Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Havent been updating because......

Dear lovely readers! Sorry for my lack of updates these days!

I have my reasons for not blogging, and they are as follow:

1. Theres nth interesting happening these days for me to blog about. And I don’t wish to be blogging about boring stuff which repeats almost everyday.

2. I simply don’t have the time to do so!
On weekdays - In the day im at work, after work im mostly out for dinner or at my bf’s place
On weekends – Im mostly with my bf or simply gone out

3. I happen to be blog hopping and found someone irritating that’s copying my style of blogging! From the way I edit and design my photos, to my style of watermarking my photos. From the way I comment about things, my standard few jargon words or phrase that I use frequently, and even the category of contents that I blog about.
• Its not tt im petty or over-reacting. It’s a free world afterall. And everyone can choose what they want to blog about. Plus im sure there are tons of blogs out there with many similar category of contents. Its just that its way to obvious this person is copying. Whatever I post this week, next week that person would have a almost similar content.
• Ok. Mayb its cuz I simply detest it when people I don’t really like imitates me in any way possible. -.-“ ok mayb I am a lil petty and over-reacting. Ok to put it simply, I just hates it!

To all COPYCATS out there, here’s my message to you. You’re just like a CHINA product! I guess your middle name should be ‘Imitation’ or ‘Piracy’! -.-“ Have some originality please! Oh, and GET A LIFE!

Anyway do stay tuned! I will definitely still be blogging! Not gonna stop something I have a passion for, and enjoying doing, just becuz of some people who simply have no creative or innovative mind to be more original, and have a poor command of English and simply had to copy people’s style of writing and sentence structuring, way of talking and even choice of words! =)

Counting down 3days to this weekend!! Genting, here come again!! Haha!! Yay to cooling weathers! Yay to going there with a few of bf’s friends this time round~ Yay to yet another trip there with bf~ Yay to a getaway from Singapore~ Yay though its gonna be a really short and rushing trip! LOL! =D YAY! hahaha!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cousin’s Wedding at Swissotel!

[backdated, 12June2010, Saturday]

It was a splendid event! Cocktail as usual followed by the actual dinner commencing. The Emcee was pretty hilarious and spiced up the waiting time. After which was the unique yet grand entrance of the newly wed! My cousin, Aaron and his very beautiful wife, Mary! =)

There were 2 dance performance by him and his dancers, live band singing at the side to create a very romantic mood in the ballroom, and yummylicious food which i felt was served too quickly! Lotsa catching up with relatives and cousins, and lotsa phototaking as well! =) Overall a wonderful wedding dinner!

Anyway, here’s wishing my dearest cousin and his wife a very blissful marriage ahead! =)

Looking at this prestigious yet blissful wedding, im full of envy!

When is it gonna be my turn? =p

Anyway i have a PHOTO OVERLOAD~ And a Video of the Dance Performance By my Cousin and his friends. Shall upload the video soon!! =)

Camwhoring while on the way to Swissotel

With my Bro and Mum

Inside the Ballroom

The flower deco on the table and the gifts!

My, Mum, Dad, Bro, Bride's Sister Martha and Cousin Aaron

First dance performace to start off the event and the entrance of the Bride and Groom.

Second dance performance by my Cousin (the Groom) and his friends! Dancing to "Ring Ding Dong - SHINee" (Will upload the video of this dance soon!)

The foood and wine~

Poppin Champagne and "Yum-seng" ceremony

Kissing ceremony and yet another "Yum-seng"!

With my Cousins, Bro, Mum, Aunts, Relatives, Bride, etc~

Group Family and Relatives Shot!

Pretty Crystal and Tulips brought in from Holland! Gifts from the bride's family who just flew in for their daughter's wedding! =)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

ATTENTION to all MUFFIN's fans and supporters!

ATTENTION to ALL of MUFFIN's fans and supporters! If you have a FACEBOOK account, Please help to support MUFFIN by clicking on the link below which would be directed to a photo of him placed in an album of Chic magazine! Basically its like a contest. The pet with the most votes/likes would be placed in the next issue of their magazine (Chic Magazine Issue 23, 16July-5August2010) under the Animal's Next Top Model section!!! So PLEASE help and support by clicking LIKE on his photo!! [FYI, you'll have to like the page Chic Magazine first before you can LIKE the photo!]  

