Saturday, November 28, 2009

i love ♥ Mummy!

i love ♥ Mummy!
she's the best person on earth together with my dad and bro! (Well at least to me!)

woke up early today..and breakfast was already on the table awaiting for me to eat it! Mummy had gotten me my fave fried beehoon and noodles with lotsa sides! after which drove us down to AMK hub...went shopping around a little, change the batteries of some of my watches and gotten my fave Soya Milk with Pearl from Jollibean. After which we went for our facial session~

its been a 101 year since i last went to did a proper facial with the beatician~ (ok i was exagerating! its bout 5years!) had quite a bad experience bad then that caused me to have a phobia to visit the beautician for facials...and thus i only relied on basic facial wash at home...but these days i realize my complexion is getting from bad to worse and my pores are all badly congested with dirt and oil~ and its high time i get rid of them~ on top of that im starting to notice some fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes, which is scaring me! and so after much persuasion by Mr N, and after much consideration and courage plucked up, i made up my mind to follow my mum to her beautician~

it was indeed a painful experience~ and it brought back those scary moments of my past experience~ tears were flowing in the process, but i enkoyed the back massage and ice cold treatments and mask on my face~ and instead of having to suffer the intense heat and suffocation of the usual hot steam used in most place...i was enjoying the process of the cold steam~ =) on top of that, i didnt have to suffer the embarressment of walking out of the place with a red and patchy swollen face!! instead even after that painful process, i came out looking normal...unless u look really closely that u will notice a lil patches on the acne area...but it soon subsided as i went home~ anyway i was quite satisfied with the process, service and results, and thus decided to sign up the package~ haa! which means i'll have to go frequently from now~ really hope my face would become much better soon~ i miss my baby smooth flawless complexion~ =p but after which i feel so BROKE~ lol!

anyway after the facial..while walking back to the car, we stopped at a shoe boutique as my mum had caught sight of a heels, and decided to buy it...and before she was about to pay for it....i caught sight of a heels too!! was deciding between the white and black (as usual! haa~)...and i eventually bought the black one though i really love the white one~ cuz i think i wont get to wear the white one, as i dont have many white dresses to match it with, plus i realize all my white shoes and heels dont last long! it either turns yellow and dirties within the first few wears~ and so i settled for the black one! and sweety mummy bought them for me~ weeeeeeeee~ Mummy is ♥♥♥!! totally love her! hehe! =D (not just becuz she bought something for me of cuz! but cuz she is really the sweetest! and i know she love me all the same! hehe! =D )


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