Wednesday, December 2, 2009

i NEED a NEW notebook!

i NEED a NEW notebook!

*sulks* my lappy has been with me for about 3 plus i suppose.. starting to give me a lot of problems these days... worst problem is that it shuts down automatically!! it happened a few times over these years. but these few days the problem worsen! in fact it shut down on me twice today when im in the midst of doing my project! THANK GOD there is Document Recovery! else i would serioulsy KILL myself!

think its probably due to overheating or some contact problem internally. im not sure either.

what ever it is. i better start looking out and checking up on the latest notebook in stores~ gotta do some market research before i decide on which to purchase!

if any of you readers have any to recommend, feel free to drop me a comment here in this post itself! Thanks so much~ =)

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