Saturday, December 26, 2009



weeeeeeee~ its over its over~ its really over~ Happy Happy~ *Hops around!*

woke up early this morning and i went to school with butterflies in my stomach! was to anxious that i really ended up having a tummyache upon reaching my school entrance! met Mike korkor and Felicia at the entrance and we chatted abit, ranted abit and calmed each other's nerves before we entered the room and realize it was only the three of us and the lecturer! felt so relieved after which and decided to pluck up some courage to do my very best for the presentation! =)

but still i was nervous and i ended up forgetting alot of stuff that i had initally planned on sharing while doing my rehearsal at home while in front of my mirror and muffin! thank goodness last night i decided to add in more details and words into my slides just in case of such situations! and so i ended up reading mostly from my slides. but i guess thats definitely better then being unprepared, looking unprepared and sounding unprepared! if i had not prepared my slides well, i would probably have stammer, paused and jammed for a long period of time in between my presentation which would definitely looked worse!

well in anyway be it good or bad, im glad its FINALLY OVER~ im officially gonna graduate soon! (if all goes well! and i do hope it will!) Yay Yay Yay! =)

after the presentation, came home to rest abit while waiting for time to past. daddy then send me and mummy for our facial appointment. after which came home and i did the chores and bathed muffin~ feeling really tired right now~ especially after a fruitful long day, waking up so early this morning and sleeping so late last night~ gonna head to bed soon~ nitey to all~ ciao~ =)

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