Sunday, November 15, 2009

counting down 2 days to exams!

counting down 2 days to exams!

exams commencing on tuesday! followed by the last exam on thursday! after which i'm done with exams for this degree! unless i do decide to continue to pursue my Masters! well after which the other major issue for me would be my Final Year Project (FYP) which is due on 5th Dec 09! followed by an oral presentation on the 26th Dec!

after which im back to reality, which would be busy working life! sigh! as much as i dislike studying... im so not looking forward to working, as i honestly prefer studying to working. but its something i cant avoid, unless im able to find a really rich, capable guy who loves me and decides to marry me and make me a 'tai-tai'! hahaha! but oh well..fat hopes for its back to reality!

in gonna continue mugging for now! last hurdle for me! so im gonna put in more effort to finish it nicely! =)

Wish me Luck peeps!! =)

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