Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009!~ Welcome 2010!~

Goodbye 2009!~ Welcome 2010!~

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all! Wishing everyone would have a fabulous 2010! Best wishes and blessing!

How time flies, another year have past in a flash again! feeling old right now! 2009 had been an eventful year for me! filled with lotsa happy memories and also sad ones. knowing some new good friends and also losing a few good ones. learnt alot of new things such as scuba diving, etc. lose someone who had been very precious to me, but also gaining a new love who dotes me alot. and last but not least, it also marks the end of my studies!~

Its definitely a year that i'll remember for many more years ahead!~

And now, i'm gonna welcome the new year, 2010, with lotsa hopeful anticipation! looking forward to a better year ahead filled with more happy memories and events to last a lifetime! =)

My 2010 New Year resolution List!
1. Find a job i really like and enjoy!
2. Be more hardworking in my next job!
3. Learn more new things! (dance, cookery, new sport, etc.)
4. Be healthy! Exercise more and watch my diet!
5. Be a better person!
6. Earn more moolahs!
7. Lose 7-10kgs! (ok this has been in my list every year! haha! still working on it! =p)
8. Stop looking back, and forget all regrets, and just be happy at present and look forward to a better future!

so whats your new year resolution? hehe!

anyway im gonna go prep for now! gonna go over to Mr N's relative's place for a house party cum BBQ and countdown to the new year! =) Hope everyone enjoy their countdown too! be it to party at clubs, the siloso beach countdown, house party, etc., Just remember to have fun!

Cheers to all!

and last but not least, once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 to one and all!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Melt (The World Cafe) @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Melt (The World Cafe) @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Mr N send me home to prepare while he went back to office to do some stuff. after which he came over to my place to wait for me to finish painting my nails~ packed up the necessaries and we went back to his place.

after which we proceeded to Mandarin Oriental Hotel with his family to meet his relatives for dinner at Melt (The World Cafe) to celebrate the wedding anniversary of his aunt and uncle~ so lovely isnt it~ =)

Melt (The World Cafe) has 30 chefs in show kitchens that present a multi-cultural cooking theatre. They serve a wide range of cuisine from all around the world ranging from Thai to Indian to Japanese to Italian, and Sushi to salad to spagetti to cheese to yummylicious desserts, etc. And i must say the food are all very yummy~ The sushi and sashimi, and even the seafood such as fresh oyster, lobster etc. are all very fresh! and they have freshly made waffles with topping of your choice~ Plus they also serve very good wine! =)

The place is also well decorated and i MUST compliment on their top-notch service!! They have by far one of the best service quality! Used plates disappears so quickly from our tables, water and wine are refilled every now and then, they even fold up the napkin once u leave the table to get food, they greet you when you enter and leave, and they even say "welcome back" when u come back from the restrooms, etc etc! Thus i would say that this is one of the best restaurants i've been to! =)

Definitely recommend this place to all of you out there!! You can probably check them out at thier website or visit the place to try it for yourselves! =)

Melt, The World Cafe
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
4th Floor, 5 Raffles Avenue S(039797)
Tel: 6885 3082

Too bad i didnt have my camera with me that day either~ *sulks* thus only have a few photos taken by his sister and cousin's camera which i've not gotten the photos from them~ Will try to upload the photos when i do receive them! =) Meanwhile you can check out the photos from their website or from Food review websites~

At the moment i only have a few camwhoring picts of myself and Mr N taken by my Omnia! =p Haha~ hope you enjoy viewing nonetheless~ hehe! =D

before heading to Mandarin Oriental Hotel while at his condo carpark waiting for his family~

taken at Mandarin Oriental Hotel and while having dinner at Melt~

after dinner and upon reaching home~
silly bf always like to give me funny and scary faces~ -.-" he actually did scared me once with his scary looking face at night!

and thats Yours Truly once again~ =p feeling happy and decided to snap snap snap~
taken in the lift before heading out and taken upon reaching home~

