Wednesday, January 6, 2010

its a bad day~

its a bad day~

since the start of the morning, things hasnt been going well....

firstly, mummy kept bombing the house phone to wake me up to look for her handphone..

secondly, due to the first issue, i didnt get enough sleep and thus am quite grouchy...

thirdly, mummy eventually realize she really lost her handphone which she bought recently and on top of that loses lots of her contacts..

fourthly, i chanced upon some stuff i didnt want to see...and became pretty upset about...

fifth, due to my lack of sleep, i suffer from a bad running nose the whole day! and now my nose is very red and in pain!

sixth, my god sister called and told me its a bad day for her too~ and ended up ranting to me for a few hours~ (im not complaining~ my emphasis her is that she is also having a bad day~ glad im able to lend a listening ear and share some advices~)

seventh, the bag i wanted is out of stock! sad...cuz i really like it and want it badly!

eighth, i accidentally tore my contact lens while in the midst of washing it! *sulks* i like that color alot and I've only wore it for 2 times!

tell else is my day not bad? =(

wishing tomorrow would be a better day for me! looking forward to meeting Caelyn tomorrow~ gonna continue on my search for that bag i like! eat some nice foodie! and im sure my sweetie will cheer me up as well! =)

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