Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Switched from HTML to XML!

I've officially Switched from the OLD Template (HTML) to the NEW Layout (XML)!!

Yay! *Gosh* i should have done so earlier!! This is so much better!! Now you guys can view more post and wont miss out on anything!! There is now a Older Post and Newer Post Button Below~ Plus i've added new gadgets on my Right Side Bar! :)

And the BEST thing is, It is NO longer as lag as before!! weeeeeeee~

But, due to my lack of inspiration and time at this very moment, i've basically used back the same banner, colours and put almost everything from the old template back in place. And i've limit the number of post per page to 10 instead of the intial 15~

Will try to come up with something new and fresh soon~! =)

Do stay tuned and look out for it! =)

And also, do drop me your comments if there is any error anywhere on this blog, such as the links, page load lag, link page not loading, etc~

And dont mind, do Re-Follow Me again on Google Friend Connect located on my Right Side Bar under the Header Followers (currently only 4 followers). There is some sort of an error on my previous Gadget, and it doesnt link to my Google Account properly. Probably due to using HTML codes in my old layout. Thus do ignore that gadget with 92 followers at the moment! Will remove that gadget as soon as i'm able to collect back my number of followers! =)


As for now, im gonna get back to my chores and bath Muffin!
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