Friday, April 30, 2010

Meet Up with one of my sweety Ex-colleague!!

Woke up very late this morning, or rather this afternoon! to be exact, at 1.42pm! Slept kinda late last night as i was playing game, uploading photos and waiting for a phonecall from my dearest!!

Anyway, after waking up, i continue playing my games, and did some ironing and folding of the basket of clothes~ Proceeded to bath after which and got changed, dressed up, and took a train down to Bugis to meet my sweety Angela for dinner at 6pm! Ok i didnt reach on time though~ was 15mins late~ But she was so sweet, as she didnt rant at all~ =)

We proceeded straight to Swensons as she suggested, and had our dinner there~ We both ordered the Fish and Chips with Apricot Mayo!! And shared a Frosted Chocolate Malt!! Well, we both knew well, that if we had ordered 1 for the each of us, we'll probably eat less than half of it and end up wasting food! =p

Swenson's business is so good! the whole place is packed! and since we reached there had been a long queue even til we left! But the service is pretty poor~ Ordering is slow, Billing is also slow! Luckily the food came pretty fast though~ Else i would have rant non stop~ cuz i was quite hungry at that point of time!!

Anyway, we did lotsa catching up and chatted alot!! Finally took a photo, and off we left Swensons at about 9.30pm! Decided to shop around a little before the shops closes. And finally went over to the bus stop! As the buses were extremely packed, we bought some drinks to quench our thirst while waiting for our bus! Continued chatting til 10.30pm before we reluctantly parted and head home~ =)

Your Truly! Taken upon reaching home!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Long Walk Day!!

After sending bf to airport in the morning, came home to rest as i was still kinda tired! lack of sleep!~

In the afternoon, Lisa niece came over by cab and pick me up and we head over to Bugis! Head to Sakae Sushi for our Lunch! and this is where we heard a China man said to the waitress, "Screw me, Paste de bill!"....and we both burst out laughing! hahaha!! After this Joke-of-the-day, we both ended up laughing throughout our whole day!!

Our foodie! Sushi, Sashimi, Hot Green Tea, Baby Octopus, Cha Soba, and Chawanmushi!


After lunch, we shopped around Bugis Junction and soon head over to Illuma to continue shopping. By this time, i already had a couple of shopping bags on hand!! *gosh* (bought 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of heels, a top, a new blusher brush, sponge and a bottle of hydrating mist to put in office next week!)

As we were done shopping there, we took a bus to Marina Square and continue shopping! And again i bought new hair accessories! a big ribbon hairband and a ribbon hairclip! =)

Gosh, just a day out and more damage to my wallet!! =( I cant stop buying!! and lucky for Lisa! Cuz nothing caught her eyes and thus she ended up not buying anything at all!! =(

Ok, back to topic, soon we got hungry and walked over to Singapore Flyer, to have Popeyes for dinner! Continued chatting and laughing over lotsa jokes and issues~

At Popeyes!

And after dinner, the intense walking begins! We wanted to head to the new bridge to snap photos~ And so we walked and snapped and walked and snapped. We kept walking and walking and ended up at Marina Bay Sands! Haha!! The good thing is, we get to explore a new place! And i manage to finally step into Marina Bay Sands! though we didn't go into the Casino though~ haha!


Its quite awesome! aside from the construction that is still going on which is quite a prick to the eye! haa~ other than that the view is pretty nice! =)

Pretty Pretty!
But the shot of Us together was blur! taken by some 'kayu' passerby who didnt know how to focus! -.-"

On the bridge! 
And a candid shot of me while i was on the phone with my Dearest!

Us with the awesome view! =)
I love this photo!!


Reached! Virgin Trip to Marina Bay Sands!!
Its very pretty inside as well! So gonna try out the Casino one of these days!! =)

But the bad thing is, after which we got stucked there! Firstly cause its way too far for us to walk back, the taxi queue was ridiculously long and there aint any bus nor train to get home!! So we ended up boarding a random bus and ended up at Marina Bay MRT station! So instead of our initial plan to cab home, we took the train instead. Upon reaching my station, she alighted with me and cabbed home instead~ =)

By the time i got home, my arms, legs and feets were aching from all the long walking with the heavy shopping bags on hand!

Anyway am uploading photos, blogging , and on the phone with Dear!! =) Though he is miles apart right now, it felt like he is so near! Cuz throughout the day we've still been in constant contact over the phone! Hehe! Glad he has safely landed at Thailand~ And at Pattaya now! But still cant help worrying bout his safety since its still dangerous over there~

Triple Date!! ♥

Yesterday 28april2010, as mentioned in previous post, i went to pick Dear up from work after i was done with the vacuuming and mopping of the whole house and done ironing the clothes. My house was extremely dusty due to some fibre installation done earlier in the day.

after picking Dear up, we headed home to rest for awhile before we head out to East Coast Lagoon for dinner with Bei, Valenz, XiaoQiang and YY!! Finally all the couples are united! No one alone~ =)

The guys did all the ordering of the food, and as always, they ended up ordering LOTSA food! each of them ordered something, and the whole table ended up being filled up!

