Tuesday, March 16, 2010

War Ended.

Its a bad / 'suay' day!

had wanted to sleep early last night, so i can wake up early to do some last min revision before heading into the exam hall. but i ended up tossing and turning in bed. i was obviously tired. but just couldnt sleep. at 12 i head to bed. by 1+ my eyes were still wide open.

anyway that aside. this morning, something STUPID happen. dont know if u wanna call it stupid or just 'suay', i woke up at 6am as planned. went to bath and prep. and checked my bag again for my calculator before i left home by 6.45, and made my way to Tea garden by 7am as planned, supposedly for my breakfast and to do some last min revision before i head to school for my paper.


upon reaching, i went to the counter, preparing to order food, and realized, i forgotten to check if my wallet is in my bag!!! ARGH! and yea i forgotten to bring my wallet!! sigh.... my student card and I/C were in it and i need them for my exam!! and so i rushed home again just to get my wallet and rushed out again, this time straight to school! sigh~ i had left home early to avoid the morning jam, and so i can have more time to study. ended up after going home and coming out again, i wasted my precious time for revision and was caught in the minor slow traffic~ argh~ everything going wrong at the start of the day~

but if i were to TRY to think positively, it may be a blessing in disguise~ cause if i had not woke up and came out early, and wanted to eat breakfast, i would not have realize i forgotten my wallet, and if i had came out later and realize it later, i would not have enough time to rush home to get it and rush back to school for my paper. plus as some may know how i recklessly drive when in a rush, i was able to reach school by 8am, and had an hour left to study before heading into the exam hall at 9am!

ok. anyway that aside. im gonna start ranting bout the STUPID paper! as mentioned things just didnt went out right today~ super 'suay' day!

open the paper and i was totally loss for words. i was expecting to see something familiar. but everything came out very foreign! those that we were told to study and focus on wasnt tested except for 1!!! and those that didnt have much emphasis came out. ON TOP of that, some other questions which we were NOT told at all to cover, was tested!!! ARGH!!! HOW BAD CAN MY DAY GET~

4 Questions Choose 2. I dont even have to choose and my choice were fixed. Out of the 4, 2 of them looks totally ALIEN to me. Only 2 of them were a lil familiar! i did my first question in 1 hour as planned, and head to my second question. i could only do half the question which is the theory part as i did study for it. but for the other half which is calculation, we were not told to study that at all! and thus i couldnt do~ i wasted lotsa time trying to figure out how to do, and mange to recall a little of it only at the VERY LAST 1 MIN! CRAP~ 1min = 60second. how much could i scribble and press the calculator in time to finish doing that question. Of cuz i wasnt superman with super mind and hands. and so, i didnt complete it. WASTE OF MARKS! CRAP!


someone please slap me and tell me its all a nightmare!! 

Im feeling almost as bad as i felt after this paper during my 1st attempt! Only that time it was a failure on my part, while this time, i know i did try my best but was given stupid lousy crappy exam tips and focus!! ARGH!!!


Oh GOD, please help me~ I've done my part, i've tried my best, i've done all that i couldnt. And as of now, i'm leaving the rest in your hands. And i Pray all these in Jesus Precious Name, Amen!


Caelyn said...

You will PASS!!! You will PASS!!!
GOD~~ PLEASE HELP JASMINE TO PASS!!!! Pass pass pass~*

Yuriko said...

Thanks Dear! =)

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