 一半甜的一半苦的


你的祝福 一半甜的一半苦的

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


我的快樂 - 錦繡二重唱 (Jin Xiu Er Zhong Chang)

Album: 命中注定我愛你 (Ming Zhong Zhu Ding Wo Ai Ni - Fated to Love You OST)

愛了壞了走了 錯了哭了痛了
累了倦了哭了 煩的亂的冷的 都是真的
瘋的想的念的 不安的焦慮的
浮躁的夢過的 擁有的失去的 怎麼忘呢
你坐過的沙發睏了 你愛的音樂停了 我等著你等成了 擺設

我的你的他的 好的壞的難的
灰的藍的黃的 酸的甜的苦的 都還記得
非常想要忘的 絕對不能忘的
我想要還你了 真的不想要了 只得 封了
環島的火車載著我第幾天了 忽然發現這一刻我不想你了

我的快樂 會回來的
只要清楚曾愛得那麼深刻 不追問值不值得
我的快樂 會回來的

我的快樂 會回來的
只要清楚曾愛的那麼深刻 不追問值不值得
我的快樂 會回來的

我的快樂 會回來的
只要清楚曾愛的那麼深刻 不追問值不值得
我的快樂 會回來的

瘋的想的念的 不安的焦慮的
浮躁的夢過的 擁有的失去的 怎麼忘呢
非常想要忘的 絕對不能忘的
我想要還你的 真的不想要了 只得封了
封了... 忘了...
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