THANKS so much for all your help and support! Really appreciate it! And here's a THANK from Muffin, *WOOOOOFFF* hehe~ =)

http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5987474&id=96921045375&ref=mf   -----CLICK on this Link to be directed to the photo of Muffin! Do remember to click on LIKE!!

This is the photo i submitted/posted up for the contest! So please DONT like the wrong pet! =p

and IF you cant find the LIKE button, it meant that you havent LIKE Chic Magazine.
http://www.facebook.com/chicreaders  ----- Simply go to this link, CLICK on LIKE on the page and then go back to the previous link to his photo and CLICK on LIKE!!

Cut-off time: 28June2010 Noon!

So please do it FAST or NOW!!

THANKS SO MUCH TO ONE AND ALL!!! =) Appreciate It!

Homely Weekend!

As Muffin just went for his sterilization yesterday, i decided to stay home to watch over him to make sure he is fine.

As so, instead of the usual weekends where i'll go out for dinner, shopping, and spend with my Dearest at his place, IM HOME this weekend!

And the best part was, last night after Dear was done doing his stuff and all, he decided to come by my place for the night instead! =)

Upon reaching my place, we walked out to packet some Pratas and Mee Goreng for our supper while we watch the Worldcup match of England vs Algeria! The match FT with 0-0. Again the match is as bad as the one of Spain against the Swiss! Gosh! Lost so much money because of that Spain match! Spain is sucha let down!! Who would ever believe that Spain would lose 0-1 to the Swiss!! =( And i bet many people would expect that England would win too! Almost everyone around me had placed bets that England would win! Super 'Kelong~'Totally nonsensical if you ask me! What have these good teams been doing these 4 years! Guess its all planned!! -.-"

In fact i felt this Worldcup is quite terrible! All the supposedly good teams are under performing! and a friend of mine even comment that watching this Worldcup felt like we're watching the S-league! gosh~ totally a bunch of nonsense and trash! If not for my Bf wanting to watch, i wouldnt have bother watching at all~ Gave up watching this Worldcup ever since the Spain match!

K anyway, after the match we both got tired and decided to rest for the night.

And this morning, woke up feeling pretty happy and 幸福! you know why? thats cause its the FIRST time i woke up on my bed with my BF beside me! Hehe!

Yeap, though i had a couple of Ex-Bf who lasted a couple of years with me, NON of them ever came by my place to spend the night!! Its always only the other way round! Kinda unfair right!! hahaha!

anyway upon waking up we both went to wash up and played awhile with Muffin before Dear went home as he needed to run some errands for his dad.

And for today, i just spend it watching some DVD that my bro had bought, played with Muffin and simply rested the whole day! =) Finally a day for myself to rest and really do some relaxing homely stuff~ Gosh im missing my non-working days already~

With that said, i'm abit worried about my life in office after Monday! My initial superior, Macie had resigned and left the company, and the new person replacing her makes me feel so intimidated! She havent officially started work, but we've met and she looks pretty fierce, too serious and resembles those typical discipline teachers in school days! Gosh~ I really hope she would be nice!! Dear GOD, please bless me with yet another nice superior to work with~!

Anyway hereby want to Thanks Macie for being sucha nice superior, colleague and friend! She's definitely the best superior i've ever worked with before! Always patient, helpful and really nice! =) Wishing her the best in her future endeavours!!

Skincare Product Review: Bioessence Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask

Saw this product advertised on TV quite aggresively, and i thought i wanted to give it a try. While at the stores, i hesitated many times, and i almost bought it! BUT thank god for Fr3b who offers FREE SAMPLES. i decided to grab it from them and tried it first!

Gosh i THANK God i didnt buy it!

I already applied a VERY thin layer. but yet my face felt oily and sticky when i got up the next morning. its too rich! and causes some outbreak of blemishes in the morning! scent is alright but i guess the effect just isnt good.

Definitely NOT recommended. and im NOT gonna buy it!

