Thursday, April 15, 2010

Detest NATOs!

NATO = No Action Talk Only

i've met way tooo many of them. and i really hate it!

they are those who tells u that they wanna do this this this and this, but 'this' just never happen.
they say that they were gonna bring you some where or do something, but it just never happen.
they plans the whole day schedule, and make you book that day just for them, thus rejecting meet ups with other friends, but end up that day just never happen, as last min they had something else on or decides to stand u up and meet their friends instead. and i ended up wasting the whole day waiting and not doing anything fruitful.

well, ok. first and foremost. i wanna admit, that i myself could have been a NATO myself in some point of time in my life. but i must justify that i have my reasons for them.

i know i've mentioned to a few of my ex bfs that i will cook my favourite 'dao suan' for them.
and i know that i told my current bf that i will cook a nice meal for him.
but all these just never happened.
and you know why?
i've already told them the reason.
and the reason is simple.
its NOT that i DONT want to cook for them. i just never had the chance to.
Cuz they hardly come over to my place. How else would i be able to cook for them if they dont come over?
You may say, why dont i go over to their place and cook for them. Well, thats cause i dont wish to make a mess of their house, and its not my house nor kitchen afterall. I may not know their kitchen well and end up messing up and in turn not be able to cook well as i may panic when i cant find certain things in the kitchen (and this actually happened before at my ex's place, thus i develop a phobia for cooking at bf's place. but i'm still able to cook simple stuff like fried eggs and maggi noodles of cuz! way too simple! and not much utensils or ingredients are needed at all!)

but this alone wouldnt affect anyone's life at all, as i didnt waste anyone's day or time. so it aint as serious!!

argh!! really hate NATOs!!!

now i dont even know when to believe them or not. and i no longer have that anticipation nor excited feeling to meet these people anymore. cuz now i'll usually tell myself that it may never happen. so i rather make my own plans or do my own stuff til the very last min when its really confirmed.

total excitement wrecker. -.-"

do u guys have NATOs in your life too?

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