Our table of food! Yummy Yummy! Before and After! =p

The sweet and cute couple, XiaoQiang and YY! finally a photo of them!
and XiaoQiang looks so much happier here now that YY is with him! =)

And not forgetting, Dear and Me! ♥ =)

(Valenz and Bei didnt wanna take photos that day though~ thus no photos of them~)

anyway after dinner, we slowly stroll back to the car, midway we saw the parking attendant checking out Dear's car coupon!! Well, the fact is, we forgotten that we ONLY put half an hour worth of parking coupon! but ended up there for 2 hours? Haha! Immediately we panic, but he was quick to react and press to unlock his doors! That alerted the parking attendant and he walked off right away! Phew~ another min late and we're SURE to get a parking ticket! LOL! lucky us!

Bei and Valenz headed off to run some errands, while the rest of us drove over to the Bowling alley. Nope, we didnt bowl, though i kinda wanted to. Cuz XiaoQiang's nails were too long, and YY didnt wanna play. And so we went upstairs to the arcade while waiting for Bei and Valenz to come back and meet us~ Ended up we caught a couple of keychains and cute lil Mickey and Minnie (this is super sweet and its as if God had them there specially for US! below pict will tell you more!), with Pooh! And Dear was so bored he played lotsa random games!! from Initial D, to Soccer, to a Cycling Balloon game (i cant rmbr the name of the game, but he look so cute playing that game! *melts*), and also some fighting robot game!! And i joined him to play one of my old time favorite game, Time Crisis! haha! Its been years since i last played it! And im seriously aging! only played for awhile and both my arms were aching!! But, i still enjoyed playing it with him! Plus the best part for me was, i played better then Dear in this game! hahahaa!! Yay!

The couple soon came back to meet us and we went downstairs to catch bears again! this is so addictive! seriously! and we ended up spending bout close to $60 just catching bears, and playing games~ *faints* But Dear was so sweet when he said this to me, 'its ok, at least those bears made you happy!" =) *Im all Smiles* hehe!

After we left ECP, we went over to Loyang Temple to pray as Dear and Bei were gonna fly to Thailand Today! Thailand, as everyone should know, is in a mess right now. Internal warfare and chaos. But his group of friends insisted on carrying on with their plans. Both his parents and i persuaded against him going, but him being him, insisted on going as well.

After we were all done, we headed home for the night. Helped him with some last minute packing. Lotsa cuddling, and off we head to bed to sleep.

Our catches for the day! =)
the BigBird and Elmo and Stitch is so cute! spend ALOT to catch these!
Also, do Notice that the Mickey is holding a letter J, while Minnie is holding a letter N!!
J for Jasmine, and N for Nicholas!!! (if u're unaware, Nicholas is my Dear BF!)
So sweet, matching and coincident right!! And in the whole machine, there is ONLY 1 of each! the others were mostly letters Ks, and Ws!! Thats y i mentioned, its as if God placed it there specially for the both of US! =)

As for TODAY, 29april2010, we woke up early to prepare, and we went over to pick Bei up and i send them both to the airport. *sulks* heart filled with worries and anxiety! plus, im so gonna miss him!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I've been a very happy girl these days!

I've been a very happy girl these days! For many reasons of cause!

Firstly, Im happy cause i've been shopping alot these days, and shopping is my form of retail therapy which never fails to keep me happy!
Secondly, Im happy cause i just received my registered mail package a while ago, which contains items from one of my latest online shopping grabs!
Thirdly, Im happy cause my dearest gave me one of his HP number to use as my spare line to make phone calls and sms, so that my personal HP number wont exceed the monthly usage and have excess cost!
Fourthly, Im happy cause my dearest brought me to satisfy my alcohol deficit days!
Fifthly, Im happy cause my dearest brought me to have Charcoal Grilled and Shabu Shabu last night with his friends!
Lastly, Im happy cause my dearest never fails to make me feel loved and pampered like a baby!

*hops around happily*

anyway heres some updates!!