So the morale of the story is, ALWAYS TRY first before BUYING! Simply Click on the below link and sign up for an account in Fr3b NOW! You get to grab free samples and read up on product reviews for FREE! =)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Muffin's Sterilization Day

My brave and strong Darling boy goes for his Sterilization today!

Was so worried i couldnt get to sleep last night! And i was so worried this morning i almost teared!

I couldnt apply for leave as i just started out not too long ago in my new office, and so dearest Daddy and Mummy took leave to bring him to the vet this morning. While in office i received bad news from Daddy, saying that Muffin has an abnormal case and instead of the normal sterilization surgery, he had to go through an additional surgery at his abdominal! thats because he only has 1 testicle that grew out while the other testicle was in grown near or in his abdominal! *worried sick* and i teared on the spot! *heartpain and worry*

my poor lil boy!

prayed and kept my fingers cross while im in office. couldnt concentrate on anything and all i had in mind was a pict of my darling in pain and crying! *sulks*

during lunch time a call came! it was from the vet! i was so worried it would be bad news!! BUT THANK GOD!! Praise the lord! it was good news for me!!

The operation was a success and Muffin is awake already! *phew* and the funny thing was the vet told me to pick Muffin up earlier than the time initally given as he was crying badly and they find him tooo noisy! LOL! =p

And in the evening when i went to pick him up, the vet told me that Muffin is a STRONG boy! hehe! he woke up earlier than normal or expected. he started jumping around and is already hyperactive! and he bark, whine and cry whole day after he woke up! vet even joked that he is a solo singer for the day with no other backup, orchestra nor choir! whole clinic, he's the only one barking! plus he is definitely an attention seeker! haha! keep barking til someone cuddles him then he keeps quiet! LOL!

and when he got home, he was super drowsy and went to sleep right away~ and when he did wake up to walk around he couldnt even walk properly! his legs are weak and he fell down! and he even fell aslp while sitting at one point of time! poor boy!

anyway, feeling blessed, relieved and happy right now! =)

at least from now i dont have to worry bout his in grown testicles turning cancerous and developing complications when he's older! =) the worse is over!

so proud of my darling Muffin for being so strong and brave! thought he is kinda a crybaby! hehe! =p

once again, THANKS to all those lovely friends who had prayed for Muffin and also for all the concerns and consoling during my worrying times! =) 

Photos taken just now after he got home! He's so tired an drowsy, and totally had no strength! And thats the wound and stitches! *ouch*

LOVE my Darling Muffin lots! *muacks*hugs*

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday DearDear 宝贝!


He had 3 nights of birthday celebration!

Monday, 7June2010 – Pre celebration with me and his friends
No exaggerated birthday celebrations. Just a small gathering with the usual group of friends. After work went to meet him and XiaoQiang and we shopped around while waiting for the rest to reach. After which we head over to Coca Steamboat to meet Peh and Valenz for dinner. YY joined us after dinner and we head to Partyworld for KTV session! It was a fun-filled KTV session with my favourite Martell! After which it was back to his place to rest for the night.

At Coca Steamboat! Our first round of food only!

At Partyworld!

Tuesday, 8June2010 – He goes for dinner at one of our favourite dining, Meritus Mandarin, Triple Three, with his 3 other buddies! Guys day out!

Wednesday, 9June2010 – His actual birthday!
During lunch time went to get his pressie! Been wanting to get it for him the past few days but just didnt have the time. After work i took a train down to Bedok where he picked me up and we head to ECP Sushi Tei to meet his family for a simple dinner. Too much food was ordered! Ended up i was so full i felt like sleeping~ After dinner we head to catch some bears and had our favourite Taiwanese Dessert! Snow Ice! Yummy! Continued playing for awhile before he eventually send me home to rest for the night.

Some of our food at Sushi Tei and also our Taiwanese snow ice dessert!

Birthday Pressie for him!!

Sigh. Many surprises i had planned in mind. But none of them were successful due to lack of time and last min plannings. Oh well, guess i've have to save those surprises for another time or his bday next year!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Worldcup Frenzy is here!

Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is watching it. (almost)

Almost every guys goes crazy about it, and starts neglecting their GFs because of it.
Breakups and quarrels happened because of it! Its a r/s wrecker!! haha!

