Tuesday, January 26, 2010



just visited the dentist today for a checkup to find out which tooth was giving me problem~ and its confirmed to be the tooth that had to go through root canal!

and so happened my dentist wasnt around today, thus had to rearrange another appointment on saturday to get it done at another dental clinic at Clementi! so far..*sulks* but no choice~

gosh now i have to continue enduring the pain for a few more days, and continue being anxious!

besides that, im also anxious about my results which might be coming out anytime soon! *screams* prays hard i'll get thru all of it!!

i couldnt slp well last night as i was worried that i might have to go through the root canal process today! and dear couldnt accompany me to the dentist as he had to go to work. and so we took the train together, i alighted at my place while he continued on the journey to work.

as for now, gonna go bath Muffin and do some chores before i meet dear again for dinner after he knock off~ =)

oh yea, and dear gotten me a new Tigger plushie!! weeeeeee~ so adorable! =)


and i just saw this online! VERY NICE! Outfit for my dearest iPhone! Tigger Silicon Casing! i want!! Will be looking out for it! hopefully can find it in Singapore~ ele i'll have to ship it in!~ hehe! =)


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