Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Heavy Eyelids. Heavy Eyebags.

Gosh, im so tired these days that i'm starting to have heavy eyelids, and heavy eyebags! zombified! looking like a zombie or a panda right now!

In fact, i think im starting to look like L from Deathnote! hahaha!!

work has only started 3 days! and im already so tired! i hope my bio-clock can switch back ASAP! i really need my sufficient sleep!

quite glad that this job has been pretty good so far! so even though im pretty tired, at least im happy working! =)

Oh yea! and yesterday, BF came to pick me up from work as well! =) Happy Happy! after which we went back to his place and as we were both tired, we decided to just stay home and i cooked Maggi Noodles with eggs and sliced abalone!! =) We love!! hahah! and we Continued watching our HK drama and he played Angry Bird again, before he send me home for the night!

Our Maggi Noodles! Cooked and Garnish by me! hahaha!! Happy Face for Dear! =)

As for today, i had to go home myself after work! And its not a good thing for me! Firstly cuz my feets were hurting from wearing new shoes! and the other thing was, i had to walk through Wheelock Place and ION! and i end up shopping on the way to the MRT station! faints~ Ended up buying another new pair of pumps, bangles and helped donate to the charity before i head home!! Im so broke!

Next month would be worse for me! JUNE! many close one's birthday! *headache*
3rd - Mummy's birthday
4th - BFF, Caelyn's birthday
9th - BF's birthday!

PLUS, my lappy is spoiling! It keeps on auto shut down for no reason!! *sulks* i may need to get a new lappy from the IT show coming in JUNE as well! Gosh~


SAVE ME! Oh GOD! Please give me strength and guide me on what i should do!

Gonna go sleep in 15mins time! packing my bag and preparing for work tmr! Nitey all!!

I cant wait for TGIF and Weekends!!


Janelle said...

haha.. I also born on the 3 june.. super broke lor

Yuriko said...

Lol! Same bday as my mum!! :) but it's ur bday u should b happy!! Haa! :p

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