Without saying, my BF is crazy bout it and follows it religiously! and poor me gets neglected! haha! ok sort of!! not totally yet! =p hehe!

And so, since i cant beat the crowd, i should just join the crowd and as one of my friend commented, "soak into the fun with them"! LOL!

Anyway i did watch the first match which started on Friday night over at Dear’s place. But i was simply toooo tired and kept dozing off while watching =p I only rmbr it was a bad game played! -.-“

Anyway spend my weekends slping alot! Only went for my cousin’s wedding dinner last night and today went out only in the late afternoon. Dear came over to pick me up and we went over to Tampines mall to meet XiaoQiang. Went to the travel agent to check up on some cruise and Genting rates before we left and head over to Marina Square. XiaoQiang went to pick YY up before going over to meet us there. Had our dinner there, shopped around and went to the arcade and waste some time. Meanwhile the guys kept checking out on the scores of their worldcup matches and talking about it while we girls just kept shopping! =p Was suppose to go Kite-flying, but failed again due to the weather in the late afternoon. And at night it was too dark!

Anyway Dear and me kept buying stuff!! *faints* Once again, heading into John Little meant coming out with plastic bags! =p We bought new bedsheets and comforters for us, a new pillow for him as he was complaining his old one is kinda flat and doesn’t give adequate support to his head. And we bought mouthwash and perfumes for him, earrings for me! After which we head to SASA and i bought more facial products and some cucumber eye pads for us!

Feeling oh so broke~ =p

Friday, June 11, 2010

Colleague’s Birthday!

Its been 1 and a half month since i joined my new company. Been enjoying every moment so far. Nice bosses, nice colleagues, nice working environment. And its the first time i joined in their birthday celebration and outing! =)

It was Adeline’s birthday!

8June2010 Tuesday
i was feeling cranky and just wasn’t feeling too well and right the whole day. Didnt eat much and in fact i skipped proper lunch and only snacked a lil. After work went to Kbox at Cineleisure for KTV session with my colleagues. I must say Kbox is EXTREMELY lousy! Bad sound system, Smelly curtains and rooms, stupid song system which is difficult to find songs as it doesn’t go by alphabet and disorganized. On top of that, the tidbits they gave were already out of air, not fresh and not too good. Service is alright but the staff are pretty blur!! We had bought a bday cake to surprise Adel, but the silly waiter came in to the room and asked, (in mandarin) “do you all have a cake kept in the fridge?” faints~ Surprise gone.

Plus the sound system and song choices were so limited and bad that we couldn’t find a proper birthday song to dedicate, ended up the whole situation ended up in laughters. Haha!

After KTV session, we all left and headed home for the night as we all had to work the following day.

The sweet birthday girl, Adeline! And the pretty strawberry cake we got for her! =)


9June2010 Wednesday
We had a mini birthday celebration in office for Adeline. Nathan had made a cheesecake specially for her! How sweet, imagine going home after KTV last night, went to grab some stuff, go home and still had to prepare this cake before sleeping, and waking up for work early in the morning to bring it to office. WOW~

Anyway as he haven’t decorated the cake, he brought the stuff along and Steph did the decorations! Soon Sharifah from our other office came by and surprised Adel, and we started our mini office bday celebration! After which it was the last surprise! Pressies and birthday card! The present was specially chosen by ME and Macie! So glad she liked it!

Well i am still new and not too familiar with everyone’s preference and likings, thus i was pretty worried at first! Thank god manage to find something that she likes! =D

The cheesecake made by Nathan and decos by Steph! haha so cute and nice right!
And thats the bday girl with her cake and pressies!

Yours truly with the bday girl, Adeline. And also with a cute colleague Yiwei. And last but not least with Macie, my superior! The best superior i've worked with! =)

* kinda lazy to edit and watermark all my photos, thus i only chose a few to upload. for more photos! simply visit my Facebook to check them out! *

Rainy Days

Not in the best of mood. Think im just super tired due to lack of slp these days which cause me to become easily agitated, irritated, moody and cranky. Lack of patience, lack of attention span, lack of humour, smile and laughter.

I feel like the weather these days. Totally unpredictable and mostly rainy.

Happy Birthday Mummy Dearest!


