Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Its time for Spring Cleaning again!

Its time for Spring Cleaning again!

How time flies! Yes its the time of the year for spring cleaning again!! Chinese New Year is approaching very soon! This year its on the 14th February 2010! which collides with Valentines Day!

every year my family starts spring cleaning bout 1mth before Chinese New Year as we've got so much to clean up! plus my parents are working, thus they only do so on weekends, after work or when they apply for leave~ in fact my mum had started yesterday~ and i started today~ we feel that starting early is better as we wont have to rush when the time really comes, plus we could do at a slower relax pace rather that tiring ourselves out by then if we do rush and try to do many chores in a day~

on top of that, its also time to shop for NEW clothes, bags, shoes, lingerie!! and also time to doll up, clean up and stock up chinese new year goodies and prepare to welcome the chinese festive season!

im not exactly very excited actually, cause its almost the same every year! but im trying very hard to get into the mood that everyone else is in! haha!

anyway these few days i'll be busy with the housechores and spring cleaning! gonna be throwing lotsa unused, old, spoilt, useless and unwanted stuff~ clean the windows, pack my closet, change the curtains, change the sofa covers, rearrange some stuff in my room, pack the storeroom, etc etc~ get rid of as much dust and dirt as possible~

i kinda enjoy cleaning up my room! cuz i love it when its nice and neat! makes it more comfy to sleep in! but i do admit i've got wayyyy tooooo manyyyyy stuff!! too many plushies, figurines, decorative items, books, paper, notes, magazines, clothes, bags and lotsa miscellaneous~ haa!

anyway my White Samsung Omnia is Officially SOLD! same goes for Mr N's Samsung Omnia II! currently using my Mum's spare old Nokia phone that has a spoilt number 5 button which is kinda pissing me off!! haa~ but im gonna bear with it for awhile~ 1 more week til i get hold of my White iPhone 3GS 16GB! weeeeeeeee~

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