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ma Maison @ The Central

Ma Maison @ The Central

visited Ma Maison, a Nagoya based restaurant serving French-Japanese Fusion Cuisine, also known as Japanese Western food! when i first step foot in there, it felt really cosy and the ambiance is just breath taking~ it has a French cottage feel and the restaurant is pretty quiet and peaceful with nice soothing romantic music in the background and a beautiful view of the Singapore river and Clarkquay~ the interior design is pretty unique, decorated with many french antique pieces, cosy seats and charming tablewares~ the whole place felt very romantic and alluring, and i personally feel its great for couples~ only bad point is that you'll have to either go early or make reservations, as the place is pretty small and couldnt accomodate too many tables! and since its a fantastic place that also serves really good food at reasonable prices, the place is usually packed with people very quickly~

one other unique point is that each table are given a hotel like key for billing~ which gives us a 'checking out of some French hotel' feeling~ =)

the exterior~

the interior~ the decorative pieces, the tablewares and the unique hotel-like key for billing~
(P.S. my photos didnt do justice to the place at all! cuz i wasnt using a digicam or any DSLR~ instead these photos are taken by Mr N's Omnia 2! haha! forgotten to bring my camera out that day~)

we ordered his favourite Garlic bread and Escargot for our sides, and he had Hamburger Steak while i had Omu-rice! and its the first time i see such a huge serving of garlic bread! haa~ the escorgot taste exquisite! its served with black garlic and butter, and they serve it with the fire still burning below to keep the warm and to melt the butter~ just sad a plate only serves 6 pcs~ and we ate 3 each~ the Hamburger steak is really good as well~ very tender and the sauce is pretty tasty. and the Omu rice is pretty tasty and fragrant as well~ the rice and egg are all perfectly done and the meat is not bad, though we both felt it could be better~ =)

our yummy food~ =)

I certainly had a wonderful dining experience at Ma Maison Restaurant~ Thanks Mr N for bringing me there for dinner! =) and i'll want to go back again for more Escargot!! hehe~


This is definitely a place i would recommend to all you lovely readers~ You can either bring your partners there to have a romantic dinner, or also bring your friends, colleagues or even family there~ But do remember to go early (dinner starts at 6pm), or simply call to make reservations~ =)

Ma Maison Restaurant
6 Eu Tong Sen St
@ The CENTRAL #03-96
Singapore 059817
Tel: (+65) 6327 8122

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Football Crazy~

Football Crazy~

ever since im with Mr N, i've been watching football every now and then~ cuz he and his family are all football fanatics~ and so i started watching football as well~ i used to know nuts bout football other than the few famous football teams such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, and the few famous players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldhinho, Kaka, David Beckham, and my favourite Fernando Torres! haha!

but now i know so much more although theres still lots for me to learn! haha! find it pretty interesting actually~ and its also quite fun to watch football games with a bunch of football fanatics~ especially when theres a goal, missed goals, etc., cuz everyone will start shouting, screaming and cheering~ haha!

i've nv enjoyed football games in the past as i didnt really understand whats going on, who is who, etc. But i guess my whole mindset bout it have since changed! and im starting to enjoy them now~ =)

and my favourite team would be Liverpool~ just because my favourite player, Fernando Torres is in it! hahahaha~

okok, actually i dont really have any specific preference for the teams. rather it depends on each game, which team is against which, where i will choose one to support~ haha! cuz i realise the game ould only be fun watching when u have a specific team to support, else its pretty meaningless~

and right now, im watching EPL with him, his family, aunt and uncle~ =) GOAL~!~!

the every changing looks of Fernando Torres~ and the last pict is his latest look~ =) he looks good in anyway~ =p

Saturday, December 26, 2009



weeeeeeee~ its over its over~ its really over~ Happy Happy~ *Hops around!*

woke up early this morning and i went to school with butterflies in my stomach! was to anxious that i really ended up having a tummyache upon reaching my school entrance! met Mike korkor and Felicia at the entrance and we chatted abit, ranted abit and calmed each other's nerves before we entered the room and realize it was only the three of us and the lecturer! felt so relieved after which and decided to pluck up some courage to do my very best for the presentation! =)

but still i was nervous and i ended up forgetting alot of stuff that i had initally planned on sharing while doing my rehearsal at home while in front of my mirror and muffin! thank goodness last night i decided to add in more details and words into my slides just in case of such situations! and so i ended up reading mostly from my slides. but i guess thats definitely better then being unprepared, looking unprepared and sounding unprepared! if i had not prepared my slides well, i would probably have stammer, paused and jammed for a long period of time in between my presentation which would definitely looked worse!

well in anyway be it good or bad, im glad its FINALLY OVER~ im officially gonna graduate soon! (if all goes well! and i do hope it will!) Yay Yay Yay! =)

after the presentation, came home to rest abit while waiting for time to past. daddy then send me and mummy for our facial appointment. after which came home and i did the chores and bathed muffin~ feeling really tired right now~ especially after a fruitful long day, waking up so early this morning and sleeping so late last night~ gonna head to bed soon~ nitey to all~ ciao~ =)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all my lovely readers~