Its Mummy's birthday again! Only that this year we werent able to celebrate it on her actual day as my lil bro is in camp! and so we decided to have a belated celebration!

On her actual birthday 3rd June2010 (Wednesday), i gave her the birthday present that i gotten for her a few days before!! =)

Pressie for Mummy! =) Guess what it is? Haha! 
Well, its a Coach Signature Stripe Zip Satchel Bag in Brown!!

And on the 5th June 2010 (Friday), after work rush over to Marina Square to collect the bouquet of Sunflower which i ordered the day before! Met up with BF there and the both of us cabbed back to his place to get his car and drove down to Katong Village to meet my parents and bro at Jang Shou Korean BBQ Buffet for our simple dinner together. Food was good! But way too much meat, ended up we were all feeling so full! Plus the smell of BBQ on our entire body was pretty overwhelming! *sulks* But nonetheless the food and service is good! =)

On the cab going back to BF's place, after picking up the flowers!
 I Love Sunflowers! And Mummy would Love them too! =)

At Jang Shou Korean BBQ Buffet!
(I didnt take much photos as i was too busy eating! =p)

And on 6th June 2010 (Saturday), i came home and we cut the birthday cake that my bro had gotten for my mum! =)

Mummy Dearest with her Pretty flowers, Cutie Muffin (who kept pestering us that he wants to be in the pictures!) and Awesome looking birthday cake! =)

Mummy Dearest with Bro and Me! ♥

Shopping, Touring, Eating~


Sunday 30May2010

As mentioned in previous post, after we went to pick XiaoQiang and YY up and continue our day, by Shopping!

We head to Orchard ION, went in search for dear’s bday present. Had our lunch there and continue shopping from ION to Takashimaya to Paragon and to DFS!

After shopping, we decided to pop by Resort World Sentosa (RWS) and Universal Studio to tour around since i haven’t been there~ Nope we didn’t pay to enter as it was already late and there weren’t much time left plus we were simply too tired. So Dear only brought us to tour around first. Shall have a proper visit there another time!

Universal Studio!

Went to Hersheys and shopped around in their other shops such as Victoria Secrets! Its the ONLY Victoria Secrets in Singapore! Wanted to buy something from there, but decided not to in the end. Probably our next visit i’ll get it. Now kinda broke! =p

With the World's largest Hersheys Bar!

Later at night, we left and went to have dinner! Laksa Steamboat! Yum Yum!

After dinner, everyone were full and tired and we decided to call it a day. Dear send YY back to the west before sending me and XiaoQiang home. I totally knocked out and sleep throughout the whole journey from central to west to east! =p

And back at home, i got washed up and head to sleep for the night as i had to work the next day! Tired~!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Short Getaway to Pulau Ubin!


Saturday, 29May2010
Woke up in the morning, washed up and prep and cabbed down to Changi Village, had our brunch there and waited for his friends, Peh, Valenz, Jonathan and YanZi to reach. We then went to buy some essentials and fishing rods and went to Changi Ferry terminal to charter a boat to Pulau Ubin!!

while waiting for them at Changi Village! Dear is playing Angry Bird on my iPhone again!
In the Boat on the way to Pulau Ubin! 

Upon reaching Pulau Ubin, we hired a van that took us to Celestial Resort! The place that we’re be spending our night at! The journey there was really bumpy and the road leading in was pretty Ulu~ Was told that we only needed 20mins walk to get there. But we seriously think we might take more than half an hour to walk there!

Upon reaching Pulau Ubin Jetty!
In the van on the way to Celestial Resort!

We tried our best to snap a nice photo without flash, but the ride was way tooo bumpy!

When we reached, all of us were caught by surprised! It wasn’t what we were expecting at all! We had thought that it would be pretty run-down, ulu and kampong-like! But it turned out pretty nice! We were greeted with Hornbills flying around~ And the man-made beach in the middle of the resort looks nice as well~ Many people were already swimming and splashing in the waters, suntanning and playing on the beach, and some were playing volleyball~ It totally felt like i’m in Bintan! Haha!