Saturday, 24April2010
- Went for facial agony session with Mum
- Came home to waste my day away and had dinner with family at home
- Had a terrible headache and thus wasnt able to wait for Dear to finish soccer and go home.
- Slept at 1+ or 2am

Sunday, 25April2010
- Woke up and bathed Muffin
- Had brunch, bathed and got changed
- Dear came over to pick me up
- We head down to Shaw Centre to meet his friend to hand something over
- We went home to rot the rest of the day til dinner was ready
- His mum cooked very yummy Curry Fishhead with a few other dishes for dinner
- He went over to his uncle's place with his parents, while i stayed home to watch HK drama and waited for him to come home
- We soon head to bed for the night

Yesterday, Monday, 26April2010
- We woke up and prep and head out to Bedok for his hair cut
- After his hair cut, we went over to Parkway Parade to meet XiaoQiang for brunch
- After brunch, we stopped by Koi cafe to buy our bubble tea!
- Shopped around Parkway til 5.30pm
- Head over to Bedok again, as this time round, XiaoQiang wants to have a haircut
- Head home to bath and got changed
- Instead of driving out, XiaoQiang came over to pick us up and we went to run some errands
- Once his errands were done, we headed over to Punggol Marina to meet Bei and Valenz
- Had dinner at Sakura Charcoal Grilled and Shabu Shabu! its the largest charcoal grilled and shabu shabu restaurant in SG!
- After the sumptuous dinner, we commenced our chillout session! KTV and Booze at a pub located on the 3rd level of Punggol Marina.
- After we're done with the drinks, we left and head over to meet Ah Huat to pass some things to him before XiaoQiang send us home
- Upon reaching home, i went to shower and headed to rest while he went to run some errands before ending the night as well

Before and After his haircut!

on the way to Parkway! i love the bottom left Pict of him! he looks so shy and cute! and i've always like his side view alot! hehe! =D

My Koi Honey Milk Tea! *yummy*

Our Foodie at Sakura Charcoal Grilled and Shabu Shabu!

Dear and Me

Valenz and Bei

XiaoQiang looks so bored and lonely without his YY with him! emofied!

Our Booze at the Pub!

Dear and Me again!

Valenz and Me!

Valenz and Bei! Bei looks so engrossed in singing his song! Andy Lau wanna be!

Today, 27April2010
- Woke up and wash up and he went to work, while i came back to my own home
- The mail man dropped by to deliver my registered mail package to ME!!
- As for now, am rotting at home and decided to update my blog!!
- Gonna do some chores later
- In the evening gonna go pick Dear up from work at TPY! =)

My package and the items i purchased! =) Yay!!

Thats all folks~ Stay tuned for my next update~

Hope my next post will still be a very happy post! hehe! Meanwhile, Counting down, 5 and a 1/2 days more to official commencement of work next monday! Im only left with a few more days of carefree wasted days!! haha!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shopaholic in Action!!


I've been on an Online Shopping Frenzy these days!! and its not just online shopping, retail shopping as well!! just that i don't go out as often now, thus i do more online shopping rather than retail shopping~

i couldn't stop myself nor resist from splurging and buying stuff!! gosh~ my shopaholic illness is back!!

these days, I've been spending alot of money and i can see a dramatic decrease in my savings!! i must emphasize that although i love shopping (com'on, you kidding me? which girl doesn't love shopping??) i wasn't really a extreme or total shopaholic in the past! OK maybe at certain points in my life, but I've not been shopping alot in the recent months! and I'm not really the vainpot kind of person who splurge alot on make up nor skin care products, as I'm pretty lazy to apply stuff on my face, and i dread the feeling of having powder or cream or practically anything on my face at all!! i love my naked face!! hahahahaha!! but i notice that i recently am pretty into such products!! everytime I'm out, instead of shopping for clothes and shoes like i use to, I'm looking out for skin care products!! probably age is really getting into me! and I'm pretty affected by it! i don't want to have wrinkles and dull looking skin!! *worries* and also, I'm starting to love buying bags, on top of my usual love for heels!! which means i have more loves to spend on now!! gosh~

My Recent Damages! (within this 1 month)
- Kate Spade Small Nylon Henry in Red
- SK II Facial Treatment Essence 215ml  x 2 bottles
- G2000 Pencil Skirt
- Pepperplus Pants
- Nivea Toner
- Elianto Nail color x 2 bottles
- Gucci Wallet (awaiting for it to arrive)
- Skin79 BB cream (awaiting to receive within these few days)
- Etude House Nail Art Pen Light Pink (awaiting to receive within these few days)
- Etude House Nail Quick Dry (awaiting to receive within these few days)
- Etude House Moisturizing Sleeping Mask (awaiting to receive within these few days)
- 3 Tops and 2 Dresses (from an Online Shopping Spree, awaiting for it to arrive)

and, I've not had enough!! i still have a couple of items in mind which I've yet to buy!!!

one of which would be an eye cream! need to prevent further aging and wrinkles to appear! still hesitating between SK II and Estee Lauder Time Zone (recommended by Lisa) !! i totally love SK II products ever since i started using the SK II facial treatment essence! cuz i'm really starting to feel some miracle happening to my dull looking face! but i heard the Estee Lauder Time Zone is pretty effective as well~
Any one with recommendations on which i should get? =)

oh gosh! can some kind souls please donate to Yuriko's fund! =p or probably let me win Big Sweep, 4D and Toto! hahaha! (so typical of a Singaporean! LOL!!) OH, and i always welcome pressies and gifts! hahaha!!

i cant wait to start work!! the sooner i start work would mean I'll have income flowing into my funds much sooner!! =p

Friday, April 23, 2010

New Gadget: FormSpring

Hey all my lovely readers!

