Saturday, January 23, 2010

Its a Lazy Saturday~

Its a Lazy Saturday~

its been an eventful Friday(yesterday 22jan2010) for me, and i slept pretty late~ but still i woke up very early this morning.. i dont know why either.. no one woke me up, my tooth didnt ache last night nor this morning, and the sun wasnt shining into my room either.. and i didnt have anything on or anything that needs to be done today..

anyway woke up and ate Pizza for breakfast, followed by my favorite Char Siu rice for lunch, and i basically lazed around the whole day, watching tv, playing games on my iPhone, played with Muffin, Facebooking, and just stare into blank at times... had a Char siu bao and a bowl of my favorite Honeystars cereal with milk for dinner, chatted on the phone with Mr N, continue facebooking and playing games on my iPhone...

didnt feel like doing anything productive, nor going anywhere... feeling pretty moody and lazy~ tooth still aching at times, stomach feeling crampy, and the weather was extremely humid i had to keep showering~

anyway gonna continue 'nua'ing around abit more before i head to bed for the night to end my lazy day, lazily~

BTW, will blog about my eventful Friday(yesterday 22jan2010) as soon as i get hold of the photos from Jerrain Da Jie! =)

Sidetrack abit, i simply love my iPhone lots!! it keeps me occupied when im bored and lazy to get out of bed, accompanies me when im bored and alone in the MRT train, cause theres lotsa fun and wonderful applications to play with!

A few of the applications i just downloaded are:
- Whatsapp
- Tap Tap Ants
- Facebook
- eBuddy
- Uno
- Twitterific
- Straits Times
- Horoscopes
- Word Warp
- Word Search
- Scramble 2
- Tap Tap Revenge 3
- Bad Apples
- Mangia
- Tower blox
- Crazy Neighbours
- TapDefense
- Critter Crunch
- Bubbles Lab
- Bowling
- Unblock Me
- CanShooter
- Galcon
- Puzzle Bubble
- Who has the biggest Brain?
- Tiki
- Spot the Difference
- etc....
(many many more!!)

and the best part far those i downloaded, all are free! except 1! haha! But there are a couple more games im thinking of downloading which have to be paid though! LOL! namely, Monopoly, Cooking Mama, etc~ This is so addictive, but i LOVE ♥! =p

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