We then went to check-in and got our keys to our bungalows~ We had booked 2 Family Suite Bungalows~ So each couple could have a room for themselves, as each 2 storey bungalow had 2 rooms, 2 toilets, and a living room! The bungalow aint exactly huge, but it was alright and pleasant looking though there aint any kitchen nor extra amenities.


After settling in, we rested abit before heading out to explore the resort~ Wanted to play some of their facilities, but ended up all the facilities were spoilt!! *faints* Super lousy!!~ -.-“ The pool table and table soccer were spoilt. The crab catching and prawning was closed due to lack of supply of prawns and crabs. And since the guys and girls weren’t interested to do any water sports nor cycling nor vigorous outdoor activities such as rock climbing, there were ONLY 2 more activities we could do~ Fishing and Fish Spa!

And so we head over to the fishing pond for Fishing session! (Didnt want to fish at the Jetty and open sea as we’re unsure if those fishes we caught can be eaten!) Its been years since I last went fishing! Yes! Years! I was still in secondary school at that time! Gosh~ Plus i was toooo impatient back then and didn’t caught anything in the end! Haha! But this time round, i manage to catch 1 Big Red Snapper! Haha! So happy and proud of myself! LOL! But i didn’t manage to fight it til the end and pull it up myself, no strength! It was sooo strong! Ended up i got BF to help me pull it up! Haha!



The First ever fish i caught! =D Too bad at that point of time everyone was so excited that i forgot to snap a photo of me holding the fishing rod with the fish i caught! =p

After fishing, we had the fish BBQ and wanted to have our dinner at the resort Hornbill Restaurant. But alas we didn’t. The restaurant couldn’t cope with the over whelming holiday crowd! Shortage of man power, shortage of food supply, shortage of tables and chairs! Thus we decided to call up the van to fetch us out to the Pulau Ubin Seafood Restaurant instead! XiaoQiang and YY came by after work and met up with us for dinner. Without fail, dinner with them meant a big table full of food!! After the very sumptuous dinner, we head over to the temple to pray before heading back to the resort.

Back in our room! Resting and Him playing Angry Bird again!

The Cute Ubin dogs!

Our Dinner and our BBQ fishes~

Back at the resort, as it was late and everything else including the facilities are close, and besides going to the Jetty and open sea to do night fishing, taking night strolls and watching tv, theres nothing much we could do~ Luckily we bought a pack of poker cards to kept us entertained at night! Played poker while watching Tv and much later at night we all decided to rest for the night.

Sunday, 30May2010
Woken up by BF in the morning, and we washed up and got changed to go for breakfast. Upon opening our doors to get out, it started to rain heavily!! But thank god it only rained for 5mins! And soon it was only drizzling and so we head over to the restaurant for our breakfast buffet. The variety was only alright and the food were alright as well. After eating we went for a stroll to the jetty to enjoy the sea breeze and scenery. Took some photos and we soon head back to our rooms to watch TV and slack around. At about 11+am, we went to bath and packed up, and as we had bought too many bottles of water along, they soon got cranky and decided to play some games. Losers will have to ‘water parade!’ hahaa!

At the Celestial Jetty!

Randomness! Enjoying the sea breeze and pretty sceneries~

Jelly fish!!
Group Shot of all of us that went to this trip!

Dearest and Me!

Back in our bungalow with our room mates for the trip!

Dearest and Me~
The 'Macho' wanna-be guys!

Our Messy Room just before checking out!

Dearest and Me before checking out!

YY and Me, Dear and Xiao Qiang!
The very loving and cute couple! =)

Water Parade in Action!

After we were all done with the water, we went to check out and slowly walked to the resort entrance to wait for our van to come pick us up. While waiting, my legs kept getting bitten by tons of mosquitos! *faints* itchy!! The van soon came and we head back to the Ubin jetty and chartered another boat for our group back to Changi ferry terminal~

While waiting for the Van to come pick us up!
In the Boat on the way back to Changi Ferry Terminal~

A interesting poster we caught sight of while in the boat!

Thats where we all parted and headed home. XiaoQiang and YY send me and BF back to bf’s place to rest abit, unpacked and got changed before we drove out again to pick them up and the 4 of us spend the rest of our Sunday together~

To be continued about the rest of my Sunday in my next post due to overflowing no. of photos!
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