I just added a new gadget on my side bar!! Its FormSpring!! Noticed its the latest IN thing, thus decided to give it a try~ Do look out for it or simply go to , and ASK ME ANYTHING! (ok, not exactly everything. i wont entertain nonsensical and inappropriate questions. thanks.)

Here's how the gadget look like! Also you can directly ask from here! Simply type your question in the box, and if you dont have an account with Formspring, you can simply Ask Anonymously! =)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


dont you just love surprises? =)

i love surprises too~ and of cause i love giving my other half surprises as well! hehe! =D

yesterday woke up and head down to my office at Orchard to sign the letter of appointment, after which shopped around alone! gosh, i didnt really enjoy shopping alone in the past, but i guess people do change~ cuzi just gotta know that shopping alone can be so much fun! first of all, you dont have to wait for people and end up wasting precious time, and you get to see anything you want without worrying about whether your friend or bf gets bored. =) only problem is, you are unable to get opinions from them, and for me, i always end up spending alot!! thus, shopping alone for me, is harmful to my wallet! haha!

but dont get me wrong, its not that i dont like shopping with people now, i still enjoying shopping with my girlfriends! =) cuz its way more fun!!

anyway after shopping around for ONLY an hour at Wisma, i bought myself a pair of skinny pants from PepperPlus, and a pencil skirt from G2000~ i ALMOST spend more!! cuz i spotted many pairs of heels which i like from a couple of shoe shops, and i spend at least half an hour trying on shoes! but end up empty handed, cuz those pairs that i like didnt have my size!! *sulks* hesitated between 2 pairs which had my size, but after much considering i left without buying them, cuz i just didnt like them as much as the other pairs that no longer have my size!

and so, off i head home~ upon reaching home, applied medication for Muffin again, and after which i started on my first task for the day~

Cookie Baking!! =D Hehe! i've always love baking~ from cookies, to brownies and certain cakes~ but always didnt have the time! or sometimes i just too lazy! but this time, i'm pretty determined to bake cookies for my other half!! had wanted to bake him brownies, but he didnt like brownies, and so i ended up baking cookies~

everything started out well, oven started malfunctioning, and keep tripping the electricity of my whole house!! *sulks* I NEED A NEW OVEN!! ok that aside, after trying many times, i eventually found a way to get all my cookies baked, but with more procedures and time involved!! ended up, the cookies didnt came out nicely as planned, as i couldnt get hold of the proper time of baking, while switching the oven on and off several times~ thus ended up, only the first batch of cookies came out nicer, while the second and third batch came out a lil too brown! *sulks*

but luckily my oven didnt totally died on me midway! else i dont know what to do!! haha! probably rush down to the electrical appliance store and buy a new oven on the spot? LOL!

Cookie Baking in process~ This is the first batch! 2nd and 3rd batch i was too busy and forgot to snap photos!

k that aside, after everything was done, left the cookies to cool down, and i rested and updated my blog, after which i started on my second task for the day!

Card Making! yea, another thing i enjoy doing! hehe~ i love handmade stuff!! (not tt im some cheapo, but cuz i feel that it shows more sincerity, filled with my love!! LOL) cut, paste, decorate and wrote a short message~ and i was done! =)

Now, you all must be wondering, whats the occasion?? Nope, not his nor my birthday! Nope, not our anniversary nor any special date to remember!

Answer is, It was all VERY RANDOM! whahahahah~ who says that surprises, cake making and gifts are ONLY for occasions? hehe!

I just suddenly thought of doing them, and just went ahead to put them into action! =) Well, the thing with me and my bf is, we DONT celebrate any of our monthsary at all~ and we didnt even exactly had a proper celebration for Valentines day. Instead, we always get each other gifts and go out for nice meals on random days~ =)

When 2 are in love, theres no need for splurging on one another, and only celebrating particular occasions.
When 2 are in love, everyday together is a day to celebrate and just be happy with one another.
When 2 are in love, you dont have to only wait for special dates to celebrate and give one another gifts and surprises.
When 2 are in love, everyday together should be a day to put in effort to keep the flame going and making one another happy in all possible ways!


and so, after im done with everything, i called him to make sure he was still awake, and told him i was gonna go wash up and sleep soon. i didnt lie. i did went to wash up after i hang up the phone. brushed my teeth, took another shower and washed my face. But instead of changing into my PJ, i changed into a plain tee with my Levis shorts, and drove over to his place to give him a SURPRISE!!  And thats my last task to end the day!

and indeed, he was extremely surprised when i knocked on his door and he opened it. hehe! the look on his face and the reaction he gave. PRICELESS~ =)

im glad i made him smile after his tiring day at work. im glad he likes the cookie and card i made. im glad all my effort was appreciated. im glad to be in his embrace with him smiling so widely! =)

when he's happy, im happy!! =D

End product with the card! =) Content inside is only for him to read, thus i only post up the front cover~

Current tune repeating in my playlist, Irreplaceable!

