Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stressed to the max!

Stressed to the max!

I'm very lost all of a sudden! just realized i've been running in the wrong direction all these while! and i only have bout 1 wks to get back on a focused track! arghhh!~!~!

STRESSED OUT TO THE MAX! dreads projects!!!


felt so vexed last night when i realized i was running out of time with lots to re-do on..end up heart was beating so fast i thought i was gonna have a heart attack and die on the spot. -.-"

on top of that i was so worried that, i suffered insomnia again~ went home only at 5+am this morning...went to bed at 6+ and i dont know what time i eventually doze off....and when i can finally sleep, i end up waking up shortly after~ couldnt even slp for long...sigh~

extremely jaded, exhausted and tired......

on the verge of giving it up........

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