Friday, January 22, 2010



Toothache = One of the worst excruciating physical pain ever!

Sulks~ In pain for the past few days and especially at nights! At times it hurts for only awhile, and the pain goes off. At times it hurts badly for a long long time! Last night, it starts to hurt just as i lay in bed about to sleep! and the pain lasted the whole night!! End up i couldnt get to sleep! Toss and turn in bed, but refuse to pop pain killers as i've had too much of them this life time~ I dont even know what time i finally manage to doze off~

Sigh!! suspects its my Wisdom tooth giving me problems~ Just called my dentist to make an appointment~ Gonna drop by for a visit next tuesday~ Hope he can find out where the pain is coming from and get it solved! If its really the wisdom tooth, then i'll just have to get rid of them ASAP!

Oh God
! please spare me from this excruciating pain!! Let me have a good sleep tonight and for the next few nights til i get the problem tooth out!!

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