Monday, March 1, 2010

Hesitating~ XML or HTML?~ New Layout or Old Template?~

Hesitating~ XML or HTML?~ New Layout or Old Template?~

been hesitating for awhile now, but today as i click to view my own blog, i realise its really EXTREMELY lag!! and i apologize to all my dear readers for it!

Been trying to find ways to solve this problem, but i know well that its due to having tons of HTML codes, photos and stuff on my blog, plus the number of post i chose to publish on a page! I've thought about limiting the number of post per page to 5, but felt its kinda little~ and my reason for feeling this way is cause i dont wish for people to miss out on anything interesting in my blog, especially since i dont have a button for Next page or Previous page, as that is only available if im using XML, or rather the New Layouts.

Thats why im thinking of changing my current Old Template to the New Layout~ Hmmm....Thinking Thinking Thinking~ Do look for out for my new layout within probably a week's time if i were to really decide to change~ Else after a week, if there aint any changes, meant that i decide to stick to this Old Template~ =)

Anyway, back to my rantings~

as mentioned yesterday, i was watching soccer and cheering for Liverpool and Manchester United~ Well, the Result is, they both won 2-1!! Yay! happy cuz i support them both!

Unhappy cause i needed Liverpool to win 3-1~ *sulks*

Plus i was so excited when Gerrard first scored and while jumping for joy and screaming GOAL~, i hit my hand onto the lamp~ *ouch*

and Torres didnt let me down~ cuz he manage to score yet another Goal for Liverpool~ weeeeee~

Cheers to Torres and Gerrard! But not to Liverpool~ *sulks* Arse Pool of Liver!~! (except for both of them though~ =p)


RaiN said...

I suggest switching to XHTML

Actually, minimal needs to be done to convert from HTML to XHTML :)

I thought loading speed is already faster than it was in the past. But... it's beginning to have pop-ups (again) :(

Yuriko said...

Hmm.. Is it?

But am i still able to continue using this current layout but in XHTML format?

I still think it loads pretty slow ya.

Hmm..pop ups? is it? i nv had this problem over here ya. weird... probably cuz i blocked all pop ups! haha!

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