Tuesday, December 1, 2009

rah~ 4 more days~

rah~ 4 more days~

4 more days to submission of my FYP! and its not even done yet! sigh~ went to see my lecturer yesterday for a review, and he says that although im on the right track, but its still insufficient and my stuff didnt correlate to my objectives~ *sulks* more work to be done~ more sleepless nights~

anyway i took a break from my FYP ytd...after the review, sent Mike to Alan's place before i went to meet Mr N! =) been a week since i last saw him. and as the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder! and i cant agree more! went for dinner with his family at his aunt's stall at Clementi, and this morning i fetch him and his bro to work ay Yio Chu Kang before heading down to Alan's crib to meet my COT to continue on my FYP~

and upon reaching, my nose just kept flowing like a running tap! i finished a box of tissue and my nose hurts badly now from all the abrasion! =( *sulks* if only MONEY was flowing out instead! -.-"

anyway i didnt stay too long at Alan's place and left early, due to my nose and also cuz i wanted to rush home to wait for a parcel to arrive~ hehe! will blog about it later!~ *so excited!* weeeeee~

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