Beyonce - Irreplaceable

To the left To the left
To the left To the left

Mmmm to the left, to the left, Everything you own in the box to the left
In the closet, that's my stuff, Yes, if I bought it, baby, please don't touch (don't touch)

And keep talking that mess, that's fine, Could you walk and talk, at the same time?
And it's my name that's on that jag, So go move your bags, let me call you a cab

Standing in the front yard, telling me, How I'm such a fool, talking 'bout
How I'll never ever find a man like you u got me twisted

You must not know 'bout me, You must not know 'bout me
I could have another you in a minute, Matter fact, he'll be here in a minute (baby)

You must not know 'bout me, You must not know 'bout me
I could have another you by tomorrow, So won't you ever for a second get to thinkin'
You're irreplaceable

So go ahead and get gone, Call up that chick, and see if she's home
Oops I bet you thought, that I didn't know, What did you think
I was putting you out for?, Because you was untrue
Rolling her around in the car that I bought you, Baby, drop them keys
Hurry up, before your taxi leaves

Standing in the front yard, telling me, How I'm such a fool, talking 'bout
How I'll never ever find a man like you, You got me twisted

You must not know 'bout me, You must not know 'bout me
I could have another you in a minute, Matter fact, he'll be here in a minute (baby)

You must not know 'bout me, You must not know 'bout me
I can have another you by tomorrow, So don't you ever for a second get to thinkin'
You're irreplaceable (irreplaceable)

So since I'm not your everything (irreplaceable)
How about I'll be nothing (nothing)? Nothing at all to you (nothing, nothing)
Baby I won't she'd a tear for you (I won't she'd a tear for you)
I won't lose a wink of sleep (a wink of sleep), 'Cause the truth of the matter is (truth is), Replacing you is so easy

To the left, to the left. To the left, to the left.
Mmmmm To the left, to the left. Everything you own in the box to the left

To the left, to the left. Don't you ever for a second get to thinking
You're irreplaceable

You must not know 'bout me, You must not know 'bout me
I can have another you in a minute, Matter fact, he'll be here in a minute (baby)

You must not know 'bout me, You must not know 'bout me
I can have another you by tomorrow, So don't you ever for a second get to thinkin'
You must not know 'bout me (baby), You must not know 'bout me
I could have another you in a minute, Matter fact, he'll be here in a minute

You can pack all your bags we're finished (you must not know 'bout me)
'Cause you made your bed now lay in it (you must not know 'bout me)
I could have another you by tomorrow, Don't you ever for a second get to thinkin'
You're irreplaceable

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Camwhoring!

Photos speaks a thousand words~ So i'll just let this post be picture-filled !! =P
Warning!! if you cant take it, just scroll away~ haha!

i CUT my Hair Short!!!


Ok, im just kidding, i wouldnt bear to!!
But i'm considering to get a hair wig with short hair!! spotted a few really nice ones while shopping at Bugis awhile ago, and also in some online shopping blogs. But kinda worried it'll go to waste if i dont really wear it! Plus i was told i wouldnt look good in short hair. Im dont know too, cuz i havent had short hair since i was 12 or 13? Judging from the above photos, please give me advices and comments yea!! =)

And heres some picts with my darling muffin, taken on 18april2010, before going out to watch Monga! =)

Drinking my daily essential, Brands Berry Essence!! Yummy~

taken this morning!! My 'just-got-out-of-bed' look with my PJ on!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Craving Satisfied!

this morning woke up and we went back to my place to pick Muffin up to bring him to the vet to check out on his skin rash! apparently after his grooming, some rashes appeared on his butt area and it seemed to bother him quite abit plus it kinda hurts him too, as we tried to touch the area and he screamed!!~ *heartaches* this is the first time its happening, as throughout this 2 years it has not happened after any of his grooming before~ so i decided to bring him to the vet to have it checked and to get some medication to apply on him!

glad the vet told me its nothing too serious. gonna apply the medication given and see how it goes, hopefully it'll heal soon! another thing now is that, Muffin has to wear the e-collar! hahaha! he's super clumsy with it! keeps knocking into things~

Muffin with his e-collar on!

after the vet visit, we send Muffin back to my place, and rested for awhile before we head out for our Brunch! (yeap since we woke up, we've yet to eat anything yet! been rushing around the whole morning til 3pm!)

and thanks to my sweety boy, my Sushi craving was satisfied at EastCoastPark's Sushi Tei!! =) yummy yummy!

