Monday, March 29, 2010


i was just alerted by my BFF, Caelyn, and also another friend of mine, that someone in WhoLivesNearYou has been using my Old photos as his/hers! Sickening!! Stole my photos -.-"

So do beware and not be fooled by this user, who names herself/himself Eileen_cheers, and claimed that her uncle created the account for her, study and work at SP, loves anime and rides a bike!

It is DEFINITELY NOT ME!! I do have an account in WhoLivesNearYou as well, but i would never use another name. My name would ONLY be YURIKO JASMINE! on top of that, i DONT ride a bike, nor am i that stupid to need my uncle to create an account for me. I didnt even study in SP before, and though i do watch anime in the past, its not exactly something i like that much!! Plus i DONT stay in Kranji/Woodland!!! Totally ridiculous!

I havent logged in for more than a year or 2!! and my profile is empty as i had deleted most of the info and photos, leaving only 1 main photo there. If you do notice my account, hat photo was taken at least 3years back!!!

I've already reported that account to WhoLivesNearYou, and hope they would do something about it! So if you readers have an account in there, do help me to send in reports as well!! Thanks so much!

I wonder what evil intentions does this person have. but in anyway dont be fooled if he/she tries to chat with you claiming its me. -.-"

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