Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Havent been updating because......

Dear lovely readers! Sorry for my lack of updates these days!

I have my reasons for not blogging, and they are as follow:

1. Theres nth interesting happening these days for me to blog about. And I don’t wish to be blogging about boring stuff which repeats almost everyday.

2. I simply don’t have the time to do so!
On weekdays - In the day im at work, after work im mostly out for dinner or at my bf’s place
On weekends – Im mostly with my bf or simply gone out

3. I happen to be blog hopping and found someone irritating that’s copying my style of blogging! From the way I edit and design my photos, to my style of watermarking my photos. From the way I comment about things, my standard few jargon words or phrase that I use frequently, and even the category of contents that I blog about.
• Its not tt im petty or over-reacting. It’s a free world afterall. And everyone can choose what they want to blog about. Plus im sure there are tons of blogs out there with many similar category of contents. Its just that its way to obvious this person is copying. Whatever I post this week, next week that person would have a almost similar content.
• Ok. Mayb its cuz I simply detest it when people I don’t really like imitates me in any way possible. -.-“ ok mayb I am a lil petty and over-reacting. Ok to put it simply, I just hates it!

To all COPYCATS out there, here’s my message to you. You’re just like a CHINA product! I guess your middle name should be ‘Imitation’ or ‘Piracy’! -.-“ Have some originality please! Oh, and GET A LIFE!

Anyway do stay tuned! I will definitely still be blogging! Not gonna stop something I have a passion for, and enjoying doing, just becuz of some people who simply have no creative or innovative mind to be more original, and have a poor command of English and simply had to copy people’s style of writing and sentence structuring, way of talking and even choice of words! =)

Counting down 3days to this weekend!! Genting, here come again!! Haha!! Yay to cooling weathers! Yay to going there with a few of bf’s friends this time round~ Yay to yet another trip there with bf~ Yay to a getaway from Singapore~ Yay though its gonna be a really short and rushing trip! LOL! =D YAY! hahaha!

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