Our Food!!
Unagi Sushi, Ebikko Sushi, Tuna Salad Sushi, Spicy Miso Ramen, Golden Roll, Hotate Teriyaki, Hamasaki Ika Tempura!! =)

Us @ Sushi Tei! =)

after our brunch, we head back home, lazed around and rested, and i downloaded and purchased a new game, 'Driver', on my iPhone for Dear! First game i actually purchased!! But since he likes it so much, guess its worth it! =) Watched him play til i got tired and eventually doze off~

Side Track~ Gonna purchase a few more apps and games soon!! Up next would be 'Angry Bird' and 'Monopoly'!! This is so addictive! all the paid apps and games are so fun!! gosh~ hope i won spend too much money purchasing these iPhones apps and games! LOL! =p

back to topic~ in no time, he got tired and joined me in dreamland too! woke up later at 10pm, and we head out to packet dinner back with a cup of Slurpee!! Both of us were coincidentally craving for it at the same time! Hehe! Mixed both Apple Freeze with Coke flavours!! YumYum! came home to eat and watched some HK dramas til bout 1am before i head back home myself. upon reaching home had to park the car very far as the carpark at my place is full! *sulks* too many car, too little lots! anyway got home, washed up and chatted with Dear on the phone til 2am before we both decided its time to sleep as we both had to wake up at 8am tomorrow!! He had to go to work, while i had to go to office to sign my letter of appointment! =)

Our Slurpee!! =)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Movie Date to watch Monga

yesterday, 18April2010, spend my day at home with my family, and at night went out for dinner with my family. after dinner, came home to rest abit before bf came over to pick me up and we head down to Cineleisure to meet XiaoQiang and WhyWhy for our movie date to watch the show, Monga 艋舺!!

Monga (艋舺), directed by Niu Chen-zer (鈕承澤), is a classic gangster tale. The scene is set when Mosquito, played by Mark Chao (趙又廷), a new boy in the high school finds himself being picked on. His brave response catches the attention of Dragon, played by Rhydian Vaughan (鳳小岳), who is the son of Geta, the boss of the Temple Front. He is inducted into the gang and forms part of the group of five that also includes Monk, played by Ethan Ruan (阮經天). Monkey and Dog Boy complete the line up.

The film, set in Taipei’s Wanhua district in the 1980s, evokes a nostalgia for a not so distant past. It perhaps represents a time of innocence, a world on the cusp of old and new. This sets up the plot with outside gangs seeking to move in and change things, while the Temple Front resists change.

Mosquito has grown up without a father and looks up to Geta, played by Ma Ru-long (馬如龍), as a father figure. Xiaoning, played by Ke Jia-yan (柯佳嬿), is Mosquito’s love interest. However, she plays a fairly peripheral role. This is essentially a film about a male world of brotherhood and betrayal. There are quite a few fight scenes, some of which are quite violent. However, the real focus is on the relationships between the gang members.

Overall Monga is a well executed production that successfully builds dramatic tension and sympathy for the key protagonists. With the benefit of a wide opening Monga has already enjoyed success at the box office and will no doubt draw big crowds over the Lunar New Year holiday. It is an entertaining film and the audience will certainly enjoy it.

Above are extracted from HERE

Overall i find that its a pretty good show!! Its got hilarious yet touching scenes, on top of all the actions!! Would give it a 4/5 popcorns! =)

After the movie, we head over to Swee Choon Dim Sum for supper! Gosh, i ate so much i almost exploded!! Below are photos of the food we ordered~ The food are not too bad, but kinda pricey!! =(

Our Dim Sum Supper!
Eggtarts, XiaoLongBao, Drunken Chicken, Fried Carrot Cake, Noodles, FriedRice, etc etc.!

And after our filling supper, we all head home to rest for the night. I was really tired and knocked out soon after washing up. =)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Self Pampering!!

Self-pampering is one of the best way to keep yourself happy, and also one of the best way to burn a hole in your pocket!! =p

Yesterday woke up and we went to Tampines Mall to have Brunch and shop around. Bought myself a nail top and base coat as my current one is finishing soon! Also i bought a new Toner recommended by Lisa. (will try using it first. will blog bout it if its really good!)

