Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shopaholic in Action!!


I've been on an Online Shopping Frenzy these days!! and its not just online shopping, retail shopping as well!! just that i don't go out as often now, thus i do more online shopping rather than retail shopping~

i couldn't stop myself nor resist from splurging and buying stuff!! gosh~ my shopaholic illness is back!!

these days, I've been spending alot of money and i can see a dramatic decrease in my savings!! i must emphasize that although i love shopping (com'on, you kidding me? which girl doesn't love shopping??) i wasn't really a extreme or total shopaholic in the past! OK maybe at certain points in my life, but I've not been shopping alot in the recent months! and I'm not really the vainpot kind of person who splurge alot on make up nor skin care products, as I'm pretty lazy to apply stuff on my face, and i dread the feeling of having powder or cream or practically anything on my face at all!! i love my naked face!! hahahahaha!! but i notice that i recently am pretty into such products!! everytime I'm out, instead of shopping for clothes and shoes like i use to, I'm looking out for skin care products!! probably age is really getting into me! and I'm pretty affected by it! i don't want to have wrinkles and dull looking skin!! *worries* and also, I'm starting to love buying bags, on top of my usual love for heels!! which means i have more loves to spend on now!! gosh~

My Recent Damages! (within this 1 month)
- Kate Spade Small Nylon Henry in Red
- SK II Facial Treatment Essence 215ml  x 2 bottles
- G2000 Pencil Skirt
- Pepperplus Pants
- Nivea Toner
- Elianto Nail color x 2 bottles
- Gucci Wallet (awaiting for it to arrive)
- Skin79 BB cream (awaiting to receive within these few days)
- Etude House Nail Art Pen Light Pink (awaiting to receive within these few days)
- Etude House Nail Quick Dry (awaiting to receive within these few days)
- Etude House Moisturizing Sleeping Mask (awaiting to receive within these few days)
- 3 Tops and 2 Dresses (from an Online Shopping Spree, awaiting for it to arrive)

and, I've not had enough!! i still have a couple of items in mind which I've yet to buy!!!

one of which would be an eye cream! need to prevent further aging and wrinkles to appear! still hesitating between SK II and Estee Lauder Time Zone (recommended by Lisa) !! i totally love SK II products ever since i started using the SK II facial treatment essence! cuz i'm really starting to feel some miracle happening to my dull looking face! but i heard the Estee Lauder Time Zone is pretty effective as well~
Any one with recommendations on which i should get? =)

oh gosh! can some kind souls please donate to Yuriko's fund! =p or probably let me win Big Sweep, 4D and Toto! hahaha! (so typical of a Singaporean! LOL!!) OH, and i always welcome pressies and gifts! hahaha!!

i cant wait to start work!! the sooner i start work would mean I'll have income flowing into my funds much sooner!! =p

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