Merry Christmas to all my lovely readers~

Its Christmas again! definitely one of my favourite festive season! Cuz this is the season to be jolly~ fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-laaaa~ haha~

how time flies.. suddenly remember the old times where i use to attend lotsa Christmas parties, gift exchange sessions in office, etc. This year its much more toned down for me... went for a simple dinner with my family last night to Bumbu, a Thai-Indonesian Cuisine restaurant which also serves authentic peranankan food! =) its one of my dad's favourite restaurant as its opened by his friend's brother and it serves pernankan food (i've mentioned this before, but for my newer readers who may have missed it, FYI my family and i are all Peranankan!)~ we've been there a couple of times, and there we are yet again this year~ =)

Food as usual was delightful and we were never once disappointed~ =) and since i didnt take photos of this outlet(they have 2 outlets, i did take a few picts from the other outlet during my last visit there last year) the last few times i went, i decided to go around taking photos of the beautifully done up place~ =) each time i go there, it feels like a walk thru a peranankan cultural musuem~

some snapshots of the restaurant! lots and lots of pernankan culture antique!

our table! it has a glass showcase which displays lots of antique stuff such as marriage certificates, paper weight, plates, etc.~ and the bottom of the table is like a old antique sewing machine~

our foodie, drinks and desserts~

anyway after the wonderful dinner that was filled with laughters and family warmth, we headed home to rest for the night~ =)

my lovely family~
mummy n daddy~ lil bro n me~
'Please stop at TWO' campaign poster from the 80s! and the antique Ice Kachang Machine!

random shots taken at China Square Central~ with the xmas tree, lightings and deco~ =)
and thats my angelic lil bro~ haha!

had wanted to rest too, as i was pretty tired, but i ended up heading down to Mr N's uncle's place for a Christmas House Party! as i had already eaten before going down, i didnt eat much there, and only had some turkey ham, some drinks and a few glasses of wine which tasted really good! =) quite a no. of his relatives and his whole family were also there when i reached.. played some games, watch tv, watch his relatives played mahjong, and we played poker til the weee hours of the night before eventually heading home for the night~ and i gotten a box of Royce chocolates~ *loves* Yummy and Yay~ cuz its my favourite brand of chocolate!! hehe~

as for today, im at home rushing to complete and perfect my presentation slides for tomorrow's Oral presentation~ really worried!! cuz im a presentation idiot!! i cant present for nuts~ cuz i've got stage fright! and i stammer and panic when i have to face a crowd and talk! i always ended up laughing, giggling, forgetting lines, and have a really weird accent! sigh! im so scared that my heart is beating real quickly right now just thinking about it!

prays hard that all will be well tomorrow~ cuz after tomorrow it'll be all over~ (or at least i hope!)

Jia You Yuriko Jasmine! YOU CAN DO IT! =)

Meanwhile, MERRY XMAS TO ONE AND ALL once again! have a blessed joyful day! =) hope you people had received lotsa pressies and gifts! Hehe!

My Christmas Pressies for 2009~ =)
from Mummy, Mr N, MingYueh Jie and the Royce Chocs from Mr N's uncle and aunt~ Thanks all! =)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

wallowing in self pity...

wallowing in self pity...

woke up this very morning feeling really lousy.. its definitely not one of my good days... not sure why but my heart my soul and my physical body just felt so heavy... i didnt want to get out of bed... i didnt want to do anything... no appetite to eat... no energy to talk.... no mood for anything at all...even my favourite FB... all i wanted to do was to blog my thoughts out...

i just feel this whole world has been very unfair to itself has been unfair to me... everything is against me... everyone is critisizing me... no one treats me fairly... im always being made used of...

its just so unfair...when i see others being treated so nicely...
its just so unfair...when i see the same person treating me badly and yet treating another so well...
its just so unfair...when i see people having everything they want and yet i have none...
its just so unfair...cuz my list of unfairness can go on and on...

havent i been gd to you people? havent i tried my hardest to be the best? havent i done my part? havent i treated you people the best?

why? why? why? am i really that bad? am i really that lousy? am i really that unpretty?
why is it that everything and everyone is so unfair to me.....

i cant help but tear again right breaking down......

in a state of self-pity........

starting to feel that probably this world doesnt need me at all..... my existence is of zero importance.....

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh So Pretty!!

Oh So Pretty!!