After which, we left TM and head over to Lisa's place as i wanted to get my SK II Facial Treatment Essence (aka. 神奇水 Miracle Water)!! Had troubled her to get 2 bottles for me! bought 1 bottle for my Mummy Dearest too!! Yay!! Finally got it! Heard many good comments and feedback about it from my friends, including Lisa and Rain, and thus wanted to try the wonders of Pitera myself! =)

My SK II 神奇水!! Hope his works wonders for me!! =)
(If its really that wonderful, i'll surely blog another post specially bout it! so do look out for it within probably a month's time!)

after which, head back home and lazed around. at night, we head out for dinner with XiaoQiang and WhyWhy. And as usual, since there aint much to do at night, and its been our latest craze and hobby, we headed down to EastCoastPark again!!! hahaha~ Played the Big Sweet Land again! after which the guys played Billiard while i chatted with WhyWhy throughout the night~ =) Since we're both Virgos, we clicked very well and had lotsa similarities, and thus had alot to chat about! I as initially still kinda bored that we might not have the same topic or interest due to our age gap!! =p

anyway we accompanied XiaoQiang to fetch WhyWhy back home since its a long journey! (she stays in the west while we're in the east!) after which we head back to ECP to get bf's ride and went to packet food before going home to rest for the night!

As for Today, woke up and he send me home. shortly after i reach home, my parents went to pick Muffin home from his full grooming and dental scaling session!! and now, he's very naked, petite, skinny, lamb-like, and smelling very good!! hahaha! yup, had to trim off his long fur, as the weather is pretty hot these days and his fur keeps tangling up!! plus i aint home everyday to groom him, plus i will be starting work soon! wont have as much time to accompany him. miss his long fur though, cuz i always thinks that he looks cuter with long fur! =p

in the afternoon, it started to rain heavily with scary thunders and lightning! but me and Mummy decided to go over to Jessie's place (owner of / for her open house sales anyway!! there were lotsa bags, and i had hesitated between a few, but after much consideration on its material, style and durability, i ended up getting the Kate Spade Small Basic Nylon Henry in Red! =) Its the size i was looking for, the material is pretty good and its looks pretty nice as well!! Happy me!! I almost got  the Prestwick Noel Quinn which is in black patent leather and the interior is of a quality that has shimmers. But alas, i didn't get it as i feel that the interior color will run very quickly and as I'm not one that takes particular care of my things, I'll probably scratch the patent leather very soon~ though it really looks nice!! Had wanted something of another shape, but didn't see anything i was looking for~ and Mummy didn't see anything to her liking as well, thus she didn't buy anything this time round. hopefully after i start working, can save up to buy some stuff for mummy dearest, lil bro and daddy! =)

Kate Spade Prestwick Noel Quinn - the bag i almost bought!

Kate Spade Small Basic Nylon Henry in Red! - the bag i eventually bought! =) my FIRST red bag! haha! quite an impulsive buy, but after buying it home, i quite like it! something to brighten up my closet and bag rack! finally something different! not my usual kinda buy, and not something i ever thought i would buy. well, there is always a FIRST time! hehe! so yea. this is my first time, my Virgin Red Bag! =D


anyway a lil update on my life!

i had hesitated about this and intended to post this only 2 weeks later when i officially commence, but...... i worry I'll be too busy or tired by then, and start neglecting my blog...

haha. ok. bad excuse. i couldnt keep this from my sweet readers anymore! hehe! i finally found a job!! yeap, a job i like, and i job I've been wanting. at least its my area of interest and its part of my future goal! =) though i have to start from scratch since my past 4 years of working experience isn't exactly related, and though the remuneration isn't as spectacular, I'm still happy and glad i got the job!

it'll be a stepping stone for me to reach my ultimate goals, and i do hope this time round i would have really nice colleagues and bosses to work with! everything is confirmed and I'm so looking forward to it the official commencement of work in 2weeks time! =)

not gonna disclose too much details though, only my closer friends would know. =) but I'll be working in Orchard area~ so dear friends, next time we can meet for dinner and shopping after work in town! =) Yay!! But that would also mean, I'll do a lot of shopping! haha! *worry* hope i wont burn a huge hole in my pocket while working there~ LOL!

meanwhile, WISH ME LUCK! =D

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Detest NATOs!

NATO = No Action Talk Only

i've met way tooo many of them. and i really hate it!

they are those who tells u that they wanna do this this this and this, but 'this' just never happen.
they say that they were gonna bring you some where or do something, but it just never happen.
they plans the whole day schedule, and make you book that day just for them, thus rejecting meet ups with other friends, but end up that day just never happen, as last min they had something else on or decides to stand u up and meet their friends instead. and i ended up wasting the whole day waiting and not doing anything fruitful.

well, ok. first and foremost. i wanna admit, that i myself could have been a NATO myself in some point of time in my life. but i must justify that i have my reasons for them.

i know i've mentioned to a few of my ex bfs that i will cook my favourite 'dao suan' for them.
and i know that i told my current bf that i will cook a nice meal for him.
but all these just never happened.
and you know why?
i've already told them the reason.
and the reason is simple.
its NOT that i DONT want to cook for them. i just never had the chance to.
Cuz they hardly come over to my place. How else would i be able to cook for them if they dont come over?
You may say, why dont i go over to their place and cook for them. Well, thats cause i dont wish to make a mess of their house, and its not my house nor kitchen afterall. I may not know their kitchen well and end up messing up and in turn not be able to cook well as i may panic when i cant find certain things in the kitchen (and this actually happened before at my ex's place, thus i develop a phobia for cooking at bf's place. but i'm still able to cook simple stuff like fried eggs and maggi noodles of cuz! way too simple! and not much utensils or ingredients are needed at all!)

