Sunday, November 29, 2009

just feeling very random~

just feeling very random~

nothing much for me to blog these days as im always busy with my FYP~ *sulks* no time to go out to meet friends either~ sigh~ this is really taking up too much of my time! and i cant wait for it to end!! theres sooooo many things on my To-Do list thats yet to be done!!

* xmas and CNY shopping!
* spring cleaning!
* bring Muffin for full grooming and dental scaling
* root canal for my aching tooth
* extraction of my wisdom tooth (all 4)
* meet ups with a number of my friends
* salsa lesson with Caelyn
* do something bout my messy unglam hair!
* EXERCISE! (i badly need to lose the XTRA weight and fats i gained over these stressful periods)
* upcoming Genting Trip (and to pack my bag for it!)
* get birthday presents~
* etc etc etc....

theres way toooo many things i have in mind to do after the 5th! In fact on the 5th itself, i've to attend my cousin's wedding dinner!

ok that aside, i wanna go jogging, gym and exercise with my new pair of Nike Training Shoes!! weeeeee~ actually i gotten them a few weeks back~ but kinda forgotten to blog about it! haha! =P

very pretty right!! haha~

like it alot cuz of the Gold linings and prints~ i love Gold, bling and shiny stuff~ =) but the down side is that its in White! although i like White and its nice, but it gets dirty really easily~ *sigh* well, nothing is perfect i guess~ haha!

wanted to get another one which is almost similar but in Pink, but its a older design and since its on promo, it doesnt carry my size anymore~ its quite difficult for me to get shoes or heels as my feet are quite huge and i seriously dread it! only good thing is...i have a BETTER balance! LOL! but then again..that aint true either..cuz im pretty clumsy and always fall down! haha!

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