Tiffany & Co.'s Tiffany Notes pendent Let Me Count The Ways

I want this!!! Very elegant and pretty~
gonna start working soon~ save up and go get it~ =)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Lazy Muffin~

Lazy Muffin~

Thats my lazy lil darling! he was sleeping in a weird position and i decided to take a video of him! haha~ he just had his fur cut recently if you're wondering why its so short~ haha! preparing for the new year! =p

anyway as i walk over he woke up and continue to laze in his weird sleeping position and only turn over after awhile to stretch and yawn! and eventually came over after awhile when i called out to him! =)

i took a pict of him in his weird sleeping position from where i sat and noticed him~

he came over to my desk to continue sleeping shortly after~

Genting Highland and KL Dec09

Genting Highland and KL Dec09

as mentioned, i went to Genting Highland for another short post exam getaway from 13-16th Dec09.. Sunday morning woke up VERY early, prep and we went down to Tampines to meet his relatives and waited for the coach to arrive. took the coach and up we went to Genting. This time of the year, its really crowded and we had to wait for 1 and a half hours just to check in! everywhere was crowded and filled with lotsa people~ from the shops, to cafes, to restaurants, to themepark, to casino and to the arcade! we ended up getting rooms on the highest level! Level 28!

spend most of the time eating and in the casino~ ended up i didnt buy much during this trip~ only gotten some hair clips, a sandals and a shorts. Mr N gotten quite a few stuff this trip though. and we seriously ate ALOT! gosh! its a long time since i last saw so much food ordered on a table!

anyway we spend the first day at Genting, second day at KL, and the rest of the trip back at Genting. went to Sungei Wang and a new shopping mall in KL, called the Pavillion. quite a nice place and its really huge~ and i love the Dim Sum there! really yummy! =)

overall, the trip was okay~ only thing i dread was having to wait and find and wait some more thus wasting alot of precious time~ and we ended up having to keep rushing around~ tts one of the problem with going in sucha big group (11pax)~ but the gd thing is that its much more fun i guess. and Mr N won a lil from the Casino this time, but again i lost~ sigh~ =(

and i didnt take much photos this time. sigh. im in need of a new camera! seriously!! =( gotten only some photos from his cousin's camera though~ and a few from mine..

the view from our room~ and a snapshot of our messy room in the morning of day2!

yours truly taken in the morning of day 2 before heading to KL~ camwhoring while waiting for him to be done preparing~

♥ us~ =)

me with his younger brother while waiting for him to be done preparing!

some of the stuff i got and an item i exchanged using the tickets we won from the arcade!

(i've ONLY got these few photos in my camera~ still awaiting for the other photos from his cousin and bro~ will upload them once i get them =))

anyway looking forward to my next getaway next year~ destination still not confirmed yet though~ haa~ probably going on Cruise, Taiwan, Thailand or Genting again! =) weeeeeeeeee~

Thursday, December 17, 2009

im back from Genting~

im back from Genting~

ok first of all, before i blog about my Genting trip, i wanna blog about the dinner on saturday~ as mentioned went out for dinner to celebrate my dad's bday together with my family and relatives...not many turned up as some of my cousins were working and my bro was in camp due to his guard duty~

anyway we went to Kublai Khan Mongolian Bar B.Q located at Parkmall for their dinner buffet... my parents felt the food was alright, but it probably just wasnt my cup of tea..and thus i didnt like it very much...instead of more Mongolian food, i felt it was more to international buffet instead, cuz i ate more Japanese sashimi and sushi compared to the other food. haa! plus the sashimi were all sliced up horribly~ on top of that, the service was BAD as they cant cope up with the crowd, thus our tables were filled with used and dirty plates with no one clearing~! there were insufficient cups and plates, etc~ and it was extremely crowded with lotsa C**** people~ faints~ pretty rowdy and messed up~ the food variety is alright, but isnt as much as they had claimed and advertised~ and the place is pretty cramp! i feel they squeezed too many tables and seats into the place...trying very hard to accommodate more people...but failed terribly as it becomes very uncomfortable and we had to squeeze around to get to our seats~ kinda brainless if you ask me! i personally feel in the service line, service quality is of utmost importance! thus if one is unable to provide optimum service to everyone equally at a time, they should not try to accommodate so many people, unless they are confident of serving everyone well~ they should probably employ more staff, or lessen the no. of tables so as to be able to serve everyone in accommodation properly~

dont think i would recommend the place to you guys~ but u may try if u want! haa~

here are some pictures of the place to share~

photos of the restaurant!

group photos~ the xmas tree~ and me while in the car on the way there~

look at what they advertise~ oh so NOT true~ *sulks* disappointing!

will blog about my Genting trip in my next post~

Saturday, December 12, 2009



time flies, and its daddy's birthday again! just wanna hereby wish him Good Health, Lotsa Wealth and Overflowing Happiness~ =)

gonna be going out for dinner with my family and relatives to celebrate his bday later in the evening~ will update more about it when im back from my Genting trip, as i dont think i'll be free to update after the dinner~ haha!