but this alone wouldnt affect anyone's life at all, as i didnt waste anyone's day or time. so it aint as serious!!

argh!! really hate NATOs!!!

now i dont even know when to believe them or not. and i no longer have that anticipation nor excited feeling to meet these people anymore. cuz now i'll usually tell myself that it may never happen. so i rather make my own plans or do my own stuff til the very last min when its really confirmed.

total excitement wrecker. -.-"

do u guys have NATOs in your life too?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


crap crap crap and crap!!!

Google Adsense just disabled my account as they suspect there is a risk of generating invalid activity. -.-" totally crap.

People click to go in to those ads so they can find out more and see if those are what they are looking for. Without clicking, we wont know what it is. But that doesnt mean that it is a MUST to sign up or purchase anything from these ads. and this is just part of the risk that they should bear if they want to set up such online advertisement.  Plus its not like they are paying out a few dollars per click. its just a few cents!! can u imagine how long it takes just to accumulate that few cents to get a US$100 to get paid! I waited so long for my next payout which is pretty soon as my account is already generating the minimum payout amount. =(

But they just simply disabled my account without warning and confiscated the amount that was generated and accumulated over the few months!!

This is just so unfair, dont you guys agree? I felt so cheated!! =( =(

NOT gonna help Google Adsense anymore! Have removed all Ads and also the Google Search Engines from my blog.

Total waste of my blog space and loading time. -.-"

Guess i'll just have to search for other ways to earn money online !!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cinnamon Melt is LOVE! ♥

its been a boring day, morning woke up and send BF to work, after which came home and played with Muffin, checked on some stuff, booked Muffin's grooming appointment, and other misc.

Taken before i head out to meet Caelyn!

in the evening, went to CityHall to meet my BFF, Caelyn. and we proceed to Raffles City.

I could see her face looks kinda sad. Well, it was a bad day for her, and many things didnt seem to go the way she want it. I shall not share too much into details. Just kinda glad at least i could be there for her to console her and lend a listening ear, and also to help out a little in the situation. =)

that aside, back to my day with her. we went in search for our dinner, but as everywhere was crowded, we ended up at Mos Burger. Plus i happen to have craving for Teriyaki Chicken Burger and Ice Milk Tea! haa~

Our Dinner~

After dinner, we shopped around til all the shops were closed. Sadly, we didnt buy anything though. And so we ended up at McDonalds, since there aint much place we could go at that hour. Ordered my favourite Cinnamon Melt!! Yummy~

Our Ice Lemon Tea and Cinnamon Melt! We're Lovin' It! =p
Seriously i was so happy when i saw the advertisement on TV! i jumped up and literally shouted, "YAY! Cinnamon Melt is BACK!!" Hehe! Its just one of the yummiest dessert in Mcdonalds! hope they wont stop selling it so soon! =D

In the Toilet! =p But the lighting and backdrop is nice and good for phototaking! Hehe!

Yours Truly! =)

Random spot in Raffles City! Nice backdrop! And she took candid photos of me while i was on the phone with BF and deciding where would be good for him to pick me up!

Chatted til my BF said he was tired and gonna slp soon, and so we decided to call it a day. As her BF's ride couldnt start up due to a flat battery, she took a MRT home. Poor girl, she was already having a bad day, and more bad stuff happened to her. Caught in the rain earlier on, and the aircon at Raffles City is extremely cold, even after she wore her cardigan and wore a long sleeve top, she is still cold! Adding on, having to take the train home and had an incident with a 'tiko' guy who bumped into her butt and also the aircon in the train was cold, she ended up falling sick by the time she got home. =(

Sorry Sweets, should have send u home!! Sigh, feeling so bad about it.

Anyway, BF came to pick me up from Peninsular Plaza, and thus i had to walk thru the drizzle to get there as well!! =( firstly there were so many weird scary looking people walking around thee, and that place is just so dirty!! *faints* there were a couple of mices/rats running around me!!! I was initially pretty freaked out!! But after some time, i thought they were pretty cute and fascinating, and decide to video them. Til a guy suddenly pop up behind me and say, "oh u taking photo of mickey mouse?" and "wow your camera pretty good, so clear!" *faints~* i almost wanted to LOL!! but also i was kinda scare that he is a 'bad' man. Was almost gonna start panicking, til i saw BF ride!! Quickly i left the scene and rush over to his car. *phew*

after he picked me up, we went to Geylang to packet some food back home to eat while we watched a HK drama serial before we eventually went to sleep. =)
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