Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sick, sick, sick, and very sick!

Havent been so sick for the longest time! And here i am. SICK again! Sigh.

In fact i had been sick for like 2weeks? I was already on 2days MC last week, but even after consuming the medications, the sickness just wont subside and in fact gotten worse! =( *sulks* After much persuasion from my colleagues, i went to consult the doctor a few levels above my office on Thursday.

And after checking, the doctor confirmed that im down with Sinus Infection and Throat Infection! *sulks* Thus was given 7 different types of medication!! YES 7!! of which 2 of it are a 5days course of anitibiotics! Gosh the first time i gotten so many medications in just 1 visit! Even the nurse at the counter was shocked when she was preparing my medication and printing my MC! We both went "Woah" haha! And then she said "Wow i think the doctor really wants you to get well ASAP! haha!" Super scary! really i ate those medications til i feel like puking! its super gross! On top of that 1 of the pill is really huge! Its a good thing i dont have much problems swallowing pills! Else it would really be a torture for me!

Well, and so i gotten 2 days of MC! went back to office after that i proceed to apply for my medical leave. But i only applied for 1.5days as i wanted to complete whatever i had on hand first before i left for home to rest!

Its like a long weekend for me. Only that i dont really get to enjoy, as im feeling sleepy and drowsy everyday after my medications. Sleep Sleep Sleep and More Sleep! thats mostly what i have been doing the past few days! Only went out for food and back home for more rest!

But today im gonna be going out! Yay! Going for some fresh air at East Coast Park! Gonna be bringing Muffin as promised to meet up with Kandy and Pebbles for a stroll and probably have dinner together. =) Its been a long time since i last met them, and im sure Muffin would be really delighted!

Gonna be back to work again tomorrow! And i need to go back to see the doctor for a follow up to make sure im getting better after all the medications he gave me! Haha! Oh so very tired now. Gonna take a short nap before i go out later. Ciaos for now! =)

Oh, and THANKS to each and everyone of your for your care and concerns! Im much better already! =)

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