hope he likes the present i got for him, and the lovely birthday cake that Mr N had gotten for him! =)

Jack's Place Blackforest Cake for daddy~

pressie for daddy~

as for now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY~
LOVE you lots DADDY! *Hugs*Muacks* =)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Post-exam Getaway~

Post-exam Getaway~

im going to Genting Highland AGAIN~ LOL~

yea i know i just went like 2 mths ago, from 13-16Oct09! haha! that time went with Mr N, now im going again with Mr N, and his family and relatives~ so its a much bigger group this time~

and i'll be heading off on sunday morning~ from 13-16Dec09! haha! exactly 2 mths from my last trip there~

and this also meant that we'll be overseas again during our monthsary~ haa~ Yay! =)

Yay to cooling lovely weather and temperature~
Yay to being overseas to celebrate our monthsary yet again~
Yay to being with him~
Yay to more shopping~
Yay to casinos~
Yay to yummy food~

gonna go continue packing my bag for the trip now~ =)

will be back with more updates on the trip after im back on the 16th! =)

stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

errands, chores, dates~

errands, chores, dates~

spend the whole of yesterday at home, supposedly to rest and tk a good break from my studies and project! but i ended up clearing up some stuff at home, washing my bedsheets, some clothes and one of my tigger which was quite dirty, folded a huge basket filled clothes, iron a mountain of clothes and pack some stuff. i ended up with a bad headache by the end of the day, pop some paracetamol and went to bed early~

as for today, woke up and tried to brush Muffin's fur, but it was badly tangled up as i kinda neglected him these days as i aint home due to my project and etc. and so i called his groomer and was quite lucky that someone had cancelled their appointment today, and so i went to bath and wash up and sent Muffin to his groomer for a full grooming and dental scaling as he's got tar tar on his bad tooth and has bad breath these days! weather was quite hysterical! it was really scorhing hot one moment, next moment it started to pour! and due to the sudden change in weather, my migrain kicked in again!

sigh... anyway, picked Muffin up from his groomer later in the afternoon and went home to rest abit before i prep and went down to Orchard to meet Xue Er! was suppose to be a girls outing with her and Amy. But Amy couldnt make it at last minute, and so me and Xue decided to go ahead and meet up anyway! cuz she had already pushed away her initial plans for today's date! not wanting to disappoint her and since i hardly 'put aeroplane' (stood anyone up), i went to meet up despite having my bad headache and lethargicness~ =)

but i was so glad i met up with her! i had so much fun just chatting away, laughing, and shopping with her! =) we had dinner at Pasta Mania located at Fareast Plaza and had a long chat there before we head in to shop and caused damage to our wallets! haha! i bought 3 dresses while she bought 2! how sinful~ LOL! but i LOVE shopping! Retail therapy with girlfriends are the best medicine for post exams stress, tiredness and headaches! haha! =)

sadly we didnt take any photos~ probably too caught up talking and shopping til we forgotten! LOL! anyway hopefully will have some photos on our next meet up together with Amy! =)

anyway since i didnt tk any photos with Xue, i decided to go home and camwhore~ LOL! yeap had an intense camwhoring session with me myself and i! haha~ so sorry for the narcissism! and sorry for the photo overflood of myself! haha! =p well i just touched up on my rebonding on Monday, thus its good hair day for me today! haha!

your truly~

messy hair look~

tried a different parting~

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Congrats to my lovely cousin~

Congrats to my lovely cousin~

attended my cousin, Charlene's wedding last night! lotsa people and the food was not bad too! too bad my lousy camera wasnt able to perform well, and thus i decided to just give it a miss and didnt snap any pictures during the whole wedding dinner. sighh.. what a waste. hopefully can get the group photos from her! =)

anyway hope she has a blissful marriage~

here are some pictures taken of me, my bro and my mum while in the car and before heading in for the dinner though~ haha! =D

In the car while on the way there~ =) with my bro~

with my mum and bro before entering the ballroom while waiting for dad to park the car! =)

i need a new camera badly to snap nicer photos! now considering between the Canon Ixus 200 IS (purple) and Canon Powershot SX1 IS!! one is better in term of professionalism and quality! but the other is smaller and easier for me to carry around compared to the bulky heavy one! gosh~ dilemma~

my old camera might die on me anytime and its slowly giving me more and more problems~ thus for me to upload nicer picts here~ i need a better camera~ =) any kind soul willing to donate to my "buy-new-camera-fund"? hehe! =P

*pouts to my lousy camera!*
would someone be nice pretty